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Title: Information sharing and its integrative role: An empirical study of the malt barley value chain in Ethiopia
Authors: Watabaji, M
Molnar, A
Weaver, R
Dora, M
Gellynck, X
Keywords: Information sharing;Value chain integration;Agribusiness value chain
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Emerald
Citation: British Food Journal,118(12):(2016)
Abstract: Purpose - The objective of this paper is to describe the volume and quality of information and communication channel use at various stages of the malt barley value chain in Ethiopia and to investigate how metrics of these variables influence the extent of integration of the chain. Design/methodology/approach - The study is based on survey data collected from 320 farmers and 100 traders and interview responses captured from76 respondents. Descriptive statistics and ordered logistic regression were used for data analysis. Findings - The descriptive statistics show a lower volume and poor quality of information is being shared at farmer-trader interface and that value chain integration is weak at all studied interfaces. Results of ordered logistic regression show that information volume and quality positively influence value chain integration, whereas a positive relationship between channel use and value chain integration was found only at farm level interfaces. Evidences found suggested that inconsistent information systems, lack of information sharing plans, low level of members’ awareness about the value of information, and lack of trust to share information were factors that inhibited information sharing in the malt barley value chain. Originality/Value - The study offers pioneering evidence of the relative role of information volume and quality and channel use as factors that influence the extent of integration of the value chain.
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ISSN: 0007-070X
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