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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Design principles for Standard Business Reporting (SBR) taxonomy development: Evidence from FinlandOjala, H; Penttinen, E; Collis, J; Virtanen, T
2018A bittersweet past: The negative equity of corporate heritage brandsSørensen, AR; Korsager, EM; Heller, M
2018The Impacts of Work-Life-Balance (WLB) Challenges on Social Sustainability: The Experience of Nigerian Female Medical DoctorsMushfiqur, R; Mordi, C; Oruh, ES; Nwagbara, U; Mordi, T; Turner, IM
2018Factors influencing e-HRM implementation in government organisations: Case studies from Bangladesh.Musfiqur, R; Mordi, C; Nwagbara, U
2018Determinants of Nigerian managers’ environmental attitude: Africa's Ubuntu ethics versus global capitalismOkereke, C; Vincent, S; Mordi, C
2018Idiosyncratic risk and the cross-section of stock returns: the role of mean-reverting idiosyncratic volatilityBozhkov, S; Lee, H; Sivarajah, U; Despoudi, S; Nandy, M
2016Inter-firm Collaboration in New Product Development in Chinese Pharmaceutical CompaniesLi, X; Zheng, Y; Wang, C
2018Mobile phone adoption in agri-food sector: Are farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa connected?Dora, M; Kumar, V; Elepu, G; Gellynck, X
2018Do MNEs from developed and emerging economies differ in their location choice of FDI? A 36-year reviewQuan, R; Stoian, C; Azar, G
2018The challenges of artificial intelligence-
2018Managing Knowledge in Supply Chains: A Catalyst to Triple Bottom Line SustainabilityHe, Q; Ghobadian, A; Ramanathan, R
2018Innovation policies of Cyprus during the global economic crisis: Aligning financial institutions with National Innovation SystemSamdanis
2018Sartrean Bad-Faith? Site-Specific Social, Ethical and Environmental Disclosures by Multinational Mining CompaniesBarone, E; Atkins, J; Khalid, SM
2018International diversification and firm performance in the post-acquisition period: A resource dependence perspectiveWood, G; Azar, G; Singh, S
2018Is market fear persistent? A long-memory analysisGil-Alana, L; Plastun, A
2017Credit card fraud detection using AdaBoost using majority votingNandi, AK; Randhawa, K; Loo, CK; Seera, M; Lim, CP
2017Brexit and uncertainty in financial marketsGil-Alana, L; Trani, T
2017Conceptual Framework On The Relationship Between DBB Selection Criteria And Project PerformanceBraimah, N
2017Criteria Of Selection Design and Build Method And Project Performance-
2017Prominence, Complexity, and Pricing-
2018Costs and benefits to small companies of digital reportingCollis, J; Alkhatib, E; de Cesare, S
2017Building organizational resilience in the face of multiple disruptionsSahebjamnia, N; Torabi, SA; Mansouri, SA
2017Examining Relationship between Design-Bid-Build Selection Criteria and Project Performance-
2017Developing entrepreneurship in Africa: investigating critical resource challengesAtiase, VY; Mahmood, S; Wang, Y; Botchie, D
2017Pay referents and satisfaction with pay: Does occupational proximity matter?Georgellis, Y; Garcia, SM; Gregoriou, A; Ozbilgin, M
2017Embedding Persuasive Features into Policy Issues: Implications to Designing Public Participation ProcessesLee, H; Tsohou, A; Choi, Y
2017Energy for cities: Supply, demand and infrastructure investmentRoberts, SH
2017Between Starvation and Globalization: Realizing the Right to Food in IndiaBirchfield, L
2017Designing interactions with digital moneyPerry, M
2017Board governance and corporate performanceShaukat, A; Trojanowski, G
2017White space and digital remediation of design practice in architecture: A case study of Frank O. GehrySamdanis, M; Lee, SH
2017Knowledge Sharing in Higher Education Institutions: A Systematic ReviewEldabi, TA; Al-Kurdi, O; El-Haddadeh, R
2016Unearth Hidden Assets through Community Co-design and Co-productionZamenopoulos, T; Kelemen, M; Na, J
2017An integrated environmental and fairtrade labelling scheme for product supply chainsAcquaye, AA; Yamoah, FA; Feng, K
2016Studying innovation in organizations: a dialectic perspectiveintroduction to the special issueRamos, J; Anderson, N; Peiro, JM; Zijlstra, F
2014Exploring supermarket loyalty card analysis to identify who buys fairtradeFearne, A; Duffy, R
2018winter simulation conferenceEldabi, TA
2017Wally Olins 1930-2014Balmer, JMT
2017Sustainable Agricultural Intensification Practices and Rural Food Security: The Case of North Western GhanaYamoah
2017The Rise of Chinese Innovative Firms and the Changing Governance of Global Value ChainsShaowei, H; Fallon, G; Khan, Z; Wang, Z
2017Moneywork: Practices of Use and Social Interaction around Digital and Analog Moneyferreira, J
2017Revisiting the European Horsemeat Scandal: The Role of Power Asymmetry in the Food Supply Chain CrisisYamoah, FA
2017Gender inequality and disabled inclusivity in accounting higher education during crisisNandy, M
-From the Big Five to the Big Four? Exploring Extinction Accounting for the RhinocerosMaroun, W; Atkins, B
-Towards a Framework for Understanding Fairtrade Purchase Intention in the Mainstream Environment of SupermarketsYamoah, FA; Duffy, R; Petrovici, D; Fearne, A
2017What turns the taxman on? Audit opinion and tax return adjustments in a voluntary audit environmentKinnunen, J; Niemi, L; Troberg, P; Collis, J
2017Enhancing firm performance through internal market orientation and employee organizational commitmentYu, Q; Yen, D; Barnes, B; Huang, Y
2017‘Cool’ Meanings: Tattoo Artists, Body Work and Organizational ‘Bodyscape’Simpson, RC; Alison Pullen
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 878