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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jun-2023Cocoa production, farmlands, and the galamsey: Examining current and emerging trends in the ASM-agriculture nexusSiaw, D; Ofosu, G; Sarpong, D
5-Sep-2023Roles of board of directors and earnings management across SMEs life cycle: evidence from the UKHassan, IM; Amin, HMG; Mostafa, D; Elamer, AA
26-Aug-2023Does mandating ESG reporting reduce ESG Decoupling? Evidence from the European Union’s Directive 2014/95Aboud, A; Saleh, A; Eliwa, Y
19-Oct-2020'No mutiny will be allowed’: business, the tax system and the Greek version of Mediterranean capitalism during dictatorship, 1967-1974Pittaki, Z
30-Jun-2022When Chatbots Fail: Exploring Customer Responsibility Attributions of Co-Created Service Failures: An AbstractCastillo, D; Canhoto, A; Said, E
15-May-2017Towards a theoretical framework between opportunity entrepreneurship, institutions and economic developmentGhura, H; Li, X
16-Jun-2023Against all odds: how the institutional context shapes diversity management in the Central and Eastern European Oil and Gas industryHilger, AM; Velinov, E; Özbilgin, MF
7-Aug-2023Micro Entry Theory: Understanding the Drivers and Effects of the Entry of Micro Players in the Context of Digital PlatformsGerwe, O
13-Jan-2022Enhancing value co-creation behaviour in digital peer-to-peer platforms: An integrated approachAlqayed, Y; Foroudi, P; Kooli, K; Foroudi, MM; Dennis, C
4-May-2023A systematic review and meta-analytic synthesis of the relationship between compulsory citizenship behaviors and its theoretical correlatesYildiz, B; Kaptan, Z; Yildiz, T; Elibol, E; Yildiz, H; Ozbilgin, M
4-Aug-2023To learn or not to learn from new product development project failure: The roles of failure experience and error orientationTao, XT; Robson, PJA; Wang, CL
10-Aug-2023Internationalization and digitalization: Their differing role on grocer and non-grocer retailer performanceBatsakis, G; Theoharakis, V; Li, C; Konara, P
5-May-2023A phoenix rising? The regeneration of the Ghana garment and textile industrySarpong, D; Ofosu, G; Botchie, D; Meissner, D
27-Jul-2023Synthesizing the customer experience concept: A multimodularity approachZha, D; Marvi, R; Foroudi, P
6-Jul-2022A Qualitative Study of Bangladeshi Diaspora in Malaysia: The Role of Social NetworkingAhmed, FU; Benozir, MJ; Lyons, R; Singh, M; Jasim Uddin, M
29-Jul-2020Parental Emotional Support as a Driver of Next Generations' Family Business Succession IntentionsLyons, R; O'Gorman, C; Ahmed, FU; Clinton, E
12-Jul-2023Health Risks Related to COVID-19, Psychological Distress and Perceived ProductivityPark, S; Koch, M
12-Jul-2023Strategic orientation, strategic renewal, and the international performance of born global firmsAhmed, FU; Babu, MM; Rahman, MDN; Uddin, MJ; Dey, BL
10-Jul-2023Burning the candle at both ends: how to balance potential profitability and brand protection when licensing brandsMeschnig, A; Decker-Lange, C; Dubiel, A
16-Sep-2021Workforce size adjustment as a strategic response to exchange rate shocks: A strategy-tripod application to Chinese firmsHe, X; Rizov, M; Zhang, X
18-Jul-2023Reinvigorating research on sustainability reporting in the construction industry: A systematic review and future research agendaKazemi, MZ; Elamer, AA; Theodosopoulos, G; Khatib, SFA
19-Jul-2023Why do some followers remain silent in response to abusive supervision? A system justification perspectiveMetin Camgoz, S; Bayhan Karapinar, P; Tayfur Ekmekci, O; Metin Orta, I; Ozbilgin, MF
25-Jun-2021Making sense of sensory brand experience: Constructing an integrative framework for future researchZha, D; Foroudi, P; Jin, Z; Melewar, TC
21-Jun-2023“Get on with it. Cope.” The compassion-experience during COVID-19 in UK universitiesDenney, F
21-Nov-2022Correction to: The role of cryptocurrencies in predicting oil prices pre and during COVID-19 pandemic using machine learning (Annals of Operations Research, (2022), 10.1007/s10479-022-05024-4)Ibrahim, BA; Elamer, AA; Abdou, HA
15-Mar-2023Assessing the Use of Gold as a Zero-Beta Asset in Empirical Asset Pricing: Application to the US Equity MarketAbdullah, M; Abdou, HA; Godfrey, C; Elamer, AA; Ahmed, Y
7-Jul-2023Audit(or) type and audit quality in emerging markets: evidence from explicit vs. implicit restatementsEl-Dyasty, MM; Elamer, AA
7-Mar-2023How ‘ugly’ fruit and vegetables could tackle food waste and solve supermarket supply shortagesHezarkhani, B; Demirel, G; Bouchery, Y; Dora, M
8-Jun-2023Studying informal care during the pandemic: Mental health, gender and job statusNicodemo, C; Madia, J; Moscone, F
22-Nov-2019The cultural impact of hidden curriculum on language learners: A review and some implications for curriculum designKamasak, R; Ozbilgin, M; Atay, D
27-Jun-2023The Contextual Embeddedness of Female Entrepreneurship: Investigating the Influence of Macro and Motherhood Factors In BahrainHatoum, H; Haddoud, M; Mordi, C
1-Jun-2023Perceptions of support trickle down: Effects on energetic resources via psychological empowermentRofcanin, Y; Wang, S; Heras, ML; Taser, D; Bosch, MJ; Fındıklı, MA; Vallina, AS
9-Sep-2016Review of Practical Implications in Authentic Leadership StudiesArda, ÖA; Aslan, T; Alpkan, L
26-Jun-2020The high stakes use of language proficiency tests as illusio and pyramid scheme: An evaluation of their social aspects, validity, and reliabilityKamasak, R; Özbilgin, M; Esmen, AR
10-Jun-2023Factors affecting consumers’ evaluation of food derived from animals fed insect meal: A systematic reviewPakseresht, A; Vidakovic, A; Frewer, LJ
19-Oct-2022When Love Takes Over: Boosting Love Towards Airbnb BrandForoudi, P; Palazzo, M; Sabina, K
7-Dec-2021Digital platforms: customer satisfaction, eWOM and the moderating role of perceived technological innovativenessRuiz-Alba, JL; Abou-Foul, M; Nazarian, A; Foroudi, P
7-Mar-2023A brief history of service innovation: The evolution of past, present, and future service innovationMahavarpour, N; Marvi, R; Foroudi, P
7-Apr-2021Digitalization and co-creation of healthcare value: A case study in Occupational HealthBalta, M; Valsecchi, R; Bourne, D
7-Aug-2021Emphasising compassion for co-workers in medical school training and healthcare organization to address bullyingSimpson, T; Simpson, AV
22-Sep-2021Orthodoxy, illusio, and playing the scientific game: a Bourdieusian analysis of infection control science in the COVID-19 pandemic [version 2; peer review: 2 approved]Greenhalgh, T; Özbilgin, M; Contandriopoulos, D
24-May-2021Orthodoxy, illusio, and playing the scientific game: a Bourdieusian analysis of infection control science in the COVID-19 pandemic [version 1; peer review: 1 approved]Greenhalgh, T; Ozbilgin, M; Contandriopoulos, D
3-Nov-2022Contract Types, Institutional Distance and Operational Performance: Evidence from Global Trade Flows in the LNG IndustryBatsakis, G; Robotis, A; Koulamas, C; Zeritis, F
19-May-2023Drivers and Barriers of Social Sustainable Development and Growth of Online Higher Education: The Roles of Perceived Ease of Use and Perceived UsefulnessTennakoon, H; Hansen, JM; Saridakis, G; Samaratunga, M; Hansen, JW
29-Mar-2023Economic policy uncertainty, renewable energy and environmental degradation: Evidence from EgyptSelmey, M; Elamer, A
13-Nov-2020The effectiveness of mobile-assisted language learning (MALL): A review of the extant literatureKamasak, R; Özbilgin, M; Atay, D; Kar, A
27-Sep-2019Exploring the interplay between deviance and loneliness at workYavuz, M; Ozbilgin, MF; Kamasak, R
30-Mar-2023Afet Yönetiminde Sorumluluğun Yeniden İnşası: Deprem, Sosyal Dramalar, Sosyal PolitikalarÖzbilgin, M; Erbil, C; Şimşek Demirbağ, K; Demirbağ, O; Tanriverdi, V
29-Mar-2023Small steps for the big hit: A dynamic capabilities perspective on business networks and non-disruptive digital technologies in SMEsSoluk, J; Decker-Lange, C; Hack, A
27-Jun-2023What We Do Know and Don’t Know about Marketing Communications on Mature ConsumersYannopoulou, N; Manika, D; Chandrasapth, K; Tajvidi, M; Wells, V
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1664