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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Oct-2019Visualizing Sustainability Research in Business and Management (1990–2019) and Emerging Topics: A Large-Scale Bibliometric AnalysisWei, L; Jia, Q; Li, X
13-Sep-2019The Duality of an Atypical Leader in Diversity Management: The Legitimisation and Delegitimisation of Diversity Beliefs in OrganisationsSamdanis, M; Ozbilgin, M
2017Capabilities, resources, learning and innovation: A blueprint for a post-classical economics and public policyPitelis, C; Runde, J
2011An empirical investigation of the audit expectation gap (AEG) in NigeriaSemiu Babatunde Adeyemi; Uadiale, OM
2015Poetry and Leadership in Light of Ambiguity and Logic of AppropriatenessXing, Y; Liu, Y
2015Linking leaders' identity work and human resource management involvement: the case of sociocultural integration in Chinese mergers and acquisitionsXing, Y; Liu, Y
28-Jun-2017Enabling Multichannel Participation Through ICT AdaptationKapoor, K; Omar, A; Sivarajah, U
14-Sep-2016The Archers: law on child contact arrangments means Helen Titchner's ordeal is not yet overKaganas, FR
1-Aug-2018Interventions to improve the uptake of screening across a range of conditions in Ethnic Minority Groups: a systematic reviewKelly, C; Pericleous, M; Hendy, J; de Lusignan, S; Ahmed, A; Vandrevala, T; Ala, A
1-Sep-2017Cloud resource adaptation: A resource based perspective on value creation for corporate growthMitra, A; O'Regan, N; Sarpong, D
Jul-2017How Women Have Fared with the Rise of the People's Republic of China in Global Supply Chain TradeWang, L; Kanji, S; Jha, S; Meurs, ME
20-Mar-2017‘Keeping the axe workshop going’: Australian manufacturing and the hidden maintenance of historical practicesStein, JA; Simpson, AV; Berti, M; Hermens, A
6-Sep-2019A liquid profession: An ecological approach to the theory and knowledge that underpin the practice of public relationsBowman, S; Hendy, J
2016Government-subsidized R&D and firm innovation: Evidence from ChinaGuo, D; Guo, Y; Jiang, K
2017Institutions and Managerial Task Allocation: Evidence from Chinese EntrepreneursGuo, D; Jiang, K; Xu, C
2015Venture Capital Investment and the Post-IPO Performance of Entrepreneurial Firms: Evidence from the People's Republic of ChinaGuo, D; Jiang, K; Mai, X
2014Political economy of private firms in ChinaGuo, D; Jiang, K; Kim, B-Y; Xu, C
Feb-2017The sustainability imperative in information systems researchSeidel, S; Bharati, P; Watson, RT; Boudreau, MCM; Kruse, LC; Karsten, H; Melville, N; Toland, J; Fridgen, G; Albizri, A; Butler, T; Guzman, I; Lee, H; Rush, D; Watts, S
Aug-2017The Impact of International Financial Reporting Standards adoption on Earnings Management: Evidence from EU countriesLodh, S; Nandy, M
2-Oct-2017Optimal contract design for dual-channel supply chains under information asymmetryYang, Honglin; Cao, Erbao; Lu, K; Zhang, Guoqing
20-Sep-2019Earth observation applications for coastal sustainability: potential and challenges for implementationPoliti, E; Paterson, SK; Scarrott, R; Tuohy, E; O’Mahony, C; Cámaro-García, WCA
2019Cultivating organizational compassion in healthcareSimpson, AV; Farr-Wharton, B; Reddy, P
28-Aug-2017Sourcing from Africa: A Systematic Review and a Research AgendaKauppi, K; Salmi, A; You, W
8-May-2018Integration of African firms into global value chainsYou, W; Salmi, A; Kauppi, K
21-Jun-2017Agency and strategic contracts: Theory and evidence from R&D agreements in the pharmaceutical industryGuo, D; Hua, X; Jiang, K
4-Feb-2019Hybrid simulation challenges and opportunities: a life-cycle approachEldabi, TA; Brailsford, S; Djanatliev, A; Kunc, M; Mustafee, N; Osorio, A
18-Aug-2016Cost overruns in transportation infrastructure projects: Sowing the seeds for a probabilistic theory of causationLove, PED; Ahiaga-Dagbui, DD; Irani, Z
14-Sep-2018The role of a central actor in increasing platform stickiness and stakeholder profitability: Bridging the gap between value creation and value capture in the sharing economyLaczko, P; Hullova, D; Needham, A; Rossiter, AM; Battisti, M
18-May-2017Job Insecurity: Differential Effects of Subjective and Objective Measures on Life Satisfaction Trajectories of Workers Aged 27–30 in GermanyHelbling, L; Kanji, S
7-Nov-2019The Influence of Organisational Culture on Leadership Style in Higher Education InstitutionsAkainji, B; Mordi, C; Adisa, T; Ajonbadi, H
2017Grandparent Care: A Key Factor in Mothers' Labour Force Participation in the UKKanji, S
2015Who am I? Mothers’ shifting identities, loss and sensemaking after workplace exitKanji, S; Cahusac, E
2015Male Breadwinning Revisited: How Specialisation, Gender Role Attitudes and Work Characteristics Affect Overwork and Underwork in EuropeKanji, S; Samuel, R
2019Tourism boycotts and animosity: A study of seven eventsYu, Q; McManus, R; Yen, D; Li, X
2019Collaboration in a circular economy: Learning from the farmers to reduce food wasteDora, M
2011Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosure in Nigeria: A Comparative Study of the Building Material and Brewery IndustryUwalomwa, U; Marte Uadiale, O
14-Aug-2019Predicting Customer Demand for Remanufactured Products: A Data-Mining ApproachVan Nguyen, T; Zhou, L; Chong, AYL; Li, B; Pu, X
16-May-2016Investigating Organizational Transformation in Automotive Supply Chains: A Case Study on B2B and ExtranetBak, O
31-Jul-2019Sharia Supervisory Boards, Governance Structures and Operational Risk Disclosures: Evidence from Islamic Banks in MENA CountriesElamer, A; Ntim, C; Abdou, H; Pyke, C
2019Framework for a Sustainable Supply Chain to Overcome Risks in Transition to a Circular Economy Through Industry 4.0Ozen, Y; Kazancoglu, Y; Sagnak, M; Savasci, I; Dora, M
2-Jun-2017Digital reporting by small private companies: Evidence from the UKAlkhatib, E; Collis, J; Ojala, H
9-Mar-2019The association between medical care utilization and health outcomes: A spatial analysisMoscone, F; Skinner, J; Tosetti, E; Yasaitis, L
2013An Assessment of Audit Approach and Audit Quality in NigeriaFagbemi, TO; Abogun, S; Uadiale, OM; Uwuigbe, OR
12-Jul-2019Appeal difference between frequent and rare touristsLu, KJ
-'The Impact of Inter-Firm Financial Transactions on the Credit Risk of SMEs.Vinciotti, V; Tosetti, E; Moscone, F; Lycett, M
18-Jun-2019Hegemonic dividend and workforce diversity: The case of 'biat' and meritocracy in nation branding in TurkeyOzbilgin, MF; Yalkin, C
14-Jun-2019Moving from intersectional hostility to intersectional solidarity: Insights from LGBTQ individuals in TurkeyKamasak, R; Ozbilgin, M; Baykut, S; Yavuz, M
2014Creative accounting and financial scandals in Nigeria: structures an actors analysisOtusanya, J; Uadiale, O
2012Earnings Management and Corporate Governance in NigeriaUadiale, O
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1051