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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Sep-2022Environmental Performance and Corporate Innovation in China: The Moderating Impact of Firm OwnershipUllah, F; Jiang, P; Elamer, A; Owusu, A
19-Aug-2022Information Privacy Behaviors during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Focusing on the Restaurant ContextLee, E; Kim, J-Y; Kim, J; Koo, C
13-Dec-2021Supply Chain Management and Resilience During Disruption. Evaluation of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the Supply of Personal Protective EquipmentCuvero, M; Pilkington, A; Barnes, D
19-Jul-2022Myopia during emergency improvisation: lessons from a catastrophic wildfireCunha, MP; Clegg, S; Rego, A; Giustiniano, L; Abrantes, ACM; Miner, AS; Simpson, AV
27-Apr-2021Thanks for the memories: Exploring city tourism experiences via social media reviewsYu, Q; Pickering, S; Geng, R; Yen, DA
26-Feb-2021Exploring barriers and drivers to the implementation of circular economy practices in the mining industryUpadhyay, A; Laing, T; Kumar, V; Dora, M
20-Jan-2021Fully embracing the paradoxical condition: Banksy to organization theoryCunha, MP; Clegg, S; Berti, M; Rego, A; Simpson, AV
10-Jun-2021The future of placementsHarrison-White, K; McIntosh, B
8-Aug-2022Chain upgrading, technology transfer, and legitimacy: The Schumpeterian character of China in the information and communication technology sector in SSABotchie, D; Sarpong, D; Meissner, D
11-Aug-2022Capabilities, opportunities and motivations that drive food waste disposal practices: A case study of young adults in EnglandManika, D; Iacovidou, E; Canhoto, A; Pei, E; Mach, K
25-May-2021The Emergence of Value-Based Leadership Behavior at the Frontline of Management: A Role Theory Perspective and Future Research AgendaChang, SM; Budhwar, P; Crawshaw, J
28-Jul-2022How Social Structures Influence the Labour Market Participation of Individuals with Mental Illness: A Bourdieusian PerspectiveHennekam, S; Richard, S; Özbilgin, M
21-Jun-2022Artificial intelligence and blockchain implementation in supply chains: a pathway to sustainability and data monetisation?Tsolakis, N; Schumacher, R; Dora, M; Kumar, M
30-Mar-2021The Role of Summer Intensive Programmes on Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes in Rural AreasSagyndykova, Z; Gazdiyeva, B; Gabdullina, Z; Akhmetzhanova, A; Mektepbayeva, D; Althonayan, A
1-Sep-2020Transformation of consumer behavior in the tourism industry in the conditions of digital economyMaslova, T; Pletneva, N; Althonayan, A; Tarasova, E; Krasnov, A
16-Mar-2022The context of earnings management and its ability to predict future stock returnsNguyen, NTM; Iqbal, A; Shiwakoti, RK
6-Oct-2020Attributed network embedding with community preservationHuang, T; Zhou, L; Wang, L; Du, G; Lü, K
1-Jan-2022Establishing Trust in E-Commerce Through Website Design Elements: The Moderating Role of GenderShaouf, AA; Lu, K
28-Aug-2021The standalone and resource-bundling effects of government and nongovernment institutional support on early internationalizing firms’ performanceFaroque, AR; Sultana, H; Ahmed, JU; Ahmed, FU; Rahman, M
28-Feb-2021Spatial Distance Effect in Shaping Perceived Similarity of Products in the Online StoreJang, JM
14-Feb-2020A critical discourse analysis of the link between professional culture and organisational cultureAdisa, TA; Oruh, ES; Akanji, B
5-Jul-2022When two worlds collide: The role of affect in ‘essential’ worker responses to shifting evaluative normsSlutskaya, N; Game, A; Morgan, R; Newton, T
14-Sep-2021An examination of remote e-working and flow experience: The role of technostress and lonelinessTaser, D; Aydin, E; Torgaloz, AO; Rofcanin, Y
14-Jul-2022Environmental, social and governance ratings and firm performance: The moderating role of internal control qualityBoulhaga, M; Bouri, A; Elamer, AA; Ibrahim, BA
1-Jun-2020Business geo-politics, geo-economics and the fourth Industrial Revolution: An interview with Maxim Shashenkov (Arterial Capital Management)Ofori, FNK; Sarpong, D
25-Mar-2022China in Africa: On the competing perspectives of the value of Sino-Africa business relationshipsOfosu, G; Sarpong, D
3-Dec-2019Foreign patents surge and technology spillovers in China (1985-2009): Evidence from the patent and trade marketsCai, H; Sarpong, D; Tang, X; Zhao, GZ
2-Feb-2021Industry-University collaboration in emerging economies: A legitimacy perspectiveAbioudun, AS; Sarpong, D; Cao, D
19-Jan-2022A review of micro-practices in commodity value chains in the global southSiaw, D; Botchie, D; Sarpong, D
11-Mar-2022Can university-industry-government collaborations drive a 3-D printing revolution in Africa? A triple helix model of technological leapfrogging in additive manufacturingKolade, O; Adegbile, A; Sarpong, D
18-Mar-2022Beyond the doom: sustainable water management practices of small-scale mining operationsSarpong, D
29-Mar-2022Experiencing the sense of the brand: the mining, processing and application of brand data through sensory brand experiencesZha, D; Foroudi, P; Melewar, TC; Jin, Z
3-Jul-2022Understanding the impact of Covid-19 on Blockchain and upon Sustainable supply chainsBak, O; Papalexi, M
20-Jun-2022The influence of foreign direct investment on the Egyptian audit market: what do Big 4 partners’ perceptions tell us?Eldaly, MK; Elamer, AA; Abdel-Kader, M
21-Jun-2022Organisational capabilities and small and medium sized firms’ attainment of innovation outcomes: the moderating roles of exports and formal business networksLiu, G; Liu, W; Ko, WW
1-Mar-2022The impact of COVID-19 on the work–life balance of working mothers: evidence from Nigerian academicsAkanji, B; Mordi, C; Ajonbadi, H; Adekoya, O
1-May-2014Future Proofing Leadership through Individual and Collective Thinking: A Case Study in Building ForesightMcCauley-Smith, C; Williams, SJ; Braganza, A; Gillon, AC
1-Mar-2022Theorizing Routines with Computational Sequence Analysis: A Critical Realism FrameworkZhang, Z; Lee, H; Yoo, Y; Choi, YT
26-Mar-2020Distributed Leadership in Transformation Initiatives: The Emergence of Network LeadershipAl-Ghanem, NH; Braganza, A; Aldhean, E
3-Dec-2018Telehealth adoption: Three case studies at the organisational levelCockcroft, S; Hendy, J
27-Aug-2020Improving uptake of hepatitis B and hepatitis C testing in South Asian migrants in community and faith settings using educational interventions—A prospective descriptive studyKelly, C; Pericleous, M; Ahmed, A; Vandrevala, T; Hendy, J; Shafi, S; Skene, SS; Verma, S; Edge, C; Nicholls, M; Gore, C; de Lusignan, S; Ala, A
3-Jul-2022Exploring the supply chain resilience agenda within the UK SMEs prior to Covid-19Bak, O; Collicchia, C; Kumar, Vikas; Shaw, S
13-Jun-2022The three pointers of research and development (R&D) for growth-boosting sustainable innovation systemSarpong, D; Boakye, D; Ofosu, G; Botchie, D
29-Jul-2022Turkish academic diaspora in Britain: A scoping reviewOzbilgin, M; Yildiz, H
30-Sep-2021A glass classroom? The experiences and identities of third space women leading educational change in research-intensive universities in the UKDenney, F
30-May-2022Influence of governance bundles and directors’ social capital on cash holding in foreign cross-listed firmsLodh, S; Nandy, M; Kaur, J
18-Feb-2020Regendering of dynamic managerial capabilities in the context of binary perspectives on gender diversityKamasak, R; Ozbilgin, M; Kucukaltan, B; Yavuz, M
9-Aug-2019‘Is Say on Pay working? Evidence from the UK’Shiwakoti, RK; Iqbal, A; Jarvis, R
6-Jun-2022The Influence of Inputs in the Information Security Policy Development: An Institutional PerspectiveOrding, LG; Gao, S; Chen, W
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1472