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dc.contributor.authorBanerjee, I-
dc.contributor.authorFaris, T-
dc.contributor.authorStoeva, Z-
dc.contributor.authorHarris, PG-
dc.contributor.authorChen, J-
dc.contributor.authorSharma, AK-
dc.contributor.authorRay, AK-
dc.identifier.citation2D Materials, pp. 1-29, (2016)en_US
dc.description.abstractFifteen-layered graphene films have been successfully deposited onto flexible substrates using a commercial ink consisting of graphene particles dispersed in an acrylic polymer binder. A value of 74.9 × 105cm−2 was obtained for the density of defects, primarily located at the flake edges, from the ratio of the D and G Raman peaks located at 1345cm1 and 1575cm1 respectively. 0.5μm thick drop-cast films on interdigitated silver electrodes exhibited Ohmic conduction with a small activation energy of 12meV over the temperature range from 260K to 330K . The photo-thermoelectric effect is believed to be responsible for photoconduction through graphene films under illumination intensity of 10mWm-2 at 270 nm, corresponding to the UV absorption peak. The photo-transient decay at the bias of 1V involves two relaxation processes when the illumination is switched off and values of 8.9 × 103𝑠 and 4.3 × 104𝑠 are found for the relaxation time constant using the Kohlrauch stretched exponential function analysis.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipDr. Indrani Banerjee is grateful to Commonwealth Association, UK for funding the present research work under the fellowship placement scheme (Grant reference INCF-2014-66). The studentship of Ms Faris is partially sponsored by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Air Force Material Command, USAF, under Grant No. FA9550-15-1-0123. We are also thankful to Miss V. M. Torrejon of Brunel University for support in computer graphics.en_US
dc.publisherIOP Publishingen_US
dc.titleGraphene films printable on flexible substrates for sensor applicationsen_US
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