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Title: NFAL Prototype Design and Feasibility Analysis for Self-Levitated Conveying
Authors: Chang, X
Wei, B
Atherton, M
Mares, C
Stolarski, T
Almurshedi, A
Keywords: NFAL;ANSYS;Prototype;Resonant;Piezoelectric;Squeeze-film levitation
Issue Date: 2016
Citation: Tribology Transactions, 59 (5): pp. 957 - 968,(2016)
Abstract: In order to avoid friction and scratching when conveying object, an acoustic levitation prototype was designed to verify the feasibility. The modal shapes and the forced harmonic shapes of the prototype are obtained by an ANSYS coupled field computation with a one-quarter symmetry model and the levitation capacity was assessed by the use of groups of simulation and physical testing. The simulation results showed that the pure flexural and mixed flexural wave shapes with different wave numbers existed at some specific frequency. The amplitude in the central point of an aluminum plate having four piezo-electric discs glued to the bottom surface was simulated for a frequency spectrum. The experimental results confirmed the theoretical results and the feasibility of the prototype and confirm that objects can be floated at several resonant frequencies under forced vibrating condition. The system can provide largest bearing capacity when both the piezoelectric disc and the plate resonances coincide.
ISSN: 1040-2004
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