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Title: Changing patterns of alcohol consumption in Nigeria: an exploration of responsible factors and consequences
Authors: Dumbili, E
Keywords: Alcohol consumption;Nigeria;Changing pattern;Traditional values;Non-regulation;Advertising
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: MSO
Citation: Medical Sociology Online, 7 (1): pp. 20 - 33,(2013)
Abstract: Alcohol consumption among different ethnic groups in Nigeria has a long history, especially among those groups where it was not forbidden by religion. In the traditional era, alcohol played complex roles in the socio-cultural relationships of different communities. It was used for rituals, marriage ceremonies, chieftaincy enthronements, etc. It was mainly consumed by male adults for pleasure while females and youths were culturally restrained from drinking. Excess consumption was not a norm and intoxication attracted negative sanctions. In the contemporary Nigerian society, patterns of consumption are changing rapidly following the socio-political and economic development of Nigeria, giving rise to new norms of alcohol use. This review examines the influence of disintegration of traditional values, nonregulation, advertising and other factors on these changing patterns of alcohol consumption. It concludes by exploring the consequences of these changing patterns and suggests some remedies for contemporary Nigerian society.
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