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Title: A frequency weighting for the evaluation of steering wheel rotational vibration
Authors: Giacomin, J
Shayaa, MS
Dormegnie, E
Richard, L
Keywords: Vibration;Perception;Comfort;Hand-arm
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. 33: 527-541
Abstract: The human perception of rotational hand-arm vibration has been investigated by means of a test rig consisting of a rigid frame, an electrodynamic shaker unit, a rigid steering wheel, a shaft assembly, bearings and an automobile seat. Fifteen subjects were tested while seated in a driving posture. Four equal sensation tests and one annoyance threshold test were performed using sinusoidal excitation at 18 frequencies in the range from 3 to 315 Hz. In order to guarantee the generality of the equal sensation data the four tests were defined to permit checks of the possible influence of three factors: reference signal amplitude, psychophysical test procedure and temporary threshold shift (TTSv) caused by the test exposure. All equal sens ation tests used a reference sinusoid of 63 Hz at either 1.0 or 1.5 m/s2 r.m.s. in amplitude. The four equal sensation curves were similar in shape and suggested a decrease in human sensitivity to hand-arm rotational vibration with increasing frequency. The slopes of the equal sensation curves changed at transition points of approximately 6.3 and 63 Hz. A frequency weighting, called Ws, was developed for the purpose of evaluating steering wheel rotational vibration. The proposed Ws has a slope of 0 dB per octave over the frequency range from 3 to 6.3 Hz, a slope of -6 dB per octave from 6.3 to 50 Hz, a slope of 0 dB per octave from 50 to 160 Hz and a slope of -10 dB per octave from 160 to 315 Hz. Ws provides a possible alternative to the existing Wh frequency weighting defined in International Standards Organisation 5349-1 (2001) and British Standards Institution 6842 (1987).
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