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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jul-2022From energy security to security of energy services: the role of gendered innovations in living labsBatinge, B; Musango, JK; Ceschin, F; Ambole, A; Smit, S; Mukama, M; Petrulaityte, A
13-Jul-2022Decentralised passive water harvesting. A possible solution for a water paradigm shift in urban areasFranconi, A; Reich, J
29-Jul-2022Structuring Circular Objectives and Design Strategies for the Circular Economy: A Multi-Hierarchical Theoretical FrameworkFranconi, A; Ceschin, F; Peck, D
8-Jun-2022Greening Cities, Shaping Cities: Pinpointing Nature-Based Solutions in Cities between Shared Governance and Citizen ParticipationMahmoud, IH; Morello, E; Salvia, G; Puerari, E
21-Jun-2022Knowledge Visualization: A Design centered FrameworkSahli, A; Pei, E; Manohar, A; Evans, R
6-Aug-2021Co-creation Pathways to Inform Shared Governance of Urban Living Labs in Practice: Lessons From Three European ProjectsMahmoud, IH; Morello, E; Ludlow, D; Salvia, G
9-Nov-2021The CUSSH programme: Supporting cities' transformational change towards health and sustainabilityDavies, M; Belesova, K; Crane, M; Hale, J; Haines, A; Hutchinson, E; Kiesewetter, G; Mberu, B; Mohajeri, N; Michie, S; Milner, J; Moore, G; Osrin, D; Pineo, H; Pluchinotta, I; Prasad, A; Salvia, G; Symonds, P; Taylor, J; Turcu, C; Tsoulou, I; Zimmermann, N; Wilkinson, P
26-Dec-2021The importance of eliciting stakeholders’ system boundary perceptions for problem structuring and decision-makingPluchinotta, I; Salvia, G; Zimmermann, N
23-Feb-2022Understanding Urban Green Space Usage through Systems Thinking: A Case Study in Thamesmead, LondonSalvia, G; Pluchinotta, I; Tsoulou, I; Moore, G; Zimmermann, N
20-Jul-2020Performance Gap and Occupant Behavior in Building Retrofit: Focus on Dynamics of Change and Continuity in the Practice of Indoor HeatingSalvia, G; Morello, E; Rotondo, F; Sangalli, A; Causone, F; Erba, S; Pagliano, L
22-Feb-2019Sharing Cities Shaping CitiesSalvia, G; Morello, E; Arcidiacono, A
21-Jun-2022An Approach to Determining the Need for Integrating Quality Management into Industrial PLM ImplementationZhu, V; Giddaluru, MP; Elsouri, M; Gao, J
18-Oct-2020Modification of a domiciliary ventilator to increase FiO2: an off-label modification which may be of value in COVID-19Mebrate, Y; Phillips, S; Field, D; Mumuni, I; Josse, P; Alexander, D; Das-Gupta, R; Trimlett, R; Polkey, MI
30-Sep-2021The wicked problem of waste management: An attention-based analysis of stakeholder behavioursSalvia, G; Zimmermann, N; Willan, C; Hale, J; Gitau, H; Muindi, K; Gichana, E; Davies, M
23-Aug-2021Relationship-building around a policy decision-support tool for urban healthDeloly, C; Roué-Le Gall, A; Moore, G; Bretelle, L; Milner, J; Mohajeri, N; Osrin, D; Salvia, G; Symonds, P; Tsoulou, I; Zimmermann, N; Wilkinson, P; Davies, M
17-Mar-2022Write up: Unpacking the circular economy: reuse and refill in packaging solutionsCorsini, L; Ceschin, F
3-Apr-2022Co-Design Visions of Public Makerspaces in ChinaChoi, Y; Lam, B; Chen, X; de Sousa, S; Liu, L; Ni, M
18-May-2022Exploring and Addressing the User Acceptance Issues Embedded in the Adoption of Reusable Packaging SystemsLong, Y; Ceschin, F; Harrison, D; Terzioğlu, N
21-May-2021Supporting the Development of Gendered Energy Innovations for Informal Urban Settlements: GENS Codesign Toolkit for Multistakeholder CollaborationPetrulaityte, A; Ceschin, F; Musango, JK; Mwiti, BK; Anditi, C; Njoroge, P
22-Apr-2022Modelling the Influence of Air Jet Configurations on Non-Woven Steel Fibre Mixing in the Melt Overflow ProcessAbubakar, I; Gong, H; Nammi, SK; Marston, L; Deane, J
6-May-2022A review of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) of additive manufacturing and powder bed fusion latticesPei, E; Kabir, I; Breški, T; Godec, D; Nordin, A
10-Dec-2019Review of state of the art of dowel laminated timber members and densified wood materials as sustainable engineered wood products for construction and building applicationsSotayo, A; Bradley, D; Bather, M; Sareh, P; Oudjene, M; El-Houjeyri, I; Harte, AM; Mehra, S; O'Ceallaigh, C; Haller, P; Namari, S; Makradi, A; Belouettar, S; Bouhala, L; Deneufbourg, F; Guan, Z
6-Apr-2020Timber screw connection: Study of the strain along the interface using optical measurement techniques and simulationsKnmpenza, C; Ringhofer, A; Krenke, T; Sotayo, A; Pramreiter, M; Müller, U
4-Apr-2022Experimental investigation of the moment-rotation behaviour of beam-column connections produced using compressed wood connectorsMehra, S; O'Ceallaigh, C; Sotayo, A; Guan, Z; Harte, AM
30-Mar-2022Hybrid modelling of biological systems: current progress and future prospectsLiu, F; Heiner, M; Gilbert, D
6-Apr-2022Autonomous flying IoT: A synergy of machine learning, digital elevation, and 3D structure change detectionAlmalki, FA; Angelides, MC
11-May-2022Codesigning therapeutic and sterilisable soft toys for Paediatric InpatientsSpinelli, G; Davies, A
21-May-2018A review of making in the context of digital fabrication toolsCorsini, L; Moultrie, J
30-Jul-2021Requirements analysis for automating product testing in aerospace manufacturingElsouri, M; Gao, J; Wilson, A; Martin, L; Pyee, R
29-Apr-2021A design for manufacturing methodology using defects knowledge for aerospace product manufacturingElsouri, M; Gao, J; Simmonds, C; Martin, N
30-Apr-2022From storytelling to Facebook. Content biases when retelling or sharing a storyAcerbi, A
22-Feb-2022Complexity Leadership: On time, on budgetBiggadike, C; Evans, R; Pei, E
21-Mar-2022Development and Evaluation of the Quality of Life Scale for Children With Visual Impairments in ChinaLiu, J; Evans, R; Wang, Y; Hu, B; Tong, Y; Li, S; Tian, Z; Li, J; Zhang, C; He, L; Zheng, J
Feb-2013Ageing Consumers: Lifestyles and Preferences in the current marketplaceShekarriz, M; Spinelli, G
28-Jun-2019Design for social sustainability: Using digital fabrication in the humanitarian and development sectorCorsini, L; Moultrie, J
1-Mar-2019Using digital fabrication tools to provide humanitarian and development aid in low-resource settingsCorsini, L; Aranda-Jan, CB; Moultrie, J
27-Oct-2020The impact of 3D printing on the humanitarian supply chainCorsini, L; Aranda-Jan, CB; Moultrie, J
3-Mar-2020Humanitarian makerspaces in crisis-affected communitiesCorsini, L; Moultrie, J
9-Apr-2021Local and distributed manufacturing during the COVID-19 pandemic: Is crisis a window of opportunity for sustainable development in the Global South?Corsini, L; Moultrie, J
3-Dec-2020Frugal innovation in a crisis: the digital fabrication maker response to COVID-19Corsini, L; Dammicco, V; Moultrie, J
25-May-2021What is design for social sustainability? A systematic literature review for designers of product-service systemsCorsini, L; Moultrie, J
21-Feb-2022Fostering creativity through co-design and making: Case studies of makerspaces in the UKLam, B; Choi, Y; Chen, X; Ni, M; de Sousa, S
19-Mar-2014Inclusive Designing Joining Usability, Accessibility, and Inclusion-
30-Apr-2019Populating architectural design: Introducing scenario-based design in residential care projectsVan Der Linden, V; Dong, H; Heylighen, A
28-Feb-2021Inclusive Design + Social Innovation: a Methodology and Case StudyDong, H; Cifter, AS; Cook, S; Inci, O
9-Feb-2016Designing Around People: CWUAAT 2016-
2022MHealth Adoption among Older Chinese AdultsDong, H; Pan, J
8-May-2021Design Heuristics for Artificial Intelligence: Inspirational Design Stimuli for Supporting UX Designers in Generating AI-Powered IdeasJin, X; Evans, M; Dong, H; Yao, A
20-Apr-2022Design Empowering Active Aging: A Resource-based Design ToolkitDong, H; Yumei, D
19-Nov-2019Contemporary themes in the design of AT for the ageing population: materiality, co-design and cultural influencesSpinelli, G; Micocci, M; Tsekleves, E; Wang, Y-H; Martin, W; Lim, Y; Shamim, U
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 671