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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Practice of Design Innovation in the Academic Context: The Project Portfolio by Brunel DesignCosco, G; Garaj, V
17-Jun-2020Study on torque and clamping forces of screw‐connected plywoodKumpenza, C; Schmidt, G; Sotayo, A; Ringhofer, A; Müller, U
2020Sana: A gamified rehabilitation management system for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction recoveryKungwengwe, T; Evans, R
2020An Overview of Material Extrusion TroubleshootingLoh, GH; Pei, E; Gonzalez-Gutierrez, J; Monzón, M
1-Apr-2020Patient questions and physician responses in a Chinese Health Q&A website: Content analysisHong, Z; Deng, Z; Evans, R; Wu, H
7-Dec-2019Factors Influencing the Adoption of Health Information Standards in Health Care Organizations: A Systematic Review Based on Best Fit Framework SynthesisHan, L; Liu, J; Evans, R; Song, Y; Ma, J
14-Jan-2020Determining the Topic Evolution and Sentiment Polarity for Albinism in a Chinese Online Health Community: Machine Learning and Social Network AnalysisBi, Q; Shen, L; Evans, R; Zhang, Z; Wang, S; Dai, W; Liu, C
27-Jun-2020Concepts and Terminologies for 4D PrintingPei, E; Loh, GH; Nam, S
16-Jun-2020Applying Distributed Manufacturing to Product-Service System Development: A Set of Near-Future Scenarios and a Design ToolPetrulaityte, A; Ceschin, F; Harrison, D; Pei, E
18-Mar-2020Coupling XFEM and peridynamics for brittle fracture simulation—part I: feasibility and effectivenessGiannakeas, IN; Papathanasiou, TK; Fallah, AS; Bahai, H
11-Mar-2020A first-time investigation of psychosocial inclusivity in design: Inclusive supermarket design for older individualsLim, Y; Giacomin, J; Yin, Y; Nickpour, F
25-Sep-2018An Autonomous Solar PV/Wind/Regenerative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Storage System for Cell TowersJansen, G; Dehouche, Z; Corrigan, H; Bonser, R
Jun-2016Crowdsourcing User-Contributed Solutions to Aerospace Product Development Issues through Micro-BloggingEvans, R; Gao, JX; Mahdikhah, S; Messaadia, M; Baudry, D
-Exploring the required success factors for developing absorptive capacity in knowledge intensive organisationsRafique, M; Evans, RD; Nawaz, MT; Agha, M
28-Aug-2014Identifying patent conflicts: TRIZ-Led Patent MappingLi, Z; Atherton, M; Harrison, D
2016Capturing the “How”: Showing the value of co-design through creative evaluationManohar, Arthi Kanchana; Smith, Madeline; Calvo, Mirian
27-Feb-2020Life cycle environmental sustainability of valorisation routes for spent coffee grounds: From waste to resourcesSchmidt Rivera, Ximena C.; Gallego-Schmid, Alejandro; Najdanovic-Visak, Vesna; Azapagic, Adisa
May-2015Experimental Setup for Ultrasonic-Assisted Desktop Fused Deposition Modeling SystemMaidin, S; Muhamad, MK; Pei, E
May-2015Analysis of Applying Ultrasonic Frequency on a Desktop FDM NozzleMaidin, S; Aziz, KFA; Muhamad, MK; Pei, E
23-Aug-2014Determination of Comfort and Performance Properties of Upper Materials for Diabetic Footwear ConstructionTagang, IJ; Robert, CC; Pei, E; Higgett, N
30-Apr-2019Characterizing Instrumentation Canister Aerodynamics of FAAM BAe-146-301 Atmospheric Research AircraftBennett, C.J.; Nott, G.J.; Wellpott, A; Lawson, N; Delise, M; Woodcock, B; Gratton, G.B.
7-Aug-2019What do patients complain about online: A systematic review and taxonomy framework based on patient centerednessLiu, Jing; Hou, Shengchao; Evans, Richard; Xia, Chenxi; Xia, Weidong; Ma, Jingdong
2017O ensino de Comunicação Visual nos anos 1960: estudo de caso da FAU USP / Teaching of Visual Communication in the 1960s: FAU USP case studySouza Dias, D; Braga, MDC
9-Dec-2019Understanding the function constitution and influence factors on communication for the WeChat official account of top tertiary hospitals in China: Cross-sectional studyShen, L; Wang, S; Chen, W; Fu, Q; Evans, R; Lan, F; Li, W; Xu, J; Zhang, Z
2020Design for Sustainability: A Multi-level Framework from Products to Socio-technical SystemsCeschin, F; Gaziulusoy, İ
27-Dec-2019How Health Communication via Tik Tok Makes a Difference: A Content Analysis of Tik Tok Accounts Run by Chinese Provincial Health CommitteesZhu, C; Xu, X; Zhang, W; Chen, J; Evans, R
11-Nov-2019Track 5.j Introduction: Innovation Through Design for MeaningAjovalasit, M; Giacomin, J; Gkatzidou, V; Jenson Bennett, J; Pettersson, I
18-Oct-2019Competitor Intelligence and Product Innovation: The Role of Open-Mindedness and Interfunctional CoordinationLin, F; Evans, RD; Kharel, R; Williams, RA
4-Dec-2019Pregnancy-related information seeking and sharing in the social media era among expectant mothers in China: Qualitative studyZhu, C; Zeng, R; Zhang, W; Evans, R; He, R
2015Virtual Clay Prototyping System – A Framework for Real-Time ModelingBin, Q; Ming, SX; Eujin, P; Jian, LB
16-Sep-2019A tool path optimization approach based on blend feature simplification for multi-cavity machining of complex partsXin, Y; Yang, S; Wang, G; Evans, R; Wu, F
1-Sep-2019VUCA challenges on the design-engineering student spectrumGreen, S; Page, F; De’Ath, P; Pei, E; Lam, B
2014Reflecting on Design Sketching: Implications for Problem-Framing and Solution-focused Conceptual IdeationPei, E
20144D printing - Revolution or fad?Pei, E
2012Design for ManufacturingPei, E
9-Sep-2019How Online Reviews and Services Affect Physician’s Outpatient Care Demands: Evidence from Two Online Healthcare Communities (Preprint)Lu, W; Wu, H
1-Jul-2019What are key components when creating an innovative crowdsourcing business modelLiu, Y; Xu, Y; Qin, S
2-Sep-2019Consumer Competence Strategies, Spiritually Inspired Core Values and Locus of Control: What Are the Links?Spinelli, G; Nelson-becker, H; Ligossi, R
Mar-2019A Manifesto for Decolonising DesignAbdulla, D; Ansari, A; Canli, E; Keshavarz, M; Kiem, M; Oliveira, P; Prado, L; Schultz, T
2015Entry-level additive manufacturing: the next frontierPei, E
2015Feasibility study of ultrasonic frequency application on fdm to improve parts surface finishMaidin, S; Muhamad, MK; Pei, E
2015Direct 3D printing of polymers onto textiles: Experimental studies and applicationsPei, E; Shen, J; Watling, J
2016Design and Analysis of 3D Customized Models of a Human MandibleMartorelli, M; Maietta, S; Gloria, A; De Santis, R; Pei, E; Lanzotti, A
2016Perceived role of therapeutic footwear in the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers: A survey of patients with diabetes mellitus in Kaduna StateIbrahim, A; Jerry, T; Eujin, P; Robert, C; Nick, H; Ismail, D
2016Lightweight parametric optimisation method for cellular structures in additive manufactured partsPaz, R; Monzón, MD; González, B; Pei, E; Winter, G; Ortega, F
9-Aug-2018Social media landscape of the tertiary referral hospitals in China: Observational descriptive studyZhang, W; Deng, Z; Evans, R; Xiang, F; Ye, Q; Zeng, R
1-Jan-2020Virtual workshops on the road: Co-designing with drivers, within context in real-timede la Flor Aceituno, D; Giacomin, J; Malizia, A; Skrypchuk, L
15-May-2019TAPESTRY: A Blockchain based Service for Trusted Interaction OnlineYang, Y; Cooper, D; Collomosse, J; Dr˘agan, CC; Manulis, M; Manohar, A; Steane, J; Briggs, J; Jones, H; Moncur, W
2018Editors’ IntroductionSchultz, T; Abdulla, D; Ansari, A; Canlı, E; Keshavarz, M; Kiem, M; Martins, LPDO; Vieira de Oliveira, PJS
2016Embedding smart materials into products to motivate the user: Flexers, a smarter approach to finger splintingAjovalasit, M; Micocci, M; Adam, R
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 562