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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-2021Trust in Home: Rethinking Interface Design in IoTManohar, A; Sengul, C; Chen, J
27-Jul-2021Processes and materials used for direct writing technologies: A reviewBalani, SB; Ghaffar, SH; Chougan, M; Pei, E; Şahin, E
10-Jul-2021An enhanced design of a 5G MIMO antenna for fixed wireless aerial accessAlmalki, FA; Angelides, MC
19-Apr-2021Integrating S.PSS and DEBalasubramanian, R; Vezzoli, C; Ceschin, F; Matthew, J; Sinha, A; Neusiedl, C
31-May-2021A framework and immersive serious game for mild cognitive impairmentLau, S-YJ; Agius, H
22-Apr-2021Distributed Economiesdos Santos, A; Vezzoli, C; Garcia Parra, B; Molina Mata, S; Banerjee, S; Kohtala, C; Ceschin, F; Petrulaityte, A; Garcez Duarte, G; Burmeister Dickie, I; Balasubramanian, R; Xia, N
22-Apr-2021Product-Service Systems Development for Sustainability. A New UnderstandingVezzoli, C; Ceschin, F; Diehl, JC
9-Apr-2021Editorial PIAM March 2021Pei, E
11-Mar-2021Cyberbullying Among Adolescents and Children: A Comprehensive Review of the Global Situation, Risk Factors, and Preventive MeasuresZhu, C; Huang, S; Evans, R; Zhang, W
19-Apr-2021Barriers and Enablers to the Implementation of Intelligent Guidance Systems for Patients in Chinese Tertiary Transfer Hospitals: Usability EvaluationCao, H; Zhang, Z; Evans, RD; Dai, W; Bi, Q; Zhu, Z; Xu, J; Shen, L
5-Jan-2021Development and testing of material extrusion additive manufactured polymer–textile compositesLoh, GH; Sotayo, A; Pei, E
26-Nov-2020Concerns expressed by Chinese social media users during the COVID-19 pandemic: Content analysis of sina weibo microblogging dataWang, J; Zhou, Y; Zhang, W; Evans, R; Zhu, C
2-Feb-2021Relational identities: how service co- design can help improve the minority experience and becoming ourselvesBalezdrova, N; Choi, Y; Lam, B
24-Dec-2020Design Contributions for the COVID-19 Global Emergency (Part 1): Empirical Approaches and First SolutionsRossi, E; Di Nicolantonio, M; Ceschin, F; Mincolelli, G; dos Santos, A; Kohtala, C; Jacques, E; Cipolla, C; Manzini, E
15-Dec-2020Game for Complete Care: A Means of Connecting ‘User-Centered Design’ with SustainabilityDong, H; Jiang, Y; Jachna, TJ
20-Jul-2020Standardisation efforts of ISO/TC 261 “Additive Manufacturing”: Reports from 14th and 15th Plenary MeetingPei, E
2014Life cycle environmental impacts of convenience food: Comparison of ready and home-made mealsSchmidt Rivera, XC; Espinoza Orias, N; Azapagic, A
18-Mar-2017The influence of fertiliser and pesticide emissions model on life cycle assessment of agricultural products: The case of Danish and Italian barleySchmidt Rivera, XC; Bacenetti, J; Fusi, A; Niero, M
20-Jan-2016Life cycle costs and environmental impacts of production and consumption of ready and home-made mealsSchmidt, X; Azapagic, A
2018The Role of Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment in the Implementation of Circular Economy Principles in OrganizationsNiero, M; Rivera, XCS
Aug-2020Co-design visions of public makerspaces in chinaLam, B; Choi, Y; Chen, X; De Sousa, S; Liu, L; Ni, M
2021A Behavioral Change Intervention System to Support the Hydration Habits of Nurses in Hospital WardsPurvis, O; Evans, R
6-Sep-2017Discussing about “Inclusion in Sharing-Based Services”. A design workshop using an analytic toolBusciantella Ricci, D; Dong, H; Rinaldi, A; Tosi, F
28-Aug-2018Larger Chinese text spacing and size: Effects on older users' experienceHou, G; Dong, H; Ning, W; Han, L
26-Jul-2019The economic explanation of inclusive design in different stages of product life timeLi, F; Dong, H
3-Jul-2019Achieving Inclusion with Contextualized User-Sensitive DesignLi, F; Dong, H
Jul-2020Using AI to Enable Design for Diversity: A PerspectiveLi, F; Dong, H; Liu, L
2020Product-Service Systems applied to reusable packaging systems: a strategic design toolLong, Y; Ceschin, F; Mansour, N; Harrison, D
25-Aug-2020The Influence of Shape Changing Behaviors from 4D Printing through Material Extrusion Print Patterns and Infill DensitiesNam, S; Pei, E
2014Os execícios da Sequência de Comunicação Visual da FAU USP:fragmentos de uma história em construçãoSouza Dias, D; Da Costa Braga, M
2020A revista Produto e Linguagem e a arte gráfica de Fernando LemosSouza Dias, D; Costa Braga, MD
31-Oct-2018‘The Winds of Change:’ Cosmopolitanism and Geopolitical Identities in the Context of ICOGRADASouza Dias, D
2020Product-Service Systems applied to reusable packaging systems: a strategic design toolLong, Y; Ceschin, F; Mansour, N; Harrison, D
12-Apr-2020Unpacking the black box: How to promote citizen engagement through government social media during the COVID-19 crisisChen, Q; Min, C; Zhang, W; Wang, G; Ma, X; Evans, R
2020The Practice of Design Innovation in the Academic Context: The Project Portfolio by Brunel DesignCosco, G; Garaj, V
17-Jun-2020Study on torque and clamping forces of screw‐connected plywoodKumpenza, C; Schmidt, G; Sotayo, A; Ringhofer, A; Müller, U
2020Sana: A gamified rehabilitation management system for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction recoveryKungwengwe, T; Evans, R
2020An Overview of Material Extrusion TroubleshootingLoh, GH; Pei, E; Gonzalez-Gutierrez, J; Monzón, M
1-Jul-2020Supporting people’s independence through Voice User Interface (VUI) devicesShamim, U; Spinelli, G; Woodcock, A; Nair, A
1-Apr-2020Patient questions and physician responses in a Chinese Health Q&A website: Content analysisHong, Z; Deng, Z; Evans, R; Wu, H
7-Dec-2019Factors Influencing the Adoption of Health Information Standards in Health Care Organizations: A Systematic Review Based on Best Fit Framework SynthesisHan, L; Liu, J; Evans, R; Song, Y; Ma, J
14-Jan-2020Determining the Topic Evolution and Sentiment Polarity for Albinism in a Chinese Online Health Community: Machine Learning and Social Network AnalysisBi, Q; Shen, L; Evans, R; Zhang, Z; Wang, S; Dai, W; Liu, C
27-Jun-2020Concepts and Terminologies for 4D PrintingPei, E; Loh, GH; Nam, S
16-Jun-2020Applying Distributed Manufacturing to Product-Service System Development: A Set of Near-Future Scenarios and a Design ToolPetrulaityte, A; Ceschin, F; Harrison, D; Pei, E
18-Mar-2020Coupling XFEM and peridynamics for brittle fracture simulation—part I: feasibility and effectivenessGiannakeas, IN; Papathanasiou, TK; Fallah, AS; Bahai, H
11-Mar-2020A first-time investigation of psychosocial inclusivity in design: Inclusive supermarket design for older individualsLim, Y; Giacomin, J; Yin, Y; Nickpour, F
25-Sep-2018An Autonomous Solar PV/Wind/Regenerative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Storage System for Cell TowersJansen, G; Dehouche, Z; Corrigan, H; Bonser, R
Jun-2016Crowdsourcing User-Contributed Solutions to Aerospace Product Development Issues through Micro-BloggingEvans, R; Gao, JX; Mahdikhah, S; Messaadia, M; Baudry, D
-Exploring the required success factors for developing absorptive capacity in knowledge intensive organisationsRafique, M; Evans, RD; Nawaz, MT; Agha, M
28-Aug-2014Identifying patent conflicts: TRIZ-Led Patent MappingLi, Z; Atherton, M; Harrison, D
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 602