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Title: Real-time Emotional State Detection from Facial Expression on Embedded Devices
Authors: Turabzadeh, S
Meng, H
Swash, RM
Pleva, M
Juhar, J
Keywords: FPGA;Facial expression analysis;Artificial intelligence;Real-time implementation
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Seventh International Conference on Innovative Computing Technology (INTECH 2017), Luton, UK, 16-18 August 2017
Abstract: From the last decade, researches on human facial emotion recognition disclosed that computing models built on regression modelling can produce applicable performance. However, many systems need extensive computing power to be run that prevents its wide applications such as robots and smart devices. In this proposed system, a real-time automatic facial expression system was designed, implemented and tested on an embedded device such as FPGA that can be a first step for a specific facial expression recognition chip for a social robot. The system was built and simulated in MATLAB and then was built on FPGA and it can carry out real time continuously emotional state recognition at 30 fps with 47.44% accuracy. The proposed graphic user interface is able to display the participant video and two dimensional predict labels of the emotion in real time together.
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