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Title: Measurements of Partial Branching Fractions for anti-B ---> X(u) l anti-nu and Determination of |V(ub)|
Authors: Khan, A
Aubert, B
Bona, M
Boutigny, D
Karyotakis, Y
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical Review Letters, Aug 2007
Abstract: We present partial branching fractions for inclusive charmless semileptonic B decays Bbar --> X_u ell nubar, and the determination of the CKM matrix element |V_{ub}|. The analysis is based on a sample of 383 million Y(4S) decays into B Bbar pairs collected with the BaBar detector at the PEP-II e+ e- storage rings. We select events using either the invariant mass M_X of the hadronic system, the invariant mass squared, q^2, of the lepton and neutrino pair, the kinematic variable P_+ or one of their combinations. We then determine partial branching fractions in limited regions of phase space: Delta B = (1.18 +- 0.09_{stat.} +- 0.07_{sys.} +- 0.01_{theo.}) x 10^{-3} (M_X < 1.55 GeV/c^2), Delta B = (0.95 +- 0.10_{stat.} +- 0.08_{sys.} +- 0.01_{theo.}) x 10^{-3} (P_+ < 0.66 GeV/c), and Delta B = (0.76 +- 0.08_{stat.} +- 0.07_{sys.} +- 0.02_{theo.}) x 10^{-3} (M_X < 1.7 GeV/c^2, q^2 > 8 GeV^2/c^4). Corresponding values of |V_{ub}| are extracted using several theoretical calculations.
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