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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Software defined virtualized cloud radio access network (SD-vCRAN) and programmable EPC for 5GAl-Raweshidy, H; Nilavalan, R; Banik, Pushpanjali
2018A super-capacitor based energy storage for quick variation in stand-alone PV systemsDarwish, M; Rawn, B; Sehil, Khaled
2018Using 3D sensing and projecting technology to improve the mobility of Parkinson's disease patientsBanitsas, K; Amini, Amin
2017Optimisation of a propagation model for last mile connectivity with low altitude platforms using machine learningAngelides, MC; Agius, H; Almalki, Faris Abdullah E
2017Secure authentication procedures based on timed passwords, honeypots, honeywords and multi-factor techniquesAl-Raweshidy, H; Li, M; Akif, Omar Zeyad
2018A self-optimised cloud radio access network for emerging 5G architecturesAl-Raweshidy, H; Abbod, M; Khan, Muhammad
2017DC/AC inverter based switched capacitor circuit topology with reduced number of components for low power applicationsDarwish, M; Theodoridis, M; Bin Mohd Rozlan, Mohd Helmy Hakimie
2017Deep learning based facial expression recognition and its applicationsMeng, H; Jan, Asim
2017Enhancing network scalability by introducing mechanisms, architectures and protocolsAl-Raweshidy, H; Alasadi, Emad Younis
2017Detection, classification and control of power quality disturbances based on complementary ensemble empirical mode decomposition and artificial neural networksAbbod, M; Taylor, G; Alshahrani, Saeed Sultan
2017Asymptotic performance of multiuser massive MIMO systemsAl-Raweshidy, H; Nilavalan, R; Hburi, Ismail Sh. Baqer
2017A scalable data store and analytic platform for real-time monitoring of data-intensive scientific infrastructureSmith, D; Khan, A; Magnoni, L; Suthakar, Uthayanath
2017Cognitive smart agents for optimising OpenFlow rules in software defined networksAl-Raweshidy, H; Abbod, M; Sabih, Ann Faik
2017Performance evaluation using multiple controllers with different flow setup modes in the software defined network architectureAl-Raweshidy, H; Owens, T; El-Geder, Suad
2017Wireless graphene-based electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor including multiple physiological measurement systemBalachandran, W; Boulgouris, N; Celik, Numan
2017Development of a statistical model for household electrical appliances: a case study Hillingdon Borough of London in the UKDarwish, M; Pisica, I; Sheboniea, Mussa A M
2017Energy-efficient routing protocols for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks with smart buildings evacuationAl-Raweshidy, H; Abbod, M; Al-Aboody, Nadia Ali Qassim
2017Optimised cloud-based 6LoWPAN network using SDN/NFV concepts for energy-aware IoT applicationsAl-Raweshidy, H; Banitsas, K; Al-Kaseem, Bilal R.
2017Development of an electron gun design optimisation methodologyBalachandran, W; Smith, D; Ribton, Colin Nigel
2018Coverage and Effective Capacity in Downlink MIMO Multicell Networks with Power Control Stochastic Geometry ModellingAl-Saedy, M; Al-Raweshidy, H; Al-Hmood, H; Haider, F
2017Non-cooperative beaconing control in vehicular ad hoc networksAl-Raweshidy, H; Abbod, M; Asgari, H; Goudarzi, Forough
2017Evaluation of power consumption and trade-offs in 5G mobile communications networksAl-Raweshidy, H; Nilavalan, R; Alhumaima, Raad
2017Intelligent Control for distillation columnsAbbod, M; Al-Dunainawi, Yousif Khalaf Yousif
2017Impact of hybrid distributed generation allocation on short circuit currents in distribution systemsDarwish, M; Taylor, G; Afifi, Sara Nader
2017Hybrid control schemes for permanent magnet synchronous generator wind turbinesTaylor, G; Abbod, M; Al-Toma, Ahmed Selman Hadi
2017Novel design of reliable static routing algorithm for multi-hop linear networksNilavalan, R; Balachandran, W; Subramaniam, Siva Kumar
2017Consensus clustering framework for analysing fMRI datasets.Nandi, A; Meng, H; Liu, Chao
2016Reducing the BGP convergence time through different algorithmsAl-Raweshidy, H; Abbod, M; Alabdulkreem, Eatedal
2017Enhancing situational awareness and communication during flood crisis events using social media framework: the case of Bosnia and HerzegovinaBalachandran, W; Matar, Ĺ adi Abdul Wahab
2017Optimising energy systems of Ghana for long-term scenariosZobaa, A; Taylor, T; Awopone, Albert Kotawoke
2017Approximated transform and quantisation for complexity-reduced high efficiency video codingSadka, A; Boulgouris, N; Mohd Sazali, Mohd
2016Power electronics considerations for voltage regulation and VAR control approaches in LV distribution networks - hybrid power electronic modulesDarwish, M; Zobaa, A; Radi, Mohammed A. M.
2017UPS system: how current and future technologies can improve energy efficiency in data centresDarwish, M; Milad, Muftah A
2016Self-powered bio-sensing platform with glucose energy harvesting fuel cellVilches, A; Song, W; Ivanov, A; Bunga, Santos
2016Losses and cost optimisation of PV multilevel voltage source inverter with integrated passive power filtersDarwish, M; Alamri, Basem Rashid
2017Muon ionisation cooling experimentKyberd, P; Hobson, P; Littlefield, Matthew Dean
2017High temperature electromagnetic acoustic transducer for guided wave testingTat-Hean, G; Balachandran, W; Kogia, Maria
2016Enhancing performance of conventional computer networks employing selected SDN principlesCosmas, J; Kalganova, T; Hasanein Hasan
2016Intelligent mobile ad hoc network management systemCosmas, J; Bait Ali Sulaiman, Majdi Mohammed Said
2017Optimal allocation of phasor measurement units using practical constraints in power systemsAbd Rahman, Nadia Hanis
2012FPGA embedded system for ultrasonic non-destructive testingBalachandran, W; Amira, A; Zhang, Lei
2016Development of an integrated paper-based molecular diagnostic platformBalachandran, W; Branavan, Manoharanehru
2016Numerical modelling and experimental investigations of eddy current systems for non-destructive testingNilavalan, R; Balachandran, W; Majidnia, Shiva
2016Advances in resolution and sensitivity of ultrasonic guided waves for quantitative inspection of pipelinesBoulgouris, N; Balachandran, W; Lowe, Warnakula
2017An improved maximum power point tracking for PV systemZobaa, A; Koad, Ramdan
2013The mechanical and resonant behaviour of a dry coupled thickness-shear PZT transducer used for guided wave testing in pipe lineEngineer, Bhavin Arun
2013Electronic system modelling of UT pulser-receiver and the electron beam welding power sourceNilavalan, R; Balachandran, W; Parthipan, Thayaparan
2016Development of alternative pulse width modulation methods for conventional and multilevel voltage source invertersDarwish, M; Paterakis, Fotis Konstantinos
2015Performance enhancements in an ultrasonic guilded wave pipe inspection systemBalachandran, W; Barry John, Elborn
2015System optimisation and radio planning for future LTE-advancedCosmas, J; Al-Raweshidy, H; Khwandah, Sinan
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 1203