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Title: Transactions in Relaxed Memory Architectures
Authors: Dongol, B
Keywords: Relaxed Memory Models;Hardware Transactional Memory
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: POPL Conference, (2017)
Abstract: The integration of transactions into hardware relaxed memory architectures is a topic of current research both in industry and academia. In this paper, we provide a general architectural framework for the introduction of transactions into models of relaxed memory in hardware, including the sc, tso, armv8 and ppc models. Our framework incorporates flexible and expressive forms of transaction aborts and execution that have hitherto been in the realm of software transactional memory. In contrast to software transactional memory, we account for the characteristics of relaxed memory as a restricted form of distributed system, without a notion of global time. We prove abstraction theorems to demonstrate that the programmer API matches the intuitions and expectations about transactions.
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