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Title: Parallel H.263 Encoder in Normal Coding Mode
Authors: Cosmas, J
Paker, Y
Pearmain, A
Keywords: Parallel;H.263
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: J.P.Cosmas, Y.Paker, A.J.Pearmain “Parallel H.263 Encoder in Normal Coding Mode” Electronics Letters, Vol.34, No.22, 29th October 1998, pp. 2109-10
Abstract: A parallel H.263 video encoder, which utilises spatial para1 elism, has been modelled using a multi-threaded program. Spatial parallelism is a technique where an image is subdivided into equal parts (as far as physically possible) and each part is proces!;ed by a separate processor by computing motion and texture mding with all processors cach acting on a different part of thc ]mag. This method leads to a performance increase, which is roughly in proportion to the number of parallel processors used.
ISSN: 0013-5194
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