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Title: Perceptual impact of environmental factors in sighted and visually impaired individuals
Authors: Gustafson-Pearce, O
Billett, EH
Cecelja, F
Keywords: Navigation;Navigation aid;Perception;Perceptual difficulty;Mental landscape;Mental maps;Environment
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Sage
Citation: British Journal of Visual Impairment. 23(1): 25-30
Abstract: To a visually impaired individual the physical world presents many challenges. For a person with impaired sight, wayfinding through a complex environment is fraught with dangers, both actual and imagined. The current generation of mobility aids have the possibility of addressing a broad range of physical issues through technological solutions. The perception of difficulty however, can mean that many visually impaired individuals are fearful or uncomfortable about independent mobility or travel. In this context it becomes necessary to discover exactly what environments, environmental factors or items constitute a ‘perception of difficulty’ in the individuals mental landscape and may trigger a negative response before they interact with the physical environment. This paper reports on research, which sought to ascertain what levels of perceptual difficulties specific environments and factors presented to individuals. The research was conducted with both visually impaired and sighted groups and compared differences and similarities in perceptual difficulty between these two groups.
ISSN: 0264-6196
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