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Title: Moiré-Free Full Parallax Holoscopic 3D Display based on Cross-Lenticular
Authors: Swash, MR
Aggoun, A
Abdulfatah, O
Li, B
Fernández, JC
Alazawi, E
Tsekleves, E
Citation: 2013
Abstract: Holoscopic imaging also known as Integral imaging is a promising 3D solution that mimics the imaging system of insects, such as the fly, utilizing a single camera, equipped with a large number of microlens array, to capture a scene, offering rich parallax information and enhanced 3D feeling without the need of wearing specific eyewear. Recently, initial developments are made for designing a full parallax holoscopic 3D display using parallax barriers which suffers low lighting throughput as the constructed 3D scene is a rather dim. Also a first attempt was made designing an omnidirectional holoscopic 3D display using cross-lenticular which introduces moiré effect. This paper proposes and presents a moiré-free full parallax holoscopic 3D display which offers omnidirectional motion parallax and complete 3D depth.
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