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Title: Clinical Features of Electric Powered Indoor/Outdoor Wheelchair Users with Spinal Cord Injuries : A Cross-Sectional Study.
Authors: Desouza, LH
Frank, OA
Keywords: Neuromuscular Impairment;Wheeled Mobility Aids;Service Delivery;Mobility
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: Assistive Technology: The Offical Journal of RESNA
Abstract: This article aims to describe the characteristics of those with a primary diagnosis of spinal cord injury (SCI) attending a specialist wheelchair service providing electric powered indoor/outdoor chairs (EPIOCs). This cross-sectional study, with retrospective review of electronic and case note records, explores the complexities of additional clinical features associated with SCI and disability influencing prescription. Data were extracted under three themes; demographics, diagnostic/clinical information and wheelchair factors. There were 57 participants (35 men, 22 women) (mean age 53.51±11.93, range 29-79 years) comprising 20 with paraplegia, 34 with tetraplegia, and 3 with undocumented level. Paraplegics were significantly older than tetraplegics (p<0.05). Thirty users had a complete SCI (mean age 49.87 ±12.27 years) and 27 had another SCI lesion (mean age 57.56 ±10.32 years). Those with a complete SCI were significantly younger than the rest (p<0.02). Only 10 (9 tetraplegic) had SCI as the sole diagnosis. Twenty (15 tetraplegic) had one additional clinical feature, 14 had 2-3 (6 tetraplegic) and 13 (4 tetraplegic) had 4 or more. Ten users required specialised seating, 22 needed tilt-in-space EPIOCs while six required complex controls. The range and complexity of wheelchair and seating needs benefitted from a holistic assessment and prescription by a specialist multidisciplinary team.
ISSN: 1040-0435
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