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dc.contributor.authorJouhara, H-
dc.contributor.authorSayegh, MA-
dc.identifier.citationThermal Science and Engineering Progressen_US
dc.description.abstractAchieving thermal systems and processes which are energy efficient and of optimised design is a goal for researchers and engineers in view of rising energy costs and decreasing targets for greenhouse gas emissions. Energy efficiency is also vital if organisations are to remain competitive. Consequently, great effort is being expended on enhancing both systems and individual components because ultimately such enhancement leads to reductions in energy consumption, costs and the impact of the systems on the environment. The papers in this special edition on energy efficient thermal systems and processes cover a very wide range of topics including the optimisation of the design or operation of systems and individual components, the use of renewable energy and low-grade heat and the production of fuels from waste. In each case the outcome of the research provides information which could be used either for reducing energy demand and emissions or for reducing environmental risks.en_US
dc.subjectDesign optimisationen_US
dc.subjectlow grade heat utilizationen_US
dc.subjectrenewable energyen_US
dc.subjectwaste treatmenten_US
dc.subjectwaste heat recoveryen_US
dc.titleEnergy Efficient Thermal Systems and Processesen_US
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