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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Nanomechanical and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Rubber-Wood-Plastic Composites (RubWPC)Fan, M; Zhou, Y; Wan, Y
2021Preliminary Study of End-Effector Compliance for Reducing Insertion Force in Automated Fluid Coupling for TrainsEshraghi, K; Jiang, P; Suraci, D; Atherton, M
20-Sep-2020Ignition, puffing and sooting characteristics of kerosene droplet combustion under sub-atmospheric pressureZhang, H; Wang, Z; He, Y; Xia, J; Zhang, J; Zhao, H; Cen, K
15-Sep-2020The Indoor Air Quality in a Shared Students Kitchen: Pre and Post refurbishment MeasurementsFoda, E; Kolokotroni, M; Tavares, J
2021The Nonlocal, Local and Mixed Forms of the SPH MethodVignjevic, R; Campbell, J; DeVuyst, T
31-Jul-2021Enhancing methane production in anaerobic digestion through hydrogen assisted pathways – A state-of-the-art reviewD’ Silva, TC; Isha, A; Chandra, R; Vijay, VK; Subbarao, PMV; Kumar, R; Chaudhary, VP; Singh, H; Khan, AA; Tyagi, VK; Kovács, KL
2021A new empirical equation for predicting the maximum initial amplitude of submarine landslide-generated wavesSabeti, R; Heidarzadeh, M
29-Apr-2021Surface Topography Effects on Pool Boiling via Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics SimulationsLavino, AD; Smith, E; Magnini, M; Matar, OK
2021Pool Boiling Review: Part I- Fundamentals of Boiling and Relation to Surface DesignKarayiannis, T; Mahmoud, MM
11-Mar-2021Comparative analysis of porosity coarse-graining techniques for discrete element simulations of dense particulate systemsKalderon, M; Smith, E; O’Sullivan, C
19-Jul-2021Debonding mechanism of FRP strengthened flat surfaces: Analytical approach and closed form solutionMilani, G; Grande, E; Bertolesi, E; Rotunno, T; Fagone, M
2-Jun-2021Effect of Inlet Subcooling on Flow Boiling Behaviour of HFE-7200 in a Microchannel Heat SinkKarayiannis, T; Lee, VYS; Henderson, G
23-Mar-2021Selection of optimal intensity measures for fragility assessment of circular tunnels in soft soil depositsHuang, Z-K; Pitilakis, K; Argyroudis, S; Tsinidis, G; Zhang, D-M
8-Jun-2021Mechanical model based on a BVP for FRPs applied on flat and curved masonry pillars with anchor spikesBertolesi, E; Grande, E; Fagone, M; Milani, G; Rotunno, T
23-Feb-2021Engaging staff to drive sustainable change at your institutionCollins, P
2021Numerical study of two-phase flow in vertical microtubes: Abiabatic Flow Pattern MapsKarayiannis, T; Sahar, A; Wissink, J; Mahmoud, MM; Ishak, MSS
2021The role of senior managers’ positive self-image in supporting MIS implementationIzadpanah Mehrkish, N; Grant, S
2021Scale Up Design Study on Process Vessel Dimensions for Ultrasonic Processing of Water and Liquid AluminiumKhavari, M; Priyadarshi, A; Subroto, T; Beckwith, C; Pericleous, K; Eskin, D; Tzanakis, I
2021Non-invasive Carotid Pressure-Diameter Loops to Identify Viscoelastic Properties in Ageing, Hypertension and Type 2 DiabetesKhir, AW; Giudici, A
2021Turbulent Boundary Layer Trailing-Edge Noise: Theory, Computation, Experiment, and ApplicationLee, S; Ayton, L; Bertagnolio, F; Moreau, S; Chong, TP; Joseph, P
4-May-2021Optimization of uncertain agricultural management considering the framework of water, energy and foodZuo, Q; Wu, Q; Yu, L; Li, Y; Fan, Y
2021A Bayesian Risk Assessment of the Covid-19 Pandemic Using FMEA and a Modified SEIR Epidemic ModelKoucha, Y; Yang, Q
3-Mar-2021Performance of structural stainless steel following a fireMolkens, T; Cashell, KA; Malaska, M; Alanen, M; Rossi, B
3-Feb-2021Industry 4.0: Why Machine Learning Matters?Gan, TH; Kanfoud, J; Nedunuri, H; Amini, A; Feng, G
22-Apr-2021Restoration models for quantifying flood resilience of bridgesMitoulis, SA; Argyroudis, S; Loli, M; Boulent, I
24-Feb-2021Ultrasonic melt treatment in a DC casting launder: The role of melt processing temperatureBeckwith, C; Subroto, T; Pericleous, K; Djambazov, G; Eskin, D; Tzanakis, I
2021Long tsunami oscillations following the 30 October 2020 Mw 7.0 Aegean Sea earthquake: Observations and modellingHeidarzadeh, M; Pranantyo, IR; Okuwaki, R; Dogan, GG; Yalciner, AC
8-Jan-2021Experimental and numerical analysis of stainless steel cellular beams in fireCashell, KA; Malaska, M; Khan, M; Alanen, M; Mela, K
2021Early Warning Signals of Failures in Building Management SystemsMesa-Jimenez, J; Stokes, L; Yang, Q; Livina, VN
24-Feb-2021Effect of ultrasonic melt treatment on the sump profile and microstructure of a direct-chill cast AA6008 aluminum alloySubroto, T; Lebon, B; Eskin, D; Skalicky, I; Roberts, D; Tzanakis, I; Pericleous, K
7-Sep-2020The Orphan Tsunami of 1524 on the Konkan Coast, Western India, and Its ImplicationsRajendran, CP; Heidarzadeh, M; Sanwal, J; Karthykeyan, A; Rajendran, K
13-Apr-2021Is the service industry really low-carbon? Energy, jobs and realistic country GHG emissions reductionsRoberts, SH; Foran, BD; Axon, CJ; Stamp, AV
14-Apr-2021High potential for splay faulting in the Molucca Sea, Indonesia: November 2019 Mw7.2 earthquake and tsunamiHeidarzadeh, M; Ishibe, T; Harada, T; Natawidjaja, DH; Pranantyo, IR; Widyantoro, BT
2021Experimental study on sooting propensities of ternary blends of n-dodecane, isododecane, and C8 oxygenates at high pressuresGanippa, L; Ruiz-Rodriguez, I; Cracknell, R; Parkes, M; Megaritis, T
2021Fatigue assessment of steel riveted railway bridges: Full-scale tests and analytical approachBertolesi, E; Buitrago, M; Adam, JM; Calderón, PA
2020Numerical analysis of river flood defencesMartin-moreta, P
2021Impact of Rib Shape on Heat Transfer using LESTyacke, J; Dai, Y; Tucker, P
21-Feb-2021Effects of ultrasonic melt processing on microstructure, mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of hypereutectic Al-Si, Al-Fe and Al-Ni alloys with Zr additionsChankitmunkong, S; Eskin, DG; Limmaneevichitr, C
2021Numerical modelling and experimental validation of the effect of ultrasonic melt treatment in a direct-chill cast AA6008 alloy billetSubroto, T; Lebon, B; Eskin, D; Skalicky, I; Roberts, D; Tzanakis, I; Pericleous, K
2021Cost-effective sizing of a Hybrid Regenerative Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Storage System for Remote & Off-Grid Telecom TowersDehouche, Z; Jansen, G; Corrigan, H
2021On the Mechanical Dynamic Similitude of Solid ContinuumAdetoro, OB; Cardoso, RPR
2021Microstructure evolution of an Al-Fe-Ni alloy with Zr and Sc additions upon different cooling rates during solidification for improving the mechanical and electrical conductivity propertiesChankitmunkong, S; Eskin, D; Limmaneevichitr, C
2021Instability and transition in the boundary layer driven by a rotating slender coneLingwood, R; Kato, K; Alfredsson, PH; Segalini, A
2021Impact dynamics and morphology of urea-water-solution droplets impinging on a hot plate under urea-SCR relevant conditions: Influence of surface tensionKulkarni, A; Megaritis, A; Ganippa, L
22-Feb-2021The role of SO-group-based additives in improving the rechargeable aluminium-air batteriesHosseini, S; Liu, ZY; Chuan, CT; Soltani, SM; Lanjapalli, VVK; Li, YY
28-Jul-2020Strengthening CoCrNi medium-entropy alloy by tuning lattice defectsHuang, H; Wang, J; Yang, H; Ji, S; Yu, H; Liu, Z
2021Vulnerability of bridges to individual and multiple hazards- floods and earthquakesArgyroudis, SA; Mitoulis, SA
3-Dec-2020Improvement in as-cast strength of high pressure die-cast Al–Si–Cu–Mg alloys by synergistic effect of Q-Al5Cu2Mg8Si6 and θ-Al2<Cu phasesZhu, X; Dong, X; Blake, P; Ji, S
17-Jun-2021Flow boiling in plain and porous coated microchannelsKarayiannis, T; Lee, VYS; Henderson, G; Reip, A
2021Effect of Strain-induced Precipitation on the Recrystallisation Kinetics in a Model AlloyJi, M; Strangwood, M; Davis, C
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 421