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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Aug-2022Development of combi-pills using the coupling of semi-solid syringe extrusion 3D printing with fused deposition modellingZhang, B; Teoh, XY; Yan, J; Gleadall, A; Belton, P; Bibb, R; Qi, S
27-Sep-2022Prototype of Optoelectronic Joint Sensor Using Curvature Based Reflector for Body Shape SensingOsman, D; Li, W; Du, X; Minton, T; Noh, Y
16-Aug-2022Energy availability from deep geothermal wells using coaxial heat exchangersKarayiannis, T; Kubacka, J; Tyacke, J; Pittman, I; Hindicky, M
1-Jul-2022Sustainability and Climate Resilience Trade-Offs in Transport Infrastructure RecoveryMitoulis, SA; Bompa, DV; Argyroudis, S
11-Jul-2022Conflict Resilience Framework for Critical Infrastructure PeacebuildingMitoulis, SA; Argyroudis, S; Panteli, M; Fuggini, C; Valkaniotis, S; Hynes, W; Linkov, I
2022Reconstruction of the Deterministic Turbulent Boundary Layer for the Study of Aerofoil Self-Noise MechanismsChong, TP; Juknevicius, A
12-Oct-2020The effects of Nano-Fe2O3 on the mechanical, physical and microstructure of cementitious compositesNajafi Kani, E; Rafiean, AH; Alishah, A; Hojjati Astani, S; Ghaffar, SH
17-Dec-2021Reducing the emission of climate-altering substances in cementitious materials: A comparison between alkali-activated materials and Portland cement-based composites incorporating recycled tire rubberValente, M; Sambucci, M; Chougan, M; Ghaffar, SH
21-May-20213D printable lightweight cementitious composites with incorporated waste glass aggregates and expanded microspheres – Rheological, thermal and mechanical propertiesCuevas, K; Chougan, M; Martin, F; Ghaffar, SH; Stephan, D; Sikora, P
26-Nov-2021THMC constitutive model for membrane geomaterials based on Mixture Coupling TheoryMa, Y; Chen, X; Hosking, LJ; Yu, H-S; Thomas, HR
2022Flow Boiling in copper and aluminium microchannelsAl-Zaidi, AH; Mahmoud, MM; Karayiannis, TG
2022Shrinkage Crack Detection in Expansive Soil using Deep Convolution Neural Network and Transfer LearningAndrushia, AD; Neebha, TM; Umadevi, S; Anand, N; Cashell, KA
4-May-2022Post-fire Structural Properties of Hot-Rolled and Cold-Rolled Duplex Stainless Steel Reinforcing BarRehman, FU; Cashell, KA; Anguilano, L
19-May-2022Response of restrained stainless steel corrugated web beams at elevated temperatureKhan, M; Khan, AA; Cashell, K; Usmani, A
7-Mar-2022Planning regional-scale water-energy-food nexus system management under uncertainty: An inexact fractional programming methodHuang, K; Dai, L; Yu, L; Fan, Y; Huang, G; Xiao, Y; Wu, Q
19-Mar-2022Ultra-stable silica/exfoliated graphite encapsulated n-hexacosane phase change nanocomposite: A promising material for thermal energy storage applicationsKhanna, S; Paneliya, S; Prajapati, P; Mukhopadhyay, I; Jouhara, H
8-Feb-2022Regulations on the hydration, morphology, and sulfate-attack resistivity of C3A with micro/nano-silica particlesHou, P; Wang, X; Zhou, X; Cheng, X; Shah, SP
13-Oct-2021The counterbalance of the adverse side effects of releasing agent on the properties of cementitious materials with nano-particlesMuhammad, F; Hou, P; Wang, Z; Zhou, X; Cheng, X
7-Mar-2022Nonlinear deformation and failure characteristics of horseshoe-shaped tunnel under varying principal stress directionGong, B; Liang, Z; Liu, X
10-Feb-2022Structural performance of stainless steel reinforced concrete members: A reviewRabi, M; Shamass, R; Cashell, KA
10-Jan-2020Design and development of the cassino biped locomotorWang, M; Ceccarelli, M; Carbone, G
17-Feb-2022Experimental characterization of the textile-to-mortar bond through distributed optical sensorsBertolesi, E; Fagone, M; Rotunno, T; Grande, E; Milani, G
1-Sep-2021Characterizing Impact Factors on the Performance of Data Assimilation for Hydroclimatic Predictions through Multilevel Factorial AnalysisLyu, XD; Fan, YR
29-Jan-2022Experimental investigation into the behaviour of continuous concrete beams reinforced with basalt FRPShamass, R; Mahi, B; Cashell, KA; Abarkan, I; El-Khannoussi, F
29-Jan-2022The impact of a low-permeability upper layer on transient seawater intrusion in coastal aquifersAbdoulhalik, A; Ahmed, A; Abdelgawad, A; Hamill, G
24-Dec-2021Numerical study on size effect and anisotropy of columnar jointed basalts under uniaxial compressionWang, Y; Gong, B; Tang, C; Zhao, T
17-Jul-2021Study of the slope deformation characteristics and landslide mechanisms under alternating excavation and rainfall disturbanceYu, X; Gong, B; Tang, C
20-Dec-2021Resilience metrics for transport networks: a review and practical examples for bridgesArgyroudis, SA
24-Nov-2021Comparative assessment of innovative methods to improve solar chimney power plant efficiencyMehranfar, S; Gharehghani, A; Azizi, A; Mahmoudzadeh Andwari, A; Pesyridis, A; Jouhara, H
18-Nov-2021Synergetic management of water-energy-food nexus system and GHG emissions under multiple uncertainties: An inexact fractional fuzzy chance constraint programming methodXu, Y; Tan, J; Wang, X; Li, W; He, X; Hu, X; Fan, Y
8-Dec-2021Numerical investigation on sealing performance of non-contact finger seal with herringbone groove surface topographyChen, L; Zhang, Y; Cui, Y; Zhi, B; Wang, J; Wang, M
3-Sep-2021How to Develop More Resilient Hospitals Through Agent-Based ModellingTang, K; Chen, B
7-Oct-2021The causes of risk in fuel supply chains and their role in energy securityAxon, CJ; Darton, RC
16-Oct-2021Electrical Impedance Guides Electrode Array in Cochlear Implantation using Machine Learning and Robotic FeederHafeez, N; Du, X; Boulgouris, N; Begg, P; Irving, R; Coulson, C; Tourrel, G
4-Oct-2021Ultimate behaviour and serviceability analysis of stainless steel reinforced concrete beamsRabi, M; Cashell, K; Shamass, R
17-Sep-2021Injection repair of advanced composites: a prospective method for delamination damage repairOmairey, S; Jayasree, N; Kazilas, M
2021A numerical anatomy-based modelling of bamboo microstructureAl-Rukaibawi, LS; Omairey, S; Károlyi, G
15-Sep-2021Measuring risk in fuel supply chainsAxon, CJ; Darton, RC
2021Preliminary Study of End-Effector Compliance for Reducing Insertion Force in Automated Fluid Coupling for TrainsEshraghi, K; Jiang, P; Suraci, D; Atherton, M
20-Sep-2020Ignition, puffing and sooting characteristics of kerosene droplet combustion under sub-atmospheric pressureZhang, H; Wang, Z; He, Y; Xia, J; Zhang, J; Zhao, H; Cen, K
15-Sep-2020The Indoor Air Quality in a Shared Students Kitchen: Pre and Post refurbishment MeasurementsFoda, E; Kolokotroni, M; Tavares, J
31-Jul-2021Enhancing methane production in anaerobic digestion through hydrogen assisted pathways – A state-of-the-art reviewD’ Silva, TC; Isha, A; Chandra, R; Vijay, VK; Subbarao, PMV; Kumar, R; Chaudhary, VP; Singh, H; Khan, AA; Tyagi, VK; Kovács, KL
29-Apr-2021Surface Topography Effects on Pool Boiling via Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics SimulationsLavino, AD; Smith, E; Magnini, M; Matar, OK
11-Mar-2021Comparative analysis of porosity coarse-graining techniques for discrete element simulations of dense particulate systemsKalderon, M; Smith, E; O’Sullivan, C
19-Jul-2021Debonding mechanism of FRP strengthened flat surfaces: Analytical approach and closed form solutionMilani, G; Grande, E; Bertolesi, E; Rotunno, T; Fagone, M
2-Jun-2021Effect of Inlet Subcooling on Flow Boiling Behaviour of HFE-7200 in a Microchannel Heat SinkLee, VYS; Henderson, G; Karayiannis, TG
23-Mar-2021Selection of optimal intensity measures for fragility assessment of circular tunnels in soft soil depositsHuang, Z-K; Pitilakis, K; Argyroudis, S; Tsinidis, G; Zhang, D-M
8-Jun-2021Mechanical model based on a BVP for FRPs applied on flat and curved masonry pillars with anchor spikesBertolesi, E; Grande, E; Fagone, M; Milani, G; Rotunno, T
23-Feb-2021Engaging staff to drive sustainable change at your institutionCollins, P
20-Jul-2021Non-invasive Carotid Pressure-Diameter Loops to Identify Viscoelastic Properties in Ageing, Hypertension and Type 2 DiabetesGiudici, A; Palombo, C; Kozakova, M; Morizzo, C; Penno, G; Jamagidze, G; Della Latta, D; Chiappino, D; Cruickshank, JK; Khir, AW
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 400