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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Compressible Fanno flows in microchannels: an enhanced quasi-2D numerical model for turbulent flowsKarayiannis, T; Cavazzuti, M; Corticelli, MA
7-Feb-2019Structural fire performance of axially and rotationally restrained stainless steel columnsPournaghshband, A; Afshan, S; Foster, ASJ
19-Dec-2018Plastic dynamic response of simply supported thick square plates subject to localised blast loadingSoleiman Fallah, A; Louca, LA; Mehreganian, N
2019Discharge and force distribution in a sinuous channel with vegetated floodplains during overbank flowMoreta, PJM; Martín-Vide, JP
2019Constitutive behavior of an AA4032 piston alloy with Cu and Er additions upon high temperature compressive deformationChankitmunkong, S; Eskin, D; Limmaneevichitr, C
1-Nov-2018Mechanism for Zr poisoning of Al-Ti-B based grain refinersWang, Y; Fang, C; Zhou, L; Hashimoto, T; Zhou, X; Ramasse, QM; Fan, Z
2019Interfacial Bonding Improvement of Natural Fibre Reinforced Cementitious CompositesGhaffar, S; Ewens, P
2019Simulation of char-pellet combustion and sodium release inside porous char using lattice Boltzmann methodLiu, YZ; Xia, J; Wan, KD; Vervisch, L; Wang, ZH; Zhao, H; Cen, KF
2017Effect of Solidification Rate on Macro-segregation and Morphologies of Silicon phases in Solidification of Al-15Si AlloyAl-Helal, K; Stone, I; Fan, Z
2019Effect of Coarse Aggregates on FRP Strain Distribution in a FRP-to-Concrete Bonded JointLi, Y-Q; Esmaeeli, E; Chen, J-F; Sha, W; Soutsos, M
2019A 2-piece six-axis force/torque sensor capable of measuring loads applied to tools of complex shapesNoh, Y; Lindenroth, L; Wang, S; Housden, RJ; Wingerden, A-SV; Li, W; Rhode, K
2019Bistable Piezoelectric Flutter Energy Harvesting with UncertaintyKHOSHNOUD, F; Bowen, C; Mares, C
2019Additive Manufacturing Technology in ConstructionGhaffar, S
2019Experimental Study of Organic Rankine Cycle System and Expander Performance for Heavy-Duty Diesel EngineAlshammari, F; Pesyridis, A
2019Thermal Analysis of Hot Mix Asphalt Pothole Repair by Finite Element MethodByzyka, J; Rahman, M; Chamberlain, D
2019Towards industrial Al-Nb-B master alloys for grain refining Al-Si alloysBozoni, L; Nadendla, H-B
2019Residual Fire Resistance of Steel Frames Following Moderate Earthquake - A Case StudyZhou, M; Jiang, L; Chen, S; Usmani, A; Cardoso, RP
2019Prenucleation at the liquid-Al/α-Al2O3 and the liquid-Al/MgO interfacesFang, C; Fan, Z
2019Rheological Characteristics of Crumb Rubber Modified AsphaltMin-Chih, L; Rahman, M
2-Aug-2019Behaviour of continuous reinforced concrete floor slabs subjected to different compartment firesWang, Y; Duan, Y; Ma, S; Huang, Z; Zhang, Y; Wu, J; Yuan, G; Zhou, M; Zhang, G
31-Jan-2019Elasticity versus hyperelasticity considerations in quasistatic modeling of a soft finger-like robotic appendage for real-time position and force estimationShiva, A; Sadati, SMH; Noh, Y; Fraś, J; Ataka, A; Würdemann, H; Hauser, H; Walker, ID; Nanayakkara, T; Althoefer, K
10-Jul-2019Corrosion of steel fibre reinforced concrete (SFRC) subjected to simulated stray direct (DC) interferenceTang, K
6-Feb-2019Stray alternating current (AC) induced corrosion of steel fibre reinforced concreteTang, K
24-Jul-2019Numerical modelling of skin tumour tissue with temperature-dependent properties for dynamic thermographyIljaž, J; Wrobel, LC; Hriberšek, M; Marn, J
8-Aug-2019Field Surveys and Numerical Simulation of the 2018 Typhoon Jebi: Impact of High Waves and Storm Surge in Semi-enclosed Osaka Bay, JapanTuan-Anh, L; Takagi, H; Heidarzadeh, M; Takata, Y; Takahashi, A
2-Aug-2019Nucleate Pool Boiling Heat Transfer in Wickless Heat Pipes (Two-Phase Closed Thermosyphons): A Critical Review of CorrelationsGuichet, V; Almahmoud, S; Jouhara, H
2017Design and Development of Continuous Melt-Conditioned Twin Roll Casting Process for Aluminium AlloysAl-Helal, K; Thomas, PM; Fan, Z
2017Corrosion and creep resistance of Thixomolded® magnesium alloysBuzolin, R; Dieringa, H; Blawert, C; Frank, H; Mendis, CL; Lohmüller, A; Kainer, KU; Hort, N
20173D microstructural evolution on solidifying Mg–5Nd–5Zn alloy observed via in situ synchrotron tomographySubroto, T; Mendis, CL; D Elia, F; Szakács, G; Fife, JL; Hort, N; Kainer, KU; Tolnai, D
2019Turbomachinery Simulation Challenges and the FutureTyacke, J; Vadlamani, NR; Trojak, W; Watson, R; Ma, Y; Tucker, PG
17-Jul-2019Electron Beam Induced Synthesis of Ru-rGO and its Super Capacitive BehaviorSaykar, N; Phatangare, A; Banerjee, I; Bhoraskar, V; Ray, A; Mahapatra, S
2018Relating N<inf>2</inf>O emissions during biological nitrogen removal with operating conditions using multivariate statistical techniquesVasilaki, V; Volcke, EIP; Nandi, AK; van Loosdrecht, MCM; Katsou, E
3-May-2019Assessment of magnesium-based biomaterials: From bench to clinicRazavi, M; Huang, Y
16-Feb-2019Effect of Cu addition on the microstructure, mechanical and thermal properties of a piston Al-Si alloyChankitmunkong, S; Eskin, DG; Limmaneevichitr, C
2019Testing, numerical simulation and design of prestressed high strength steel arched trussesAfshan, S; Theofanous, M; Wang, J; Gkantou, M; Gardner, L
4-Jul-2018Strengthening die-cast Al-Mg and Al-Mg-Mn alloys with Fe as a beneficial elementZhu, X; Blake, P; Dou, K; Ji, S
14-Apr-2019A decade of nitrous oxide (N<inf>2</inf>O) monitoring in full-scale wastewater treatment processes: A critical reviewVasilaki, V; Massara, TM; Stanchev, P; Fatone, F; Katsou, E
2019Understanding the highly dynamic phenomena in ultrasonic melt processing by ultrafast synchrotron x-ray imagingMi, J; Eskin, D; Connolley, T; Fezzaa, K
2019Soft body impact resistance of composite foam core sandwich panels with unidirectional corrugated and tubular reinforcementsVignjevic, R; Campbell, J; Hughes, K; Orłowski, M; Garcea, S; Withers, P; Reed, J
3-Nov-2018Parallel computation of aeroacoustics of industrially relevant complex-geometry aeroengine jetsWang, ZN; Tyacke, J; Tucker, P; Boehning, P
7-Sep-2018A generalized fuzzy chance-constrained energy systems planning model for Guangzhou, ChinaCai, M; Huang, G; Chen, J; Li, Y; Fan, Y
15-Sep-2018Thermohydraulic performance of microchannel heat sinks with triangular ribs on sidewalls – Part 2: Average fluid flow and heat transfer characteristicsChai, L; Wang, L; Bai, X
7-Dec-2018Hydrologic Impacts of Ensemble-RCM-Projected Climate Changes in the Athabasca River Basin, CanadaZhou, X; Huang, G; Piwowar, J; Fan, Y; Wang, X; Li, Z; Cheng, G
10-Feb-2019Optimal stator design for oxide films shearing found by physical modellingDybalska, A; Eskin, DG; Patel, JB
2019Improve mechanical properties of high pressure die cast Al9Si3Cu alloy via dislocation enhanced precipitationZhang, Y; Wang, S; Lordan, E; Wang, Y; Fan, Z
18-Apr-2019Effect of SiC nanoparticles on the microstructure and texture of friction stir welded AA2024/AA6061Moradi, MM; Jamshidi Aval, H; Jamaati, R; Amirkhanlou, S; Ji, S
4-Aug-2018Variation improvement of mechanical properties of Mg-9Al-1Zn alloy with melt conditioned high pressure die castingZhang, Y; Patel, JB; Wang, Y; Fan, Z
12-Apr-2018Automated Quality Characterization for Composites Using Hybrid Ultrasonic Imaging TechniquesSun, J; Chong, AYB; Tavakoli, S; Feng, G; Kanfoud, J; Selcuk, C; Gan, TH
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 228