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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Experimental and numerical investigation of cavitation-induced erosion in thermal sprayed single splatsWang, Y; Lebon, B; Tzanakis, I; Zhao, Y; Wang, K; Stella, J; Poirier, T; Darut, G; Liao, H; Planche, M-P
28-May-2018Understanding the effects of hooked-end steel fibre geometry on the uniaxial tensile behaviour of self-compacting concreteGhaffar, SH
1-Sep-2018Off-design performance prediction of radial turbines operating with ideal and real working fluidsAlshammari, F; Karvountzis-Kontakiotis, A; Pesiridis, A; Giannakakis, P
2018Theoretical and experimental evaluation of thermal interface materials and other influencing parameters for thermoelectric generator systemSingh, H; Karthick, K; Suresh, S; Joy, GC; Dhanuskodi, R
2018Flood resilience: consolidating knowledge between and within critical infrastructure sectorsPearson, J; Punzo, G; Mayfield, M; Brighty, G; Parsons, A; Collins, PEF; Jeavons, S; Tagg, A
2018Construction and performance of the Karkheh Dam Complementary Cut-off Wall: an innovative engineering solutionHeidarzadeh, M; Mirghasemi, AA; Niroomand, H; Eslamian, F
2018The formation of Fe-Cu composite based on bimetallic nanoparticlesLozhkomoev, AS; Lerner, MI; Pervikov, AV; Naidenkin, EV; Mishin, IP; Vorozhtsov, AB; Apkarian, AS; Eskin, D
2018Storm wave runups and sea level variations for the September 2017 Hurricane Maria along the coast of Dominica, eastern Caribbean Sea: evidence from field surveys and sea level data analysisHeidarzadeh, M; Teeuw, R; Day, S; Solana, C
2018Efficacy of borides in grain refining Al-Si alloysBozoni, L; Nadendla, HB
2018Application of Bayesian Estimation to Structural Health Monitoring of Fatigue Cracks in Welded Steel PipeShamsudin, MF; Mares, C; Johnson, C; Yoann, L; Edwards, G; Tat-Hean, G
2018[AAM REQ FA LKR 29/05/2018]Analytical friction model for sliding bodies with coupled longitudinal and transverse vibrationAdetoro; Jadav, PU; Amalia, R
2018Modelling socio-economic and energy data to generate business-as-usual scenarios for carbon emissionsAxon, C; Roberts, SH; Foran, BD; Goddard, NH; Warr, BS
2018Tensile Behaviour of S690QL and S960QL under High Strain RateAlabi, AA; Moore, PL; Wrobel, LC; Campbell, JC; He, W
2018A thermoregulation model for whole body cooling hypothermiaSilva, ABCG; Wrobel, LC; Ribeiro, FLB
2018How changes in column geometry and packing ratio can increase sample load and throughput by a factor of fifty in Counter-Current ChromatographyPeng, A; Hewitson, P; Sutherland, I; Chen, L; Ignatova, S
2018Machine Learning for the prediction of the dynamic behavior of a small scale ORC systemPalagi, L; Pesyridis, A; Sciubba, E; Tocci, L
2018Temperature-controlled electrospinning of EVOH nanofibre mats encapsulated with Ag, CuO, and ZnO particles for skin wound dressingLiu, D; Zheng, C; Dong, G; Xu, C; Dianzi, L; Ruan, L; Zhong, B; Wang, B
2018Flexural behaviour of concrete filled tubular flange girdersAl-Dujele, R; Cashell, KA; Afshan, S
2018The use of Design of Experiments for steady-state and transient inverse melanoma detection problemsIljaz, J; Wrobel, LC; Hribersek, M; Marn, J
2018Experimental study of flow characteristics around floodplain single groyneMona, M; Hassan, A; Ahmed, A; Gamal, A-R; Nashat, A
2018Electrochemical bicarbonate reduction in the presence of Diisopropylamine on sliver oxide in alkaline sodium bicarbonate mediumMasoudi Soltani, S; Hosseini, S; Moghaddas, H; Kheireddine Aroua, M; Kheawhom, S; Yusof, R
2018Transient Investigation of Saltwater Upconing in Laboratory-Scale Coastal AquiferAbdoulhalik, A; Ahmed, A
2018Modification of the LSMPS Method for the conservation of the thermal energy in laser irradiation processesTanaka, M; Cardoso, RP; Bahai, H
2018Design for Invention: A framework for identifying emerging design-prior art conflictJiang, P; Atherton, M; Sorce, S; Harrison, D; Malizia, A
2018A Review of Advanced Composite and Nanostructured Coatings by Solid-State Cold Spraying ProcessAssadi, H; Li, W; Gaertner, F; Yin, S
2017Influence of thermal properties and temperature of substrates on the quality of cold-sprayed depositsArabgol, Z; Villa Vidaller, M; Assadi, H; Gaertner, F; Klassen, T
2018Analysis of restrained composite beams exposed to fire using a hybrid simulation approachKhan, MA; Jiang, L; Cashell, KA; Usmani, A
2017Assessing the urban heat island and its energy impact on residential buildings in Mediterranean climate: Barcelona case studySalvati, A; Coch Roura, H; Cecere, C
Apr-2010An improved prediction of stability lobes using nonlinear thin wall dynamicsAdetoro, OB; Sim, WM; Wen, PH
2018The dual reciprocity boundary element formulation for convection-diffusion-reaction problems with variable velocity field using different radial basis functionsAL-Bayati, SA; Wrobel, LC
2018Energy Efficient Thermal Systems and ProcessesJouhara, H; Sayegh, MA
2017A pilot study to assess peak systolic velocity as a possible marker of atherosclerotic burden using ultrasoundKoenig, C; Atherton, M; Cavazutti, M; Ramachandran, S; Gomm, C; Strange, R
2018Experimental and Numerical Thermo-Mechanical Analysis of Welding in a Lined PipeObeid, O; Alfano, G; Bahai, H; Jouhara, H
2018Hydrophilic and hydrophobic materials and their applicationsAhmad, D; Van den Boogaert, I; Miller, J; Presswell, R; Jouhara, H
2018Asymmetrical Bonding in Cold Spraying of Dissimilar MaterialsAssadi, H; Nikbakht, R; Kheirandish, S; Seyedein, SH; Jodoin, B
2018Industrial waste heat recoveryJouhara, H; Olabi, A
2018Impact of wind loads on the resistance capacity of the transmission tower subjected to ground surface deformationsShu, Q; Huang, Z; Yuan, G; Ma, W; Ye, S; Zhou, J
2018Evaluation of the Preparation and Fertilizer Release Performance of Planting Concrete Modified by Recycled Concrete Aggregates from DemolitionLi, L; Chen, M; Zhou, X; Lu, L; Wang, Y; Cheng, X
2018Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Slabs in FireWang, Y; Yuan, G; Huang, Z; Lyu, J; Li, Q; Long, B
2018Probabilistic Assessment of Creep-Fatigue Crack Propagation in Austenitic Stainless Steel Cracked PlatesVojdani, A; Farrahi, GH; Mehmanparast, A; Wang, B
2018Fracture response of X65 pipes containing circumferential flaws in the presence of Lüders plateauWang, L; Wu, G; Wang, B; Pisarski, H
2018Degradation of the elastic modulus of cement-based grouting material with early ages after fireLi, Q; Liu, L; Huang, Z; Yuan, G
2018Processing, structure and thermal conductivity correlation in carbon fibre reinforced aluminium metal matrix compositesMiranda, AT; Bolzoni, L; Barekar, N; Huang, Y; Shin, J; Ko, SH; McKay, BJ
2018Sources of Risk and Uncertainty in UK Smart Grid Deployment: An Expert Stakeholder AnalysisConnor, PM; Axon, C; Xenias, D; Balta-Ozkan, N
2018An efficient multi-time step FEM–SFEM iterative coupling procedure for elastic–acoustic interaction problemsSilva, JEA; Loureiro, FS; Mansur, WJ; Wrobel, LC
2018Flexural behavior of steel deep beams prestressed with externally unbonded straight multi-tendonsYang, R; Wang, Y; Wang, B; Ban, H; Song, J; Su, G
2018Direct observation of Eu atoms in AlN lattice and the first-principles simulationsFang, C
2018An ab initio study on stacking and stability of TiAl 3 phasesFang, C; Fan, Z
2018Enhanced coagulant extraction from Jatropha curcas in aqueous solutions and the application in turbidity removalKhodapanah, N; Idris, A; Khodapanah, L; Masoudi Soltani, S; Yunus, R
2018Standardised material properties for numerical parametric studies of stainless steel structures and buckling curves for tubular columnsAfshan, S; Zhao, O; Gardner, L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 117