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Title: Development and characterisation of lithographically printed voltaic cells
Authors: Southee, DJ
Hay, GI
Evans, PSA
Harrison, DJ
Keywords: Carbon;Electrochemistry;Integrated circuit interconnections;Lithography;Photovoltaic cells;Printing;Zinc
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE proceedings ESTC, 2: 1286-1291, Sep 2006
Abstract: This paper reports progress in the fabrication of voltaic cells and batteries via offset lithographic printing. Successful design and manufacture of lithographically printed voltaic cells would facilitate the integration of printed passive components, interconnects and display elements for disposable electronics in low-volume, low weight circuits and systems. The conductive lithographic film (CLF) printing process was developed by Brunel University to fabricate circuit interconnect and various passive components at high speed and low cost. A feasibility study, investigating printed cells based on zinc-carbon electrochemistry, is described. This has resulted in the production of a printed battery able to power a microcontroller-driven LED display system for more than three hours. Further work seeks to improve cell capacity, address manufacturing process issues, and characterise the structures in more detail.
ISBN: 1-4244-0553-x
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