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Title: Phononic dispersion in anisotropic pseudo-fractal hyper-lattices
Authors: Soleiman Fallah, A
Gorshkov, V
Tereshchuk, V
Navadeh, N
Keywords: Fractals;Bandgap;Tailorability;Dispersion surface;Brillouin zone;Floquet-Bloch's principle
Issue Date: 22-Dec-2018
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Materials and Design, 2018, 164 pp. 1 - 12
Abstract: Fractal and pseudo-fractal microstructures have proved promising in increasing the range of detectable frequen-cies for devices used in the realm of electromagnetism. Due to mechanical-electrical duality it is conjectured theymay provideflexible solutions capable of closing/widening bandgaps and increasing tailorability in phononic lat-tices. Pseudo-fractal hyper-lattices have been considered in this work and different aspects of dispersion surfacemorphology and frequency band structure are studied. It has been observed that higher frequencies that can beexcited in the simple square lattice are almost the same as those in the pseudo-fractal structures, however;through introduction of higher levels the pseudo-fractal hyper-lattice presents new features not observable inthe ordinary lattice. By increasing the order of pseudo-fractal structure the number of degrees-of-freedom in-creases and dispersion surfaces morphologies change thus frequency gaps are eliminated. This phenomenoncan be of advantage for acoustic/phononic visibility/detectability e.g. in designing sensors. In the classical analogyto quantum level repulsion surfacesflatten which sufficiently decreases the sound group velocity in the pseudo-fractal structure, and can be used for numerous practical applications.
ISSN: 0264-1275
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