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Title: A transputer Based Laser Scanning System
Authors: Tewkesbury, G
Harrison, DJ
Sanders, DA
Billingsley, J
Hollis, JEL
Issue Date: 1992
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Proceedings of Singapore international conference on intelligent control and instrumentation, Singapore, Feb 1992. pp.746 - 750.
Abstract: This paper presents a transputer-based laser scanner. This is to be integrated into an existing transputer-based mariufacturing environment to allow rapid construction of' 3-0 models. The approach allows Z-gradient informaticm to be obtained from a 2-D image by illuminating areas of interest with a form of structured light. An active scanning system is described. Simple algorithms are applied to the raw image data to extract concise information. This foveal analysis greatly reduces the data to be processed, allowing a simple and fast method for analysis. The system primarily consists of a video camera wlhich obliquely views a scene being scanned by a laser. The principle, the procedure, and methods of scanning are described. An overview of the principles of foveal analysis, the prototype experimental system and initial results are presented.
ISBN: 0-7803-0632-5
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