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Title: Electrical capacitance tomography for flow imaging: System model for development of image reconstruction algorithms and design of primary sensors
Authors: Xie, CG
Huang, SM
Hoyle, BS
Thorn, R
Lenn, C
Snowden, D
Beck, MS
Keywords: Computerised tomography; Electric impedance imaging; Electric sensing devices; Finite element analysis; Image sensors
Issue Date: 1992
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEE Proceedings G, 139(1): 89 - 98, Feb 1992
Abstract: A software tool that facilitates the development of image reconstruction algorithms, and the design of optimal capacitance sensors for a capacitance-based 12-electrode tomographic flow imaging system are described. The core of this software tool is the finite element (FE) model of the sensor, which is implemented in OCCAM-2 language and run on the Inmos T800 transputers. Using the system model, the in-depth study of the capacitance sensing fields and the generation of flow model data are made possible, which assists, in a systematic approach, the design of an improved image-reconstruction algorithm. This algorithm is implemented on a network of transputers to achieve a real-time performance. It is found that the selection of the geometric parameters of a 12-electrode sensor has significant effects on the sensitivity distributions of the capacitance fields and on the linearity of the capacitance data. As a consequence, the fidelity of the reconstructed images are affected. Optimal sensor designs can, therefore, be provided, by accommodating these effects
ISSN: 0956-3768
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