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Title: Comparing alignment factors in SMEs and large organizations: a planning integration perspective
Authors: Gutierrez, A
Nawazish, A
Orozco, J
Serrano, A
Yazdouni, H
Keywords: Strategic alignment;Information systems planning;Alignment assessment;IS strategy;SME
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: A Planning Integration Perspective, Americas Conference of Information Systems, Keystone, Colorado, August 9-12, 2007 (CD-ROM)
Abstract: Measurement of the alignment between business strategies and information systems (IS) has demonstrated positive impact for the organizational performance. The factors that have proved relevant when assessing the maturity level of alignment are: communication, competency/value measurement, governance, partnership, architecture & scope, and skills. Existing research, however, has focused on the assessment of these factors on large organizations and has barely explored their impact on Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). This paper uses the data provided by 127 participants from large and SMEs in order to identify whether the aforementioned factors are also relevant for assessing the level of alignment maturity in SMEs. The results from this research suggest that there are not significant differences between large organizations and SMEs when assessing those factors. In addition, this research also explored the relation between different planning integration of alignment (independent, sequential and simultaneous) in order to measure the perceived relevance of the factors. The results suggest that the planning integration identified on SMEs and large organizations has a positive correlation on how these factors are ranked. For both SMEs and large organizations where the formulation is simultaneous, the relevance of the factors is higher perceived than it is for those where the formulation is independent or sequential.
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