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Title: Mapping & classifying business models to replace single-use packaging in the food & beverage industry: A strategic design tool
Authors: Mansour, N
Ceschin, F
Harrison, D
Long, Y
Keywords: Product-Service Systems;;Reusable Packaging;;Business model;Ocean Plastic;;Single-use Packaging;
Issue Date: 21-Jun-2019
Publisher: LENS
Citation: 2019, pp. 418 - 422 (6)
Abstract: Ocean plastics is threatening marine life and entering the food chain. Single-use packaging (SUP) represents a major share of ocean plastics, thus intervention is necessary. This paper explores Product-Service Systems (PSS) business models to replace SUP with reusable packaging (RP). Literature shows that RP offers environmental advantages over SUP. However, a classification system of RP business model is missing. This paper aims to fill this gap. Case studies of RP business models are analysed. A theory building approach led to developing a classification system and clustering case studies in archetypal models. Then it’s tested with 12 design students to validate it as a strategic design tool. The outcome is classification system and 15 archrtypal models of RP solutions and is usable as a strategic design tool. The tool can be used by companies and designers to identify business opportunities and aid in shifting business models from SUP to RP systems.
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