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Title: Utility maximization in Wiener-transformable markets
Authors: Boguslavskaya, E
Mishura, Y
Keywords: Utility maximization problem;Processes with long memory;Fractional Brownian motion;Wiener-transformable processes;Pricing measure;Martingale and Clark-Ocone representations;Pathwise integrals
Issue Date: 29-Dec-2015
Publisher: arXiv
Citation: arXiv:1512.08788v1 [math.PR]
Abstract: We consider a utility maximization problem in a broad class of markets. Apart from traditional semimartingale markets, our class of markets includes processes with long memory, fractional Brownian motion and related processes, and, in general, Gaussian processes satisfying certain regularity conditions on their covariance functions. Our choice of markets is motivated by the well-known phenomena of the so-called "constant" and "variable depth" memory observed in real world price processes, for which fractional and multifractional models are the most adequate descriptions. We introduce the notion of a Wiener-transformable Gaussian process, and give examples of such processes, and their representations. The representation for the solution of the utility maximization problem in our specific setting is presented for various utility functions.
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