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Title: Numerical modelling of melt-conditioned direct-chill casting
Authors: Lebon, B
Li, H-T
Patel, J
Assadi, H
Fan, Z
Keywords: High-shear melt conditioning;Aluminium alloy;Computational fluid dynamics;Process modelling
Issue Date: 27-Aug-2019
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Applied Mathematical Modelling
Abstract: Melt conditioned direct-chill (MC-DC) casting is a novel technology which combines direct-chill (DC) casting with a high shear device directly immersed in the sump for in situ microstructural control. A numerical model of melt-conditioned direct-chill casting (MC-DC) is presented in this paper. This model is based on a finite volume continuum model using a moving reference frame (MRF) to enforce fluid rotation inside the rotor-stator region and is numerically stable within the range of processing conditions. The boundary conditions for the heat transfer include the effects of the hottop, the aluminium mould, and the direct chill. This model is applied to the casting of two alloys: aluminium-based A6060 and magnesium-based AZ31. Results show that MC-DC casting modifies the temperature profile in the sump, resulting in a larger temperature gradient at the solidification front and a shorter local solidification time. The increased heat extraction rate due to forced convection in the sump is expected to contribute to a finer, more uniform grain structure in the as-cast billet.
ISSN: 0307-904X
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