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Title: Lenin’s Lens: The Occupy Movement, an Infantile Disorder?
Authors: Ibrahim, J
Roberts, JM
Keywords: social movements,;Lenin,;occupy,;protest
Issue Date: 9-Aug-2018
Publisher: Lectito BV
Citation: Journal of Cultural Analysis and Social Change, 2018, 3 (1)
Abstract: This paper offers a theoretical critique of the Occupy movement by drawing on V.I. Lenin’s work, Leftwing Communism: an Infantile Disorder (LWC). This work emphasizes the importance of recognizing political power within institutionalized political systems, for example, trade unions and parliamentary democracy. We bring the ideas contained in this work to bear on the Occupy movement by drawing on 20 activist accounts from two UK Occupy camps to argue that the Occupy movement was an earlier phase of a developing political challenge to neoliberalism. In this respect, Occupy was an immature politics unlikely to lead to social change. However, recent research suggests that the creation of a new wave of ‘movement parties’ (della Porta et al., 2017) are a more organized and politically mature response to neoliberal austerity, which to some extent grew out of the mass movement assemblies like the Occupy movement. By applying Lenin’s ideas to analyse the main political practices of Occupy, this paper argues that a Leninist viewpoint could offer some practical improvements towards the political strategy of new movements by being part of a coalition of activists and trade unionists, with the ultimate aim of working within parliamentary democracy.
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