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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2018‘Omnus et Singulatim’: Establishing the Relationship Between Transitional Justice and NeoliberalismBowsher, J
2019Sasha Turner, Contested Bodies: Pregnancy, Childrearing, and Slavery in Jamaica (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2017)Dornan, I
2019Women, Violence, and the Arab Revolt in Palestine, 1936-39Hughes, M
Sep-2018"Towards a nemo judex in parte sua critique of the International Criminal Court?"Chigara, B
2019Energy Efficiency in Industry: EU and national policies in Italy and the UKMalinauskaite, J; Jouhara, H; Ahmad, L; Milani, M; Montorsi, L; Venturelli, M
2019Popularity equilibrium: Testing a general theory of local campaign effectivenessFisher, JT; Fieldhouse, E; Cutts, D
2019The South African TRC as Neoliberal Reconciliation: Victim Subjectivities and the Synchronization of AffectsBowsher, J
2017Constitutionalism Across Borders in the Struggle Against TerrorismXanthopoulou, E
2018‘A virada de Moscou’: o diálogo entre Gramsci e os bolcheviques (1922-1923)Thomas, PD
9-Jul-2018Dear Len McCluskey: there are no union jobs on a dead planetDale, G
1-May-2018The emergence of an ecological Karl Marx: 1818 - 2018Dale, G
2016Hong Kong Competition LawQuigley, C; Rab, S
2014Media Ownership and Control Law, Economics and Policy in an Indian and International ContextRab, S; Sprague, A
2018Hunger strike and the force-feeding chair: Guantanamo Bay and corporeal surrenderIbrahim, Y; Howarth, A
2017The impact of the duration of lawful residence on the rights of European Union citizens and their third-country family membersHamenstädt, K
2017Unionsbürgerschaft an der Schnittstelle zwischen Integration, Solidarität und sozialem ZusammenhaltHamenstaedt, K
2017European Union Citizenship - The Pitfalls of a Fundamental StatusHamenstaedt, K
2018Engineering the climate could cost us the earthDale, G
2018Credit/Debt and Human Capital: Financialized Neoliberalism and the Production of SubjectivityBowsher, J
2018Karl Polanyi in BudapestDale, G
2018Conversion and Curriculum: nonconformist missionaries and the British and Foreign School Society in the British West Indies, Africa and India, 1800-1850.Dornan, I
2017‘The island is full. Please don't come’: Narratives of austerity and migration in a UK citizenship classTuckett, A
2018Ethical brokerage and self-fashioning in Italian immigration bureaucracyTuckett, A
2018Older prisoners, gender and family lifeEaston, SM
2018Marginal Neutrality – Neutrality and the Margin of Appreciation in the Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human RightsPetkoff, P; Evans, M
2017Witchfinding in General and the CensorsPetley, J
2018Introduction: Contact and domestic abuseKaganas, FR; Barnett, A; Hunter, R
2018An analysis of the fundamental tensions between copyright and social media: The legal implications of sharing images on InstagramBosher, H; Yesiloglu, S
2016Swings and roundabouts: The impact of legal drafting on the language and understanding of copyright law and the need for educational materials †Bosher, H; Mendis, D
2018The Arbitral Tribunal for Upper Silesia: An Early Success in International AdjudicationConway, G
2013Rights of Indigenous Peoples under the Light of Energy ExploitationXanthaki, A
2018Going underground: Resort to terrorism in mass mobilization dissident campaignsBelgioioso
2018The Mistakes That Make People: Reconceptualizing Power and Resistance in RwandaRollason, W
2017The other hidden hand: Soviet and Cuban intelligence in Allende’s ChileAndrew, C
2018Parasite stress and pathogen avoidance relate to distinct dimensions of political ideology across 30 nationsInbar, Y; Aarøe, L; Barclay, P; Barlowe, FK; De Barra, M; Beckerh, DV; Borovoi, L; Choi, I; Choik, JA; Consedine, NS; Conway, A; Conway, JR; Conway, P; Adoric, VC; Demirci, DE; Fernández, AM; Ferreirat, DCS; Ishii, K; Jakšic, I; Ji, T; Van Leeuwen, F; Lewis, DMG; Li, NP; McIntyre, JC; Mukherjee, S; Park, JH; Pawlowski, B; Petersen, MB; Pizarro, D; Prodromitis, G; Prokop, P; Rantala, MJ; Reynolds, LM; Sandin, B; Sevi, B; De Smet, D; Srinivasan, N; Tewari, S; Wilson, C; Yong, JC; Žezelj, I
2018Better Together: Examining the Role of Collaborative Ethnographic Documentary in Organizational ResearchGame, AM; Simpson, RC
2018‘The Conduct of Operations: Glubb Pasha, the Arab Legion, and the First Arab-Israeli War, 1948-49’-
2018Critical Factors Affecting Leadership: A Higher Education ContextHassan, A; Sivarajah, U
2018Review of Humanitarian Refuge in the United Kingdom: Sanctuary, Asylum, and the Refugee CrisisHowarth, A
2017Can high-performing academies overcome family background and improve social mobility?Hoskins, K
2018The Influence of Transformed Government on Citizen Trust: Insights from BahrainWeerakkody, V; Chen, W
-The Geo-Political Status of Psychoanalysis-
2018Refiguring the Subaltern-
2012Search for anomalous tt̄ production in the highly-boosted all-hadronic final statChatrchyan, S; Khachatryan, V; Sirunyan, AM; Tumasyan, A; Adam, W; Bergauer, T; Dragicevic, M; Erö, J; Fabjan, C; Friedl, M; Frühwirth, R; Lemaitre, V; Karim, M; Le Bihan, A-C; Van Hove, P; Beliy, N; Rahmat, R; Fassi, F; Mercier, D; Lykken, J; Baty, C; Jain, S; Fanò, L; Abdulsalam, A; Beauceron, S; Migliore, E; Beaupere, N; Bedjidian, M; Bondu, O; Wulz, C-E; Boudoul, G; Boumediene, D; Sanders, DA; Breto, G; Militaru, O; Choudhury, RK; Vilar Cortabitarte, R; Brun, H; Chasserat, J; Morse, DM; Chierici, R; Contardo, D; Depasse, P; El Mamouni, H; Calderon De La Barca Sanchez, M; Falkiewicz, A; Fay, J; Dutta, D; Maeshima, K; Mossolov, V; Avdeeva, E; Gascon, S; Abbaneo, D; Monaco, V; Gouzevitch, M; Chauhan, S; Ille, B; Kurca, T; Le Grand, T; Kailas, S; Lethuillier, M; Marraffino, JM; Mirabito, L; Perries, S; Sordini, V; Bloom, K; Chertok, M; Tosi, S; Musich, M; Shumeiko, N; Auffray, E; Park, H; Tschudi, Y; Verdier, P; Ligabue, F; Viret, S; Tsamalaidze, Z; Piperov, S; Anagnostou, G; Beranek, S; Edelhoff, M; Bose, S; Mccartin, J; Kumar, V; Feld, L; Heracleous, N; Hindrichs, O; Maruyama, S; Hohlmann, M; Auzinger, G; Suarez Gonzalez, J; Jussen, R; Klein, K; Merz, J; Ostapchuk, A; Zhang, J; Perieanu, A; Redaelli, N; Malberti, M; Conway, J; Santaolalla, J; Mason, D; Raupach, F; Sammet, J; Schael, S; Sprenger, D; Baillon, P; Mohanty, AK; Weber, H; Bansal, S; Conway, R; Wittmer, B; Zhukov, V; Obertino, MM; McBride, P; Ata, M; Butt, J; Caudron, J; Dietz-Laursonn, E; Van Onsem, GP; Duchardt, D; Gonzalez Suarez, R; Patras, V; Erdmann, M; Güth, A; Erofeeva, M; Ball, AH; Hebbeker, T; Mishra, K; Pastrone, N; Heidemann, C; Cerny, K; Avery, P; Cox, PT; Claes, DR; Hoepfner, K; Klimkovich, T; Klingebiel, D; Kreuzer, P; Lanske, D; Lingemann, J; Meng, X; Magass, C; Pelliccioni, M; Dolen, J; Hartmann, F; Pant, LM; Barney, D; Merschmeyer, M; Meyer, A; Dominguez, A; Olschewski, M; Cornelis, T; Papacz, P; Pieta, H; Huang, XT; Merkel, P; Reithler, H; Shukla, P; Schmitz, SA; Potenza, A; Sonnenschein, L; Steggemann, J; Bernet, C; Teyssier, D; Sanabria, JC; Lariccia, P; Weber, M; Bontenackels, M; Mrenna, S; Aziz, T; Cherepanov, V; De Wolf, EA; Davids, M; Romero, A; Flügge, G; Geenen, H; Erbacher, R; Geisler, M; Haj Ahmad, W; Bianchi, G; Eads, M; Hammad, GH; Musienko, Y; Hoehle, F; Kargoll, B; Kress, T; Kuessel, Y; Grishin, V; Ruspa, M; Linn, A; Janssen, X; Nowack, A; Perchalla, L; Ganguly, S; Pooth, O; Newman-Holmes, C; Rennefeld, J; Jindal, P; Gardner, M; Bloch, P; Sauerland, P; Stahl, A; Pearson, T; Aldaya Martin, M; Behr, J; Guchait, M; Behrenhoff, W; Behrens, U; Arce, P; Houtz, R; Luyckx, S; Bergholz, M; Bethani, A; Keller, J; Borras, K; Caebergs, T; Sacchi, R; Ro, SR; Burgmeier, A; Cakir, A; Kalakhety, H; Calligaris, L; Lecoq, P; Campbell, A; Castro, E; Costanza, F; Dammann, D; Maes, T; Kravchenko, I; Gurtu, A; Eckerlin, G; Tapper, A; Ko, W; Solano, A; Eckstein, D; Bocci, A; O'Dell, V; Fischer, D; Flucke, G; Geiser, A; Glushkov, I; Habib, S; Maity, M; Taylor, L; Hauk, J; Jung, H; Lazo-Flores, J; Sala, S; Staiano, A; Prokofyev, O; Kasemann, M; Mucibello, L; Katsas, P; Bonato, A; Wu, W; Anastassov, A; Kleinwort, C; Kluge, H; Knutsson, A; Krämer, M; Krücker, D; Kuznetsova, E; Sexton-Kennedy, E; Vilela Pereira, A; Malbouisson, H; Kopecky, A; Lange, W; Vander Velde, C; Bourilkov, D; Lohmann, W; Lutz, B; Ochesanu, S; Breuker, H; Mankel, R; Marfin, I; Marienfeld, M; Lander, R; Sharma, S; Melzer-Pellmann, I-A; Malgeri, L; Majumder, G; Meyer, AB; Soares, MS; Mnich, J; Mussgiller, A; Naumann-Emme, S; Olzem, J; Jeitler, M; Perrey, H; Bunkowski, K; Spalding, WJ; Roland, B; Mazumdar, K; Petrukhin, A; Ocampo Rios, AA; Pitzl, D; Raspereza, A; Malik, S; Rodozov, M; Ribeiro Cipriano, PM; Riedl, C; Rosin, M; Salfeld-Nebgen, J; Spiegel, L; Mohanty, GB; Schmidt, R; Schoerner-Sadenius, T; Gavrilov, V; Belforte, S; Mall, O; Camporesi, T; Sen, N; Rougny, R; Snow, GR; Spiridonov, A; Stein, M; Villella, I; Miller, DH; Walsh, R; Wissing, C; Lucaroni, A; Autermann, C; Blobel, V; Cossutti, F; Bobrovskyi, S; Draeger, J; Cerminara, G; Enderle, H; Parida, B; Baur, U; Tan, P; Lopez, A; Erfle, J; Selvaggi, M; Gebbert, U; Görner, M; Hermanns, T; Della Ricca, G; Höing, RS; Kaschube, K; Sudhakar, K; Kaussen, G; Vazquez Acosta, M; Miceli, T; Kirschenmann, H; Krammer, M; Christiansen, T; Godshalk, A; Klanner, R; Lange, J; Mura, B; Van Haevermaet, H; Gobbo, B; Giordano, D; Nelson, R; Nowak, F; Pietsch, N; Rathjens, D; Tao, J; Sander, C; Schettler, H; Schleper, P; Godinovic, N; Coarasa Perez, JA; Schlieckau, E; Spagnolo, P; Masetti, L; Schmidt, A; Ruchti, R; Schröder, M; Schum, T; Lomtadze, T; Van Mechelen, P; Seidel, M; Stadie, H; Steinbrück, G; Bencze, G; Thomsen, J; Wickramage, N; Iashvili, I; Barth, C; D'Enterria, D; Marone, M; Berger, J; Battilana, C; Dugad, S; Shipsey, I; Kachanov, V; Arfaei, H; Albajar, C; Bakhshiansohi, H; Etesami, SM; Fahim, A; Hashemi, M; Hesari, H; Charaf, O; Montanino, D; Son, DC; Pellett, D; Jafari, A; Teo, WD; Chen, M; Giunta, M; Khakzad, M; Mohammadi, A; Kubik, A; Mohammadi Najafabadi, M; Paktinat Mehdiabadi, S; Heinrich, M; Rutherford, B; Safarzadeh, B; Zeinali, M; Abbrescia, M; Kim, JY; Won, S; Barbone, L; Calabria, C; Clerbaux, B; Lychkovskaya, N; Glege, F; Searle, M; De Roeck, A; Mucia, N; Chhibra, SS; Colaleo, A; Creanza, D; De Filippis, N; Lannon, K; Strobbe, N; De Palma, M; Fiore, L; Smith, J; Iaselli, G; Held, H; Lusito, L; Maggi, G; Maggi, M; Odell, N; Gomez-Reino Garrido, R; De Lentdecker, G; Das, S; Marangelli, B; Squires, M; Popov, V; Valls, N; Hoffmann, KH; My, S; Nuzzo, S; Pacifico, N; Pompili, A; Pugliese, G; Selvaggi, G; Silvestris, L; Virdee, T; Tripathi, M; De Gruttola, M; Ofierzynski, RA; Singh, G; Honc, S; Govoni, P; Kim, ZJ; Zito, G; Dero, V; Abbiendi, G; Benvenuti, AC; Mantovani, G; Bonacorsi, D; Braibant-Giacomelli, S; Di Giovanni, GP; Brigliadori, L; Husemann, U; Capiluppi, P; Pollack, B; Castro, A; Song, S; Cavallo, FR; Vasquez Sierra, R; Gowdy, S; Cuffiani, M; Dallavalle, GM; Gay, APR; Dobur, D; Katkov, I; Fabbri, F; Fanfani, A; Fasanella, D; Giacomelli, P; Mendez, H; Pozdnyakov, A; Jo, HY; Grandi, C; Guiducci, L; Marcellini, S; Guida, R; Komaragiri, JR; Drozdetskiy, A; Masetti, G; Meneghelli, M; Hajdu, C; Montanari, A; Hreus, T; Navarria, FL; Odorici, F; Choi, S; Plestina, R; Perrotta, A; Van Spilbeeck, A; Primavera, F; Cerrada, M; Winn, D; Rossi, AM; Rovelli, T; Hansen, M; Siroli, G; Travaglini, R; Albergo, S; Cappello, G; Gyun, D; Tkaczyk, S; Léonard, A; Vodopiyanov, I; Schmitt, M; Wang, X; Chiorboli, M; Costa, S; Potenza, R; Tricomi, A; Tuve, C; Harris, P; Barbagli, G; Kharchilava, A; Stoykova, S; Ciulli, V; Hong, B; Civinini, C; Thom, J; Field, RD; D'Alessandro, R; Stoynev, S; Focardi, E; Marage, PE; Frosali, S; Cline, D; Penzo, A; Gallo, E; Gonzi, S; Meschini, M; Hartl, C; Jo, M; Fisher, M; Paoletti, S; Sguazzoni, G; Tropiano, A; Cousins, R; Velasco, M; Martschei, D; Benussi, L; Bianco, S; Colafranceschi, S; Reis, T; Piccolo, D; Fabbricatore, P; Vizan Garcia, JM; Meijers, F; Mercadante, PG; Konstantinov, D; Musenich, R; Alves, GA; Mueller, S; Benaglia, A; De Guio, F; Codispoti, G; Di Matteo, L; Fiorendi, S; Gennai, S; Ghezzi, A; Duris, J; Messineo, A; Malvezzi, S; Kim, H; Müller, T; Thomas, L; Manzoni, RA; Martelli, A; Harvey, J; Massironi, A; Antonelli, L; Erhan, S; Kim, TJ; Puljak, I; Fu, Y; Lee, KS; Daubie, E; Thyssen, F; Moon, DH; Park, SK; Seo, E; Choi, M; Everaerts, P; Kang, S; Kim, JH; Hegner, B; Mersi, S; Furic, IK; Niegel, M; Park, C; Sung, K; Warchol, J; Park, IC; Farrell, C; Park, S; Ryu, G; Tytgat, M; Cho, Y; Choi, Y; Buontempo, S; Nürnberg, A; Gartner, J; Choi, YK; Goh, J; Frisch, B; Kim, MS; Meschi, E; Favart, D; Lee, B; Lee, J; Lee, S; Seo, H; Oberst, O; Yu, I; Hugon, J; Karavakis, E; Carrillo Montoya, CA; Vanelderen, L; Bilinskas, MJ; Grigelionis, I; Janulis, M; Juodagalvis, A; Pin, A; Moser, R; Oehler, A; Castilla-Valdez, H; Hauser, J; De La Cruz-Burelo, E; Kim, B; Heredia-de La Cruz, I; Cavallo, N; Lopez-Fernandez, R; Magaña Villalba, R; Martínez-Ortega, J; Verwilligen, P; Sánchez-Hernández, A; Tran, NV; Adams, MR; Villasenor-Cendejas, LM; Wayne, M; Carrillo Moreno, S; Konigsberg, J; Semenov, S; De Jesus Damiao, D; De Cosa, A; Vazquez Valencia, F; Salazar Ibarguen, HA; Casimiro Linares, E; Ignatenko, M; Ott, J; Morelos Pineda, A; Reyes-Santos, MA; Krofcheck, D; Bell, AJ; Thompson, J; Korytov, A; Wolf, M; Walsh, S; Butler, PH; Rusakov, SV; Oliveros, S; Dogangun, O; Peiffer, T; Doesburg, R; Mozer, MU; Reucroft, S; Silverwood, H; Ahmad, M; Asghar, MI; Chamizo Llatas, M; Hoorani, HR; Plager, C; Khalid, S; Ziegler, J; Schizzi, A; Khan, WA; Fabozzi, F; Khurshid, T; Yazgan, E; Qazi, S; Mulders, M; Shah, MA; Rakness, G; Kropivnitskaya, A; Shoaib, M; Brona, G; Shipkowski, SP; Cwiok, M; Dominik, W; Bylsma, B; Iorio, AOM; Doroba, K; Kalinowski, A; Sultanov, G; Konecki, M; Krolikowski, J; Wang, Z; Zaganidis, N; Quast, G; Nesvold, E; Bialkowska, H; Boimska, B; Frueboes, T; Gokieli, R; Schlein, P; Lista, L; Durkin, LS; Górski, M; Kazana, M; Palla, F; Blekman, F; Nawrocki, K; Romanowska-Rybinska, K; Szleper, M; Wrochna, G; Korablev, A; Nguyen, M; Basegmez, S; Zalewski, P; Meola, S; Almeida, N; Hill, C; Rabbertz, K; Yoon, AS; Bargassa, P; David, A; Baumgartel, D; Faccioli, P; Ferreira Parracho, PG; Gallinaro, M; Musella, P; Pela, J; Orimoto, T; Berry, D; Ratnikov, F; Seixas, J; Silvers, D; Tucker, J; Bruno, G; Hughes, R; Varela, J; Vischia, P; Belotelov, I; Bunin, P; Gavrilenko, M; Golutvin, I; Di Guida, S; Karjavin, V; Valuev, V; Vanlaer, P; Kypreos, T; Konoplyanikov, V; Orsini, L; Kozlov, G; Velicanu, D; Killewald, P; Lanev, A; Ceard, L; Ratnikova, N; Menichelli, M; Malakhov, A; Moisenz, P; Palichik, V; Low, JF; Hinzmann, A; Perelygin, V; Savina, M; Shmatov, S; Smirnov, V; Palencia Cortezon, E; Wakefield, S; Anghel, IM; Uplegger, L; Kotov, K; Volodko, A; Zarubin, A; Evstyukhin, S; Matchev, K; Delaere, C; Merola, M; Golovtsov, V; Ivanov, Y; Babb, J; Kim, V; Röcker, S; Levchenko, P; Murzin, V; Oreshkin, V; Antunovic, Z; Perez, E; Vaughan, J; Milenovic, P; Smirnov, I; Clare, R; Sulimov, V; Paolucci, P; Saout, C; Uvarov, L; Vavilov, S; Du Pree, T; Vorobyev, A; Vorobyev, A; Andreev, Y; Dermenev, A; Dinardo, ME; Mitselmakher, G; Cuevas, J; Gninenko, S; Scheurer, A; Petrilli, A; Azzi, P; Golubev, N; Kirsanov, M; Krasnikov, N; Matveev, V; Ramirez Vargas, JE; Pashenkov, A; Forthomme, L; Muniz, L; Pfeiffer, A; Heo, SG; Martins, T; Ling, TY; Pierini, M; Bacchetta, N; Pimiä, M; Ellison, J; Piparo, D; Polese, G; Quertenmont, L; Racz, A; Remington, R; Schilling, F-P; Reece, W; Rodrigues Antunes, J; Stolin, V; Rolandi, G; Gary, JW; Puigh, D; Bellan, P; Rommerskirchen, T; Hammer, J; Pol, ME; Rovelli, C; Smith, K; Rinkevicius, A; Rovere, M; Sakulin, H; Hidas, P; Santanastasio, F; Schäfer, C; Schwick, C; Vlasov, E; Bisello, D; Rodenburg, M; Segoni, I; Schmanau, M; Sekmen, S; Palmonari, F; Giordano, F; Siegrist, P; Silva, P; Souza, MHG; Simon, M; Sphicas, P; Spiga, D; Spiropulu, M; Branca, A; Schott, G; Stoye, M; Hanson, G; Vuosalo, C; Colino, N; Zhokin, A; Tsirou, A; Veres, GI; Vlimant, JR; Wöhri, HK; Worm, SD; Aldá Jr, WL; Simonis, HJ; Wardle, N; Tcholakov, V; Zeuner, WD; Carlin, R; Bertl, W; Sellers, P; Deiters, K; Williams, G; Erdmann, W; Belyaev, A; Gabathuler, K; Horisberger, R; Krychkine, V; Blyweert, S; Ingram, Q; Kaestli, HC; König, S; Brinkerhoff, A; Svyatkovskiy, A; Kotlinski, D; Carvalho, W; Langenegger, U; Winer, BL; Zhang, Z; Meier, F; Vaandering, EW; Renker, D; Boos, E; Rohe, T; Sibille, J; Bäni, L; Skhirtladze, N; Checchia, P; Bortignon, P; Nappi, A; Buchmann, MA; Casal, B; Stober, FM; Chanon, N; Wenger, EA; Adam, N; Custódio, A; Chen, Z; Deisher, A; Weng, Y; Jeng, GY; Xiao, H; Dubinin, M; Dorigo, T; Dobson, M; Dissertori, G; Dittmar, M; Dünser, M; Eugster, J; Freudenreich, K; Grab, C; Long, OR; Berry, E; Lecomte, P; Snowball, M; Lustermann, W; Troendle, D; Da Costa, EM; Innocente, V; Marini, AC; Dudko, L; Martinez Ruiz del Arbol, P; Luthra, A; Mohr, N; 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2018The Impact of Electoral Context on the Electoral Effectiveness of District Level Campaigning: Popularity Equilibrium and the Case of the 2015 British General ElectionFisher, JT; Cutts, D; Fieldhouse, E; Rottweiler, B
2018The Nature of Party Categories in Two-Party and Multi-Party SystemsNicholson, SP; Carman, C; Coe, C; Fenney, A; Feher, B; Hayes, B; Karp; Kam, C; Vaczi, G; Heit, E
2018The rise of 'illiberal' demcoracy: The Orbanisation of Hungarian political culture-
2018Appropriating the Cow: Beef and Identity Politics in Contemporary IndiaStaples, J
2018London in Space and Time: Peter Ackroyd and Will Self-
2018Dial ‘F’ for fraud: Explaining citizens suspicions about electionsKarp; Nai, A; Norris, P
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