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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Mar-2022Supervising the Gatekeepers? An Alternative EU Framework for the Liability of Internet Intermediaries for Copyright InfringementKrokida, Z
13-Dec-2021Understanding the perceptions of UK COVID-19 contact tracing app in the BAME community in LeicesterAkintoye, S; Ogoh, G; Krokida, Z; Nnadi, J; Eke, D
20-Nov-2023The player, the programmer and the AI: a copyright odyssey in gamingFarmaki, D
22-Aug-2022Use of filters by online intermediaries and the rights of users: Developments in the European Union, Mexico, India and ChinaKrokida, Z
1-May-2021Towards a wider scope for the duty of care of host internet service providers: The case of Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek v FacebookKrokida, Z
2-Nov-2023Sexual Orientation and the Criminalisation of Private Consensual Sexual Acts Between Adults of the Same GenderSsenyonjo, M
6-Dec-2021The 16th ASCOLA conference, a Panel on ‘Career Challenges: How to make and maintain an academic career (not just as a woman)’, virtual, 1–3 July 2021Malinauskaite, J
7-Dec-2021Editorial forewordMalinauskaite, J
21-Aug-2023Book review: Olivia Woolley, Renewable Energy Law. Hart Publishing/Bloomsbury Publishing, 2023. 254 pages. ISBN: 9781509967810 (hardback): 9781509936472 (paperback)Malinauskaite, J
-High-Risk Artificial Intelligence Systems under the European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act: Systemic Flaws and Practical ChallengesGikay, AA; Lau, PL; Sengul, C; Malin, B; Miron, A
1-Dec-2019Expanded Judicial Review in International Commercial Arbitration: Which Jurisdictions Offer the Optimal Approach from the Private Parties' Perspective?Praštalo, B
1-Mar-2023The Human Rights of Asylum Seekers in the UKXanthopoulou, E; Nayyeri, M
1-Sep-2020Religious Networks, their Impact on SDGS (SDG17), and the Challenges for the International Legal OrderPetkoff, P; Durham, C; Floria, JN; Melloni, A; Marshall, K; Yoshikawa, N
12-Nov-2021Achieving a ‘Good AI Society’: Comparing the Aims and Progress of the EU and the USRoberts, H; Cowls, J; Hine, E; Mazzi, F; Tsamados, A; Taddeo, M; Floridi, L
10-Jun-2021State of the art in adoption of contact tracing apps and recommendations regarding privacy protection and public health: Systematic reviewKolasa, K; Mazzi, F; Leszczuk-Czubkowska, E; Zrubka, Z; Péntek, M
10-Oct-2023AI: we may not need a new human right to protect us from decisions by algorithms – the laws already existAbrusci, E; Mackenzie-Gray Scott, R
5-Oct-2023Automated Decision-Making and the Challenge of Implementing Existing LawsMackenzie-Gray Scott, R; Abrusci, E
18-Aug-2022Queer Necropolitics: Experiences of LGBTQI+ Asylum Claimants During Covid-19 in the UKTschalaer, M
14-Jun-2023Queer motherhood in the context of legal precarity: experiences of lesbian mothers seeking asylum in GermanyTschalaer, M
31-May-2022Queering migration temporalities: LGBTQI+ experiences with waiting within Germany’s asylum systemTschalaer, M
27-Oct-2023The Right to a Healthy Environment Before the Inter-American Court of Human RightsMardikian, L
27-Apr-2023One Image, One Thousand Words? Discussing the Outer Limits of Resorting to Visual Digital Evidence in cases involving International CrimesSolomon, S
1-Jul-2023The investor-state arbitration legitimacy crisis: Could AI be its future savior (or resurrector)?Dar, W; Praštalo, B
21-Mar-2017PakistanShahid, A; Khan, IA
11-Jul-2023General comment No. 26 (2022) on Land and Economic, Social and Cultural Rights-
11-Nov-2022General Comment No. 8 (2022) on the Right of Persons with Disabilities to Work and Employment-
21-Jul-2023The questionable necessity of a new human right against being subject to automated decision-makingAbrusci, E; Mackenzie-Gray Scott, R
2010"...And Justice for All": discursos, personagens e teorias do direito no cinema americanoDe Matos, MVAB
20-Jul-2012Direito e cinema: os limites da técnica e da estética nas teorias jurídicas contemporâneasDe Matos, MVAB
11-Jul-2023Evolved Eugenics and Reinforcement of “Othering”: Renewed Ethico-Legal Perspectives of Genome Editing in ReproductionLau, PL
30-Jun-2023Is all Mental Harm Equal? The Importance of Discussing Civilian War Trauma from a Socio-Economic Legal Framework's PerspectiveSolomon, S; Bayer, Y
25-Apr-2023Life cycle assessment of plastic waste and energy recoveryVlasopoulos, A; Malinauskaite, J; Żabnieńska-Góra, A; Jouhara, H
16-Nov-2022A Quiet Victory: National Provincial, Gibson Hall, and the Switch from Comprehensive Redevelopment to Urban Preservation in 1960s LondonBarnes, V; Newton, L; Scott, P
8-Oct-2020New anti-evergreening patent law in UkraineGurgula, O
12-Feb-2021Anti-competitive strategic patenting by pharmaceutical companiesGurgula, O
6-Apr-2023Invoking Article 73 TRIPS in good faith: no recourse to ‘security exceptions’ for Russia’s violation of TRIPS-
15-Mar-2020Has Skidmore v Led Zeppelin changed US music copyright infringement rules for better or worse?Bosher, H
17-Sep-2023Forced Faming: How the Law Can Protect Against Non-Consensual Recording and Distributing of a Person’s Voice or ImageBosher, H
23-Mar-2023Children and police questioning: A rights-based approachForde, L; Kilkelly, U
4-Nov-2022Facial recognition: why we shouldn’t ban the police from using it altogetherGikay, AA
9-Apr-2023Open Finance and Consumer Protection: uneasy bedfellowsFerretti, F; Petkoff, P
7-Mar-2023Reckoning with Conservation Violence on Indigenous Territories: Possibilities and Limitations of a Transitional Justice ResponseLuoma, C
10-Jan-2023PROTOCOL: A mixed methods systematic review on the effects of arts interventions for at‐risk and offending children and young people on behavioural, psychosocial, cognitive and offending outcomesMansfield, L; Daykin, N; O'Connell, NE; Bailey, D; Forde, L; Smith, R; Gifford, J
17-Dec-2022Waste heat recovery solution based on a heat pipe heat exchanger for the aluminium die casting industryJouhara, H; Nieto, N; Egilegor, B; Zuazua, J; González, E; Yebra, I; Igesias, A; Delpech, B; Almahmoud, S; Brough, D; Malinauskaite, J; Vlasopoulos, A; Hill, M; Axcell, B
6-Nov-2022An Evidence Review of Community Service Policy, Practice and StructureKennefick, L; Guilfoyle, E
2023Genetic Testing or Screening at the Pre-Birth StageLau, PL
23-Feb-2023Addressing Cognitive Vulnerabilities through Genome and Epigenome Editing: Techno-Legal Adaptations for Persons with Intellectual DisabilitiesLau, PL
31-Jan-2023Accelerating UN Sustainable Development Goals with AI-Driven Technologies: A Systematic Literature Review of Women’s HealthcareLau, PL; Nandy, M; Chakraborty, S
2013Direito, técnica, imagem: os limites e os fundamentos do humanoBarrientos-Parra, JD; De Matos, MVAB; Borges, PCC; Vanderburg, WH; Souza, PV; Troude-Chastenet, P; Rampin, TTD; Silva, LP; Corona, RB; Penna, JB; Faleiros Júnior, RG; Leite, T de SC; Silva, JL; Barbosa, VR; Garcia, DK
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 814