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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
28-Aug-2019Can commitment contracts boost participation in public health programmes?Savani, M
-Can science tame politics: The collapse of the new GMO regime in the EUPaskalev, V
2015Judicial Regionalism's Thwarting of UN Security Council Chapter VII Punitive Cosmopolitanism: Measuring the Effects on International Jurisdictional ConstitutionalismSolomon, S
2019Enhancing Whistleblower Protection: It’s all about the CultureAndreadakis, S
7-Jan-2018Concurrent applications before the European Court of Human Rights: coordinated settlement of massive litigation from separatist areasBerkes, A
22-Dec-2016The law should protect all victims of domestic violence - but women need it mostKaganas, FR
10-Oct-2018The extraterritorial human rights obligations of the EU in its external trade and investment policiesBerkes, A
17-Oct-2016Anti-sécurité : une déclarationNeocleous, MA
22-Apr-2017From a/topia to topia: Towards a gendered right to the city for migrant volunteers in LondonVacchelli, E; Peyrefitte, M
18-Sep-2019Technological Populism and Its Archetypes: Blockchain and CryptocurrenciesGikay, AA; Stanescu, CG
6-Mar-2018The Reluctance of Civil Law Systems in Adopting the UCC Article 9 'Without Breach of Peace' StandarddEvidence from National and International Legal Instruments Governing Secured TransactionsGikay, AA; Stanescu, CG
2019European consumer law and blockchain based financial services: A functional approach against the rhetoric of regulatory uncertaintyGikay, AA
28-Oct-2019Degrowth: with or against the Green New Deal?Dale, G
1-Sep-2016‘Record store guy’s head explodes and the critic is speechless!’ Questions of genre in drone metalCoggins, O
4-Apr-2013You get what you (don’t) pay for: The impact of volunteer labour and candidate spending at the 2010 British General ElectionFisher, JT; Johnston, R; Cutts, D; Pattie, C; Fieldhouse, E
1-Jan-2019Dirty, soothing, secret magic: individualism and spirituality in New Age and extreme metal music culturesCoggins, O
30-Jun-2015The Invocation at Tilburg: Mysticism, Implicit Religion and Gravetemple’s Drone MetalCoggins, O
1-Sep-2019Distortion, restriction and instability: Violence against the self in depressive suicidal black metalCoggins, O
2015Scandals, war and the Millennials: Why the Iraq War and the expenses scandal are not to blame for the low turnout of the youngFox, S
2015The Mobilization Process of Syria’s Activists: The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Use of ICTs and the Political CultureOzgul, B
2015Balding Goes Trolling? Cross-Media Amplification of Controversy at the 2012 OlympicsOzgul, B; Dennis, J; O'Loughlin, B
2016Bulgarian Constitutionalism: Challenges, Reform, Resistance and … FrustrationPaskalev, V
3-Apr-2018Use and Abuse of Power in Changes of Corporate Control: Transfer Schemes and Shareholders' Voting Practices in Unchartered WatersTsagas, G
1-Aug-2019When universalism becomes a bully: Revisiting the interplay between cultural rights and women’s rightsXanthaki, A
17-Sep-2018The politics of neoliberalism and social justice: Towards a pedagogy of critical locational encounterHager, T; Peyrefitte, M; Davis, C
19-Sep-2018Prosaic sites of multiculturalism as educational encounters in neo-liberal higher education: Sociological imagination and reflexive teaching and learning in the multicultural classroomPeyrefitte, M
2019United in Diversity? Gender and Judging at the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU)Alexandris Polomarkakis, K
4-Sep-2017The generational decay of Euroscepticism in the UK and the EU referendumFox, S; Pearce, S
3-Jun-2016Book Review: Working to laugh: assembling difference in American stand-up comedy venues, by James M. Thomas, Lanham, Boulder, New York and London, Lexington Books, 2015, viii+173pp., £52.95 (hardback), ISBN 978-0739189559Weaver, S
8-Jul-2019The ‘civic premium’ of university graduates: the impact of massification on associational membershipTaylor, C; Fox, S; Evans, C; Rees, G
20-Aug-2019After Interventionism: A Typology of United States StrategiesMacMillan, J
2014Is it Time to Update the Definition of Political Participation?Fox, S
4-Sep-2017The generational decay of Euroscepticism in the UK and the EU referendumFox, S; Pearce, S
Oct-2019The Effects of a Commitment Device on Health OutcomesSavani, MM
10-Jan-2019Praying on Brexit? Unpicking the Effect of Religion on Support for European Union Integration and MembershipKolpinskaya, E; Fox, S
1-Jun-2019Intergenerational Transmission and Support for EU Membership in the United Kingdom: The Case of BrexitFox, S; Hampton, JM; Muddiman, E; Taylor, C
8-Mar-2019Migrant boats on the high seas and their interception through psychologically coercive measures: Is there a case to extraterritorially apply human rights law?Solomon, S
2019Historical approaches for hospitality and tourism researchMackenzie, N; Pittaki, Z; Wong, N
2016Public policy through private law: Introduction to a debate on European regulatory private lawComparato, G
11-Jul-2019Corporate Governance and Climate Change: Smoothing Temporal Dissonance to a Phased ApproachAndreadakis, S; Benjamin, L
3-Jun-2019Book Review: Human Rights and IncarcerationEaston, SM
2017(Micro) Plastic Pollution in the Media: Adventure Documentary, News and Public UnderstandingsHenderson, L; Green, C
14-Jun-2019Economic growth: a short history of a controversial ideaDale, G
5-Aug-2019All in Good Faith? Proximity, Politicization, and Malaysia’s External Intelligence OrganizationDavies, PHJ
2014Personhood, Equality, and a Possible Justification for Criminal PunishmentLevanon, L
2016The Law of Police Entrapment: Critical Evaluation and Policy AnalysisLevanon, L
2015Criminal Punishment as a Restorative PracticeLevanon, L
15-Jun-2016‘Investors’ and market participants’ over-reliance on external credit ratings: To what extent does EU law carry this risk?‘De Pascalis, F
26-Aug-2016The European VAT Oxymoron: A pragmatic solution for welfare, especially in times of crisis?Alexandris Polomarkakis, K
14-Feb-2019The European Pillar of Social Rights and the Quest for EU Social SustainabilityAlexandris Polomarkakis, K
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 653