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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2022Profiles in intelligence: an interview with Tony ComerLomas, DWB
20-Aug-2022Sir Starmer and the Gas GiantsDale, G
10-Aug-2022Corporate identity, company law and currency: a survey of community images on English bank notesBarnes, V; Newton, L
9-Jul-2020Researching Testimonial Objects: The Postmemory of the Allied Occupation of Italy through the Imperial War Museum’s CollectionsSimonetti, F
29-Jul-2022Summer of StrikesDale, G
27-Jul-2022Decoding “decoloniality” in the academy: tensions and challenges in “decolonising” as a “new” language and praxis in British history and geographyRai, R; Campion, K
17-Aug-2022Experience matters, after all: What social psychology can teach us about transnational contact and trustSarmiento-Mirwaldt, K
11-Jul-2022Money laundering and sanctions enforcement: large rewards, leniency and witness protection for whistleblowersNyreröd, T; Andreadakis, S; Spagnolo, G
1-Aug-2019Comparative Legal Frameworks for Pre-Implantation Embryonic Genetic InterventionsLau, PL
7-Jan-2021From colonial ‘mongoloid’ to neoliberal ‘northeastern’: theorising ‘race’, racialization and racism in contemporary IndiaRai, R
1-Dec-2016An Exploration of the Potential Negative Effects of using Community Service Orders as an Alternative to Imprisonment for Fine DefaultersGuilfoyle, E
2-Oct-2017What Exactly is a Community Service Order?Guilfoyle, E
25-May-2022An Ecosystem of Interconnectedness: Prioritising Key Legal Concerns in the MetaverseLau, PL
26-Jul-2022Saving Ukrainian lives during the russian war: Ukraine must waive IP rights under Article 73 TRIPS to provide access to essential medicinesGurgula, O
21-Dec-2020Using data to design and monitor sentencing guidelines: The case of IrelandGuilfoyle, E; Marder, ID
29-Jun-2022Public Perceptions of UK Intelligence: Still In The Dark?Lomas, DWB; Ward, S
27-May-2022Compliance with international children's rights in the youth justice systemForde, L
3-Apr-2022Concretizing Mental Harm: Warfare's Psychological Impact on Civilians and the Return to Domestic Law for Establishing a Standards-Setting ParadigmSolomon, S
1-Mar-2020Insights from two decades of the Student Conference on Conservation ScienceGeldmann, J; Alves-Pinto, H; Amano, T; Bartlett, H; Christie, AP; Collas, L; Cooke, SC; Correa, R; Cripps, I; Doherty, A; Finch, T; Garnett, EE; Hua, F; Gordon Jones, JP; Kasoar, T; MacFarlane, D; Martin, PA; Mukherjee, N; Mumby, HS; Payne, C; Petrovan, SO; Rocha, R; Russell, K; Simmons, BI; Wauchope, HS; Worthington, TA; Trevelyan, R; Green, R; Balmford, A
11-Jun-2021The nature and extent of evidence on methodologies for monitoring and evaluating marine spatial management measures in the UK and similar coastal waters: a systematic mapO’Leary, BC; Copping, JP; Mukherjee, N; Dorning, SL; Stewart, BD; McKinley, E; Addison, PFE; Williams, C; Carpenter, G; Righton, D; Yates, KL
13-Dec-2021Lessons learned about the importance of raising risk awareness in the Mediterranean region (north Morocco and west Sardinia, Italy)Ivčević, A; Mazurek, H; Siame, L; Bertoldo, R; Statzu, V; Agharroud, K; Estrela Rego, I; Mukherjee, N; Bellier, O
25-Apr-2022‘Destructive fishing’—A ubiquitously used but vague term? Usage and impacts across academic research, media and policyWiller, DF; Brian, JI; Derrick, CJ; Hicks, M; Pacay, A; McCarthy, AH; Benbow, S; Brooks, H; Hazin, C; Mukherjee, N; McOwen, CJ; Walker, J; Steadman, D
7-Mar-2022The United States Army and the Making of America: From Confederation to Empire, 1775–1903 by Robert WoosterHughes, M
29-Apr-2022Revisiting the Jihad Ideology in Islamic International Law and its Appropriation by Nonstate ActorsRehman, J
8-Apr-2022Addressing Cognitive Vulnerabilities Through Genome and Epigenome Editing: Techno-Legal Adaptations for Persons with Intellectual DisabilitiesLau, PL
1-Jul-2021Savages Have No Crime!Niehaus, I
15-Feb-2022Moral Malaise at the BBCDale, G
4-Dec-2018The war of 1948: representations of Israeli and Palestinian memories and narrativesHughes, M
5-Feb-2018The Month that Changed the World: July 1914 and WWI., edited by Gordon MartelHughes, M
Jan-2018The Great War and the Middle East: A Strategic StudyHughes, M
29-Apr-2022The centre for the study of ethnicity and citizenship: Multiculturalism, racialisation, religion and national identity twenty years onModood, T; Uberoi, V; Thompson, S
1-Oct-2021O cavaleiro negro em Tropa de Elite: arquétipos, dispositivos e imagináriosDe Matos, MVAB
28-Sep-2017Rethinking Ethiopian Secured Transactions Law through comparative perspective: lessons from the Uniform Commercial Code of the USGikay, AA
1-Dec-2021POLÍTICA, IDEOLOGIA E MOVIMENTO ESTUDANTIL: A participação do C.A.C.O. na greve dos bondes de 1956Demidoff Oliveira, A; De Matos, MVAB
15-Jan-2022Incentives for non‑participation: absence in the United Kingdom House of Commons, 1997–2015Fazekas, Z; Hansen, M
21-Feb-2022Competition law and sustainability: EU and national perspectivesMalinauskaite, J
25-Feb-2020Decolonising conservation policy: How colonial land and conservation ideologies persist and perpetuate indigenous injustices at the expense of the environmentDomínguez, L; Luoma, C
8-Feb-2021Closing the cultural rights gap in transitional justice: Developments from Canada’s National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and GirlsLuoma, C
2019Tobacco regulation in Nigeria and corporate social responsibilityOlaiya, Andrew Bolarinwa
30-Dec-2021Specialised IP Judiciary: What Are the Key Elements to Consider when Establishing or Reforming an Effective IP Court?Gurgula, O; Padamczyk, M; Shemtov, N
10-Jul-2018A Scientific or Regimental Staff: The Reform of Staff College Selection in the British Army, 1927-31Farquharson, I
24-Jan-2022‘Mass anywhere on Sea or Land’: Catholicism and the Royal Navy, 1901-1906Seligmann, M
30-Dec-2020We Do Not Have Borders: Greater Somalia and the Predicaments of Belonging in Kenya by Keren Weitzberg: Athens, Ohio University Press, 2017; pp. xiv +274. $80.00 hardback; $32.95 paperWhittaker, H
1-Dec-2019Managing paper trails after WindrushTuckett, A
21-Jan-2021Evidence for Economics of Music StreamingBosher, H
16-Nov-2021‘They treat us with scant respect’: Prejudice and Pride in British Military Liaison with the Soviet Union in the Second World WarFolly, M
15-Oct-2021Radical Islam and Insurgency in Northern Nigeria: Tensions and ChallengesOnakuse, S; Jatula, V
1-Apr-2022The Journey to Open Finance: Learning from the Open Banking MovementDe Pascalis, F
1-Dec-2020Media Economics and Nigeria’s DemocracyJatula, V
11-Apr-2022The Role of the Courts in Protecting Children’s Rights in the Context of Police Questioning in Ireland and New ZealandForde, L
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 861