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Title: EBSD Analysis Enhancement of Cold Sprayed Composite Materials: Sample Preparation , Annealing, and Scan Optimization
Authors: Nikhbakht, R
Saadati, M
Jahazi, M
Assadi, H
Jodoin, B
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: 2020
Abstract: Microstructural study of the highly deformed materials using the EBSD technique has always been challenging due to abundant lattice imperfections. The problem becomes more complicated in the case of the cold worked and composite materials where each individual materials has different deformability. Cold sprayed Ni-Ti composite is one of these examples of multiphase and cold deformed samples. In Cold spray, particles are accelerated to high impact velocities (300-1200 m/s) and deposited on a substrate as a result of solid state deformation at relatively low temperatures. This work approached to EBSD indexation enhancement of a highly deformed microstructure of cold sprayed Ni-Ti composites by means of different preparation methods, low temperature annealing, and EBSD scan optimization.
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