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Title: Combination of the W boson polarization measurements in top quark decays using ATLAS and CMS data at √s = 8 TeV
Authors: Aad, G
Abbott, B
Abbott, DC
Abed Abud, A
Abeling, K
Abhayasinghe, DK
Abidi, SH
Abou Zeid, OS
Abraham, NL
Abramowicz, H
Abreu, H
Allaire, C
Allbrooke, BMM
Allen, BW
Allport, PP
Aloisio, A
Alonso, F
Alpigiani, C
Alshehri, AA
Alunno Camelia, E
Alvarez Estevez, M
Alviggi, MG
Amaral Coutinho, Y
Ambler, A
Ambroz, L
Amelung, C
Amidei, D
Amor Dos Santos, SP
Zahid, S
Amoroso, S
Amrouche, CS
An, F
Anastopoulos, C
Andari, N
Andeen, T
Anders, CF
Teodorescu, L
Anders, JK
Andrean, SY
Andreazza, A
Andrei, V
Anelli, CR
Angelidakis, S
Mackay, CK
Angerami, A
Anisenkov, AV
Annovi, A
Antel, C
Anthony, MT
Reid, ID
Antipov, E
Antonelli, M
Antrim, DJA
Anulli, F
Mackay, CK
Aoki, M
Aparisi Pozo, JA
Aparo, MA
Kyberd, P
Aperio Bella, L
Araujo Ferraz, V
Khan, A
Araujo Pereira, R
Hobson, PR
Cole, JE
Abulaiti, Y
Acharya, BS
Achkar, B
Adam, L
Adam Bourdarios, C
Adamczyk, L
Adamek, L
Adelman, J
Adersberger, M
Adiguzel, A
Adorni, S
Adye, T
Affolder, AA
Afik, Y
Agapopoulou, C
Agaras, MN
Aggarwal, A
Agheorghiesei, C
Aguilar-Saavedra, JA
Ahmad, A
Ahmadov, F
Ahmed, WS
Ai, X
Aielli, G
Akatsuka, S
Åkesson, TPA
Akilli, E
Akimov, AV
AlKhoury, K
Alberghi, GL
Albert, J
Alconada Verzini, MJ
Alderweireldt, S
Aleksa, M
Aleksandrov, IN
Alexa, C
Alexopoulos, T
Alfonsi, A
Alfonsi, F
Alhroob, M
Ali, B
Ali, S
Aliev, M
Alimonti, G
Keywords: Hadron-Hadron scattering (experiments);Top physics
Issue Date: 12-Aug-2020
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Aad, G., Abbott, B., Abbott, D.C. et al. Combination of the W boson polarization measurements in top quark decays using ATLAS and CMS data at \( \sqrt{s} \) = 8 TeV. J. High Energ. Phys. 2020, 51 (2020)
Abstract: The combination of measurements of the W boson polarization in top quark decays performed by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations is presented. The measurements are based on proton-proton collision data produced at the LHC at a centre-of-mass energy of 8 TeV, and corresponding to an integrated luminosity of about 20 fb−1 for each experiment. The measurements used events containing one lepton and having different jet multiplicities in the final state. The results are quoted as fractions of W bosons with longitudinal (F0), left-handed (FL), or right-handed (FR) polarizations. The resulting combined measurements of the polarization fractions are F0 = 0.693 ± 0.014 and FL = 0.315 ± 0.011. The fraction FR is calculated from the unitarity constraint to be FR = −0.008 ± 0.007. These results are in agreement with the standard model predictions at next-to-next-to-leading order in perturbative quantum chromodynamics and represent an improvement in precision of 25 (29)% for F0 (FL) with respect to the most precise single measurement. A limit on anomalous right-handed vector (VR), and left- and right-handed tensor (gL, gR) tWb couplings is set while fixing all others to their standard model values. The allowed regions are [−0.11, 0.16] for VR, [−0.08, 0.05] for gL, and [−0.04, 0.02] for gR, at 95% confidence level. Limits on the corresponding Wilson coefficients are also derived.
ISSN: 1126-6708
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