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Title: Finite size scaling of meson propagators with isospin chemical potential
Authors: Akemann, G
Basile, F
Lellouch, L
Keywords: Chiral perturbation theory;Lattice QCD
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Journal of High Energy Physics, Issue 12: 69, Apr 2008
Abstract: We determine the volume and mass dependence of scalar and pseudoscalar two-point functions in N_f-flavour QCD, in the presence of an isospin chemical potential and at fixed gauge-field topology. We obtain these results at second order in the \epsilon-expansion of Chiral Perturbation Theory and evaluate all relevant zero-mode group integrals analytically. The virtue of working with a non-vanishing chemical potential is that it provides the correlation functions with a dependence on both the chiral condensate, \Sigma, and the pion decay constant, F, already at leading order. Our results may therefore be useful for improving the determination of these constants from lattice QCD calculations. As a side product, we rectify an earlier calculation of the O(\epsilon^2) finite-volume correction to the decay constant appearing in the partition function. We also compute a generalised partition function which is useful for evaluating U(N_f) group integrals.
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