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Title: Ultimately Bounded Filtering Subject to Impulsive Measurement Outliers
Authors: Zou, L
Wang, Z
Hu, J
Dong, H
Keywords: Ultimately bounded filtering;Impulsive measurement outliers;Parameter-dependent filter;Matrix-fraction description;Time-delay systems
Issue Date: 18-May-2021
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Citation: L. Zou, Z. Wang, J. Hu and H. Dong (2021) Ultimately Bounded Filtering Subject to Impulsive Measurement Outliers.
Abstract: This paper is concerned with the ultimately bounded filtering problem for linear time-delay systems subject to norm-bounded disturbances and impulsive measurement outliers (IMOs). The considered IMOs are modeled by a sequence of impulsive signals with certain known minimum norm (i.e. the minimum of the norms of all impulsive signals). In order to characterize the occasional occurrence of IMOs, a sequence of independently and identically distributed random variables is introduced to depict the interval lengths (i.e. the durations between two adjacent IMOs) of the outliers. In order to achieve satisfactory filtering performance, a novel parameter-dependent filtering approach is proposed to protect the filtering performance from IMOs by using a special outlier detection scheme, which is developed based on a particular input-output model. The ultimate boundedness (in mean square) of the filtering error is investigated by using the stochastic analysis technique and Lyapunov-functional-like method. The desired filter gain matrix is derived through solving a constrained optimization problem. A simulation example is provided to demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed
ISSN: 0018-9286
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