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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Arterial tree taper and bifurcations: implications on wave reflection and pressure at the aortic root using a one-dimensional computational modelAbdullateef, Shima
2020Investigation of fracture behaviour of pipelines containing flaws subjected to plastic straining in the presence of yield discontinuityWang, Longjie
2020Investigation on the multiscale multiphysics based approach to modelling and simulation in abrasive flow machining of aerofoil structures and its application perspectivesShao, Yizhi
2020Experimental and CFD investigation of the solidification of blood plasma using heat pipe based cryo-freezer storage systemChauhan, Amisha
2020The effect of hip muscle contraction on stress response of the lower extremities during the normal walkingMahdi, Hossaeini Marashi
2020An investigation into high-load SFI EGR boosted operation for downsized GTDI engine with valve-overlap reductionShimura, Ray
2020Novel PVA/PLA-Graphene Three-Dimensional Printed Nanocomposites for Gas Sensing, Adsorption-Desorption Cooling and Electrochromic CoatingsRust, Samuel Derek
2020Effect of Leading Edge Blowing for Aerofoil Subjected to Laminar and Turbulent InflowsAl-Okbi, Yasir
2019Experimental and theoretical investigation of a radiative flat heat pipe based heat exchanger for waste heat recovery in the steel industryAlmahmoud, Sulaiman
2014Model based design and optimization of a fuel cell electric vehicleCipollone, R; Di Battista, D; Marchionni, M; Villante, C
2019The generation of cavitation for the removal of fouling on submerged structures using high power ultrasonic transducersLais, Habiba
2019A risk register for energy security: a UK case studyAxon, Colin J
2019A study of turbulent jet ignition combustion in an optical research engine with alternative fuelsBureshaid, Khalifa
2019Measurement and analysis of the thermal properties of the ground for ground heat exchanger applications in CyprusStylianou, Iosifina I.
2020The Aluminium Industry: A Review on State-of-the-Art Technologies, Environmental Impacts and Possibilities for Waste Heat RecoveryDaniel, B; Jouhara, H
2019Energy demand and environmental impacts of food transport refrigeration and energy reduction methods during temperature-controlled distributionRai, Ashika
2019Computational study of the effects of surface contamination on the gas transfer across the air-water interfaceYasemin, Akar
2019Flow boiling and condensation with refrigerant HFE-7100 for cooling high heat flux devicesHameed Mumen Al-Zaidi, Ali
2019Smart automated computer-aided process planning (ACAPP) for rotational parts based on feature technology and STEP fileAl-wswasi, Mazin Ghazi
2019Experimental and analytical study of water production of solar stillAlheefi, Thamer
2019Experimental and numerical investigation of air distribution in a large air-conditioned space buildingAlzaid, Ali Mohammad
2019Developing a comprehensive construction delay analysis techniqueAlshammari, Saud Ayid R.
2019Designing a decision support system for improving medical devices maintenance in Saudi ArabiaAlbadr, Hamad
2019Determination of human coronary artery endothelial cells membrane potentials for the re-endothelialisation of vascular stentsFaridamin, Nastaran
2019Characterization of fatigue damage types in fibre reinforced composites utilizing pattern recognition techniques applied to acoustic emission signalsTang, Jialin
2016The fundamentals of pipeline cleaning with acoustic cavitationGarcía de Carellán Esteban-Infantes, Ignacio María
2019Research of fuel injection and combustion control for maximum fuel efficiency and minimum emissions in a heavy-duty diesel engineGuan, Wei
2018Modelling and experimental analysis of low concentrating photovoltaic for use in building integrated and attached photovoltaic (BIPV/BAPV) systemsHadavinia, Homan
2019Microstructure and mechanical properties of tin-based alloys for miniature detonating cordsLiu, Guangyu
2018Experimental study of the impact of port and direct fuel injection strategies on the efficiency, performance and emissions of a downsized GDI engineGolzari, Reza
2018Investigation and improvement of a pcm-air heat exchanger to reduce energy use in buildingsSantos, Thiago Victor de Oliveira
2018Multiple beams Yb:fibre laser welding process for Grade 2205 duplex stainless steelBolut, Maxime
2018Experimental investigation of bubble behaviours in domestic heat pump water heating systemQin, Jianbo
2018A study of pre-ignition and knock in an optical spark ignition engineVafamehr, Hassan
2018Investigation on the multiscale multiphysics based approach to modelling and analysis of precision machining of metal matrix composites (MMCs) and its application perspectivesNiu, Zhichao
2018A Study on the Effects of Combined Diesel-Hydrogen Combustion on Diesel Engines using Experimental and Simulation TechniquesAl-Asadi, Ward
2018Investigation of diesel-ethanol and diesel-gasoline dual fuel combustion in a single cylinder optical diesel engineMirmohammadsadeghi, Mahmoudreza
2018Design and fabrication of GaPO4 ultrasonic transducer for NDT at high temperaturesKostan, Mario
2018Bio-foams for thermal packaging applicationsTorrejon, Virginia Martin
2018Towards the noise reduction of synthetic jet actuators using lobed orificesJeyalingam, Jonne
2017Influences on consumers’ decision making and recognition memory: An investigation using fMRI, EEG and behavioural methodsLi, Lin
2018A novel, internally structured stainless steel implant with titanium characteristicsYazdifar, Mohammadreza
2018Experimental study of a Miller cycle based approach for an efficient boosted downsized gasoline Di engineLi, Yuanping
2018Flow boiling in vertical small to micro scale tubesAl Gaheeshi, Asseel Majed Rasheed
2018Investigation of residual stresses in X65 narrow-gap pipe girth weldsRen, Yao
2018Experimental study of single sided ventilation through a multi-configuration slotted louvre systemO'Sullivan, Paul D.
2018An experimental investigation of lean-burn dual-fuel combustion in a heavy duty diesel engineMay, Ian Alexander
2017Statistical modelling of ECDA data for the prioritisation of defects on buried pipelinesBin Muhd Noor, Nik Nooruhafidzi
2016Mechanical behaviour of lined pipelines under welding and impactObeid, Obeid
2018Electroencephalography (EEG) profile and sense of body ownership: a study of signal processing, proprioception and tactile illusionShahriari, Sheyda
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 574