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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Particle dispersion in aluminium and magnesium alloysYang, Xinliang
2016Investigation of the energy efficient sustainable manufacturing approach and its implementation perspectivesKatchasuwanmanee, Kanet
2017Numerical and analytical investigation into the plastic buckling paradox for metal cylindersShamass, Rabee
2017The novel use of phase change materials in refrigerated display cabinets for energy conservationAlzuwaid, Falah
2016Investigation of the timetabling-based smart energy managment system for educational buildings and its implementation perspectivesNaji Rayeni Pour, Abdolreza
2017Characterisation and processing of carbon-based reinforced Al-MMCs for thermal management applications”Torres Miranda, Alberto
2014Computational investigation into the influence of yaw & rotation on the bluff-body aerodynamics of an isolated wheelKothalawala, Tharaka D
2016Error compensation and uncertainty evaluation of CMMs based on kinematic error models and gaussian processesSalacheep, Panadda
2017Performance investigation and optimisationof CO2 refrigeration systems in retail food storesTsamos, Konstantinos
2017Nonlinear finite-element analysis of reinforced-concrete beams retrofitted with externally bonded fibre-reinforced polymers.Earij, Alrazi
2014Lubricant induced pre-ignition in an optical spark-ignition engineDingle, Simon Frederick
2016Omnidirectional and unidirectional SH0 mode transducer arrays for guided wave evaluation of plate-like structuresRodrigues Marques, Hugo
2015Development of novel nanoengineered materials: chemical synthesis, properties and applicationsWorsley, Myles
2015Ultrasonic guided wave testing of pipelines using a broadband excitationThornicroft, Keith
2014Intermittent counter-current extraction a new continuous dynamic liquid-liquid extraction methodologyHewitson, Peter
2014Studies of hip impingement diagnosisYazdi Far, Mahshid
2015Single-phase laminar flow heat transfer from confined electron beam emhanced surfacesFerhati, Arben
2014Importance of KPI identification and implementation in Kuwaiti construction industryAlrajehi, Shrouq H.
2015The role of solute elements on grain refinement of Al alloys with Al-Ti-B inoculationsZhou, Li
2015Factions and class fictions: investigating narratives of resistance in representations of lower-class men in post-War British literature in the New Wave & Thatcherite years & If I’m ever to find these trees meaningful I must have you by the thighs: a collection of poemsSmith, Wayne
2015Investigation on influence of dental implantsRahmanivahid, Pooyan
2015An integration of Lean Six Sigma and Health and Safety Management System in Saudi Broadcasting CorporationAlharthi, Adel Aifan
2015Acoustic performance of dissipative and hybrid silencers in ducts with large transverse dimensionsWilliams, Paul Timothy
2016Biodiesel and oxides of nitrogen: investigations into their relationshipPeirce, David
2016Resolving the morphological and mechanical properties of palm petioles: shape analysis methods for symmetric sections of natural formWindsor-Collins, Andrea Grace
2016Adsorption and oxidation of NO to NO2 over a renewable activated carbon from coconutGonzález García-Cervigón, Maria Inmaculada
2016Autonomous design and optimisation of a complex energy system using a reinforcement learning intelligent agentMumith, Jurriath- Azmathi
2016Vision-Augmented molecular dynamics simulation of nanoindentationAlsayegh, Rajab
2016Application of active controllers to suppress engine vibrationsDayyani, Keyvan
2016Bio-Methane potential of exotic food waste and water hyacinthLongjan, Gurumwal George
2016Characterisation of structured surfaces and assessment of associated measurement uncertaintyMacAulay, Gavin
2016Aggregated understanding of characteristics of wheat straw node and internode with their interfacial bonding mechanismsGhaffar, Seyed Hamidreza
2013Development of wood-crete building materialAigbomian, Eboziegbe Patrick
2016Single - phase flow and flow boiling of water in rectangular metallic microchannelsÖzdemir, Mehmed Rafet
2016Investigation of two-phase flow structures in the pipework of wet central heating systemsShefik, Ali
2016Integration of lean six sigma with multi agent systems in the food distribution industry in small to medium enterprisesAlgassem, Fahed Suliman
2016Electrochemical machining - new machining targets and adaptations with suitability for micromanufacturingLeese, Rebecca Jane
2015Vision-augmented molecular dynamics simulation of nanoindentationAl-Sayegh, R; Makatsoris, C
2016Development of self-cured geopolymer cementSuwan, Teewara
2015Decentralized power and heat derived from an eco-innovative integrated gasification fuel cell combined cycle fuelled by wasteDoyle, T S; Dehouche, Z; Stankovic, S
2015Microstructure and mechanical properties of ductile die-cast al-mg-si-mn alloysWatson, Douglas
2016Modelling of the thermal behaviour of a two-phase closed thermosyphonFadhl, Bandar
2015Solar thermal heating of a glasshouse using phase change material (pcm) thermal storage techniquesBoampong, James, Kwadwo
2016An investigation into red emitting phosphors for display and lightingsGhazli, Mohd Fathullah bin
2016Telemedicine systems deployment in the Kenyan healthcare system: a study of the role of organisation collaborationNyamu, Janerose
2016Optimisation oriented lean six sigma development for maintenance management in service sectorAlsubaie, Barrak Hamdan
2016Fabrication and characterisation of electrospun polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) nanocomposites for energy harvesting applicationsSong, Hang
2016A multi-physics-based approach to design of the smart cutting tool and its implementation and application perspectivesChen, Xun
2013The use of macro fiber composite transducers for ultrasonic guided wave based inspectionHaig, Alexander George
2016Experimental and computational study of a solar powered hydrogen production system for domestic cooking applications in developing economiesTopriska, Evangelia Vasiliki
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 51 to 100 of 539