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Title: Assessing assessment
Authors: Piper, CD
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Jordan
Citation: Family Law. 2004(10) 736-740
Abstract: Assessment is not only a major practice tool for social workers and medical professionals but also a gatekeeper. It operates to open or close the way for intervention or treatment for a child or his family in the same way that the Crown Prosecutor controls entry to the courts when applying prosecution guidance. Furthermore, the scope and results of the assessment influence or determine the nature and extent of the intervention. Consequently, assessment, comprising of the investigation and the professional conclusions drawn from it, can categorise children – in relation to ss 17, 37 or 47 of the Children Act 1989 – as in need of services or make them the focus of compulsory measures to address significant harm. Compliance with detailed guidance about assessment and the completion of the requisite questionnaires, scales and pro forma also constitute a type of insurance for those who work in a field where certainty of outcome is impossible. It is difficult, then, to over-estimate the importance of assessment.
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