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Title: The Role of Summer Intensive Programmes on Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes in Rural Areas
Authors: Sagyndykova, Z
Gazdiyeva, B
Gabdullina, Z
Akhmetzhanova, A
Mektepbayeva, D
Althonayan, A
Keywords: Summer schools;rural education;STEAM-education;career choice
Issue Date: 30-Mar-2021
Publisher: Kassel University Press
Citation: Sagyndykova, Z., et al. (2021). The Role of Summer Intensive Programmes on Improving Students’ Learning Outcomes in Rural Areas. International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET), 16(06), pp. 122–136.
Abstract: Many countries face serious challenges with education in rural areas. Vast majority of education in rural areas are disadvantaged. In Kazakhstan, ineffective outcomes of education in rural areas impact on most rural students are lack employability and entrepreneurial skills. This research investigates the role of intensive summer programmes on improving students’ learning outcomes aim to develop and Inspire employability and entrepreneurial skills and STEAM-education in rural schools of Kazakhstan. This research suggest that the summer program transferred practical skills and knowledge to students, while increasing their motivation to learn outside of the classroom in a way that traditional educational system has not. There are social and economic challenges in the rural areas: unemployment, the lack of highly skilled professionals, and low motivation. Summer programs appear to address all above issues by motivating youth to learn and providing them with practical skills that can be used in their private life and careers.
ISSN: 1868-8799
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