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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
26-Aug-2021Biomass Combustion Fly Ash-Derived Nanoporous Zeolites for Post-Combustion Carbon CapturePetrovic, B; Gorbounov, M; Lahiri, A; Masoudi Soltani, S
17-Sep-2021Editorial: The Role of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Technologies in a Net-Zero Carbon FutureBui, M; Gazzani, M; Pozo, C; Puxty, GD; Masoudi Soltani, S
19-Apr-2021Release Mechanisms and Kinetic Models of Gypsum-Sulfur-Zeolite-Coated Urea Sealed with Microcrystalline Wax for Regulated DissolutionEghbali Babadi, F; Yunus, R; Masoudi Soltani, S; Shotipruk, A
2-Oct-2021Sorption-enhanced Steam Methane Reforming for Combined CO2 Capture and Hydrogen Production: A State-of-the-Art ReviewMasoudi Soltani, S; Lahiri, A; Bahzad, H; Clough, P; Gorbounov, M; Yan, Y
29-Aug-2021Organic waste to energy: Resource potential and barriers to uptake in ChileLudlow, J; Jalil-Vega, F; Schmidt Rivera, X; Garrido, RA; Hawkes, A; Staffell, I; Balcombe, P
25-Dec-2021Evaluation of the economic feasibility of a two-stage gasification system for hydrogen, liquid fuels and energy production from residuesKargbo, HO; Ng, KS; Phan, AN
6-Apr-2021Engaging citizens in sustainability research: comparing survey recruitment and responses between Facebook, Twitter and qualtricsBridge, G; Armstrong, B; Reynolds, C; Wang, C; Schmidt, X; Kause, A; Ffoulkes, C; Krawczyk, C; Miller, G; Serjeant, S; Oakden, L
27-Jan-2021How Does Citizen Science Compare to Online Survey Panels? A Comparison of Food Knowledge and Perceptions Between the Zooniverse, Prolific and Qualtrics UK PanelsArmstrong, B; Reynolds, C; Bridge, G; Oakden, L; Wang, C; Panzone, L; Schmidt Rivera, X; Kause, A; Ffoulkes, C; Krawczyk, C; Miller, G; Serjeant, S
23-Feb-2021Using Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to Explore the Nutrition and Sustainability of Recipes and Foodvan Erp, M; Reynolds, C; Maynard, D; Starke, A; Ibáñez Martín, R; Andres, F; Leite, MCA; Alvarez de Toledo, D; Schmidt Rivera, X; Trattner, C; Brewer, S; Adriano Martins, C; Kluczkovski, A; Frankowska, A; Bridle, S; Levy, RB; Rauber, F; da Silva, JT; Bosma, U
11-Dec-2021Impacts of home cooking methods and appliances on the GHG emissions of foodFrankowska, A; Schmidt Rivera, X; Bridle, S; Rodrigues Galdino Kluczkovsk, AM; da Silva, JT; Adriano Martins, C; Rauber, F; Bertazzi Levy, R; Cook, J; Reynolds, C