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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021The United States’ psychological strategy board and operations coordinating board: national assessments and the Middle East, 1951 - 1958Joel, Michael C.
2022The intelligence-led national security architecture of Ghana and its three pre-conditions.  An overlooked asset but key to the country’s long-term domestic stabilityEshun, Joe Sarbah
2022Reduced analytic uncertainty through increased analytic rigour: effects of using structured analytic techniques in estimative intelligenceBorg, Lars C.
2022Preferences for financing political parties in a new democracy: A case study of political parties in IndonesiaPutra, Rhevy Adriade
2021The European left: Democracy and sovereignty in Italy, Spain, and PortugalFrancisco Maia, Rodrigo I.
2021The practice of youth empowerment in Qatar: design, implementation and outcomes for state capacity buildingMurtada Al-Hashemi, Mohammed Hashem
2021Intelligence Democratisation: A Comparative Analysis of Portugal, Greece, and SpainTzamarelou, Sofia
17-Mar-2020Electoral integrity – The winner takes it all? Evidence from three British general electionsFisher, J; Sällberg, Y
2019A comprehensive approach to the Turkish legal barriers of minor party representationMuratogullari, Harun
2019The Origins and Significance of Impeachment in the Career of Governor Huey P LongSmith, Diane
2019Beyond borders: A transnational history of the Black Sash and FEDSAW, c. 1952 – 62Fernandes, Monica Ferro Gameiro
2018Why do some illiberal democracies fall into conflict while others do not? Evaluating formal and informal mechanisms of distribution through elite bargainingRodríguez, Liliana Narváez
2016The quest for a panacea. A comparative varieties of capitalism analysis of the economic adjustment programmes in Greece and IrelandKlos, Benjamin
2015The roles of African states in affecting Soviet and American engagements with Mozambican national liberation, 1961-1964Labrentsev, Petr
2016The Sri Lankan insurgency: a rebalancing of the orthodox positionRoberts, Peter Stafford
2016‘Our Achilles’ Heel’ – Interagency intelligence during the Malayan emergencyArditti, Roger Christopher
2015Prolegomenon to a Political Economy of Intelligence and Security: Can Microeconomic Analysis Explain Success or Failure in Intelligence Cooperation?Thomson, James William Hugh
2015Hegel’s concept of the estatesBoyd, Nathaniel
2012Libya in the modern orientalist world-system: A critical analysis of English Language acquisition (ELA) as a factor in Libya‟s new developmental strategyGewider, Rabia Saad
2014GCC–EU Interregionalism: challenges, opportunities and future prospectsAl Sajjan, Sawsan
2014Constructing Arctic sovereignty: rules, policy and governance 1494-2013Wood-Donnelly, Corine Tuesday
2011Twilight of Britain's Joint Intelligence Committee?Davies, PHJ
2010Who doesn't feel British? Divisions over MuslimsUberoi, V; Modood, T
2013International law as primitive accumulation: Or, the secret of systematic colonizationNeocleous, M
2013‘O effeminacy! Effeminacy!’ War, masculinity and the myth of liberal peaceNeocleous, M
2010Contact, conflict and geography: What factors shape cross-border citizen relations?Mirwaldt, K
2013The United States, PMSCs and the state monopoly on violence: Leading the way towards norm changeKrahmann, E
2008Security: Collective good or commodity?Krahmann, E
2012The behaviour of political parties and MPs in the parliaments of the Weimar RepublicHansen, ME; Debus, M
2008Back to the archives? A critique of the Danish part of the manifesto datasetHansen, ME
2011The electoral effectiveness of constituency campaigning in the 2010 British General Election: The ‘triumph’ of Labour?Fisher, J; Cutts, D; Fieldhouse, E
2010Does one trust judgement fit all? Linking theory and empiricsFisher, J; van Heerde, J; Tucker, A
2014Liberal peace/ethno-theocratic war: A biopolitical perspective on western policy in the Eelam warRajah, Ayshwarya Rajith Sriskanda
2009Imagery in the UK: Britain's troubled imagery intelligence architectureDavies, PHJ
2009Karl Polanyi in Budapest: On his political and intellectual formationDale, G
2011Regional republicans: The Alsatian socialists and the politics of primary schooling in Alsace, 1918–1939Carrol, A
2011Beck and beyond: Selling security in the world risk societyKrahmann, E
2014Representation of women in the parliament of the Weimar republic: Evidence from roll call votesDebus, M; Hansen, ME
1993Special advisers: Their place in British governmentHanney, Stephen Robert
2012'Hollow promises?' Critical materialism and the contradictions of the Democratic PeaceMacMillan, J
2007Introduction: Future pathways for science policy and research assessment: metrics vs peer review, quality vs impactDonovan, C
2006The problem of political science and practical politicsDonovan, C; Larkin, P
2009Gradgrinding the social sciences: The politics of metrics of political scienceDonovan, C
2012Myths and lessons of liberal intervention: The British campaign for the abolition of the Atlantic slave trade to BrazilMacmillan, J
2005The transcription and notation of Elizabeth Fry's journal 1780-1845Bruin, Mary BA
2004Age, equality, and cultural oppression: An argument against ageismWagland, Richard
2000Advancing beyond regularity: Developments in value for money methods at the national audit office 1984-1999Lonsdale, Jeremy Stephen John
1973The impact of the military in the third world: A study of some aspects of military intervention and defence procurement on developing economiesKennedy, Gavin
2002The role of pre-1945 national and catholic myths in transforming an illiberal Polish political culture into a liberal political culture of opposition under communismBardell, Geoffrey
2010Identity security and Turkish foreign policy in the post-cold war period: Relations with the EU, Greece and the Middle EastGülseven, Enver
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 96