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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021An examination of reading, reading development and disorder in a highly transparent orthography: the case of TurkishRaman, Evren Hussein
2021The Effects of Anxiety, Ageing, and Neurodegenerative Disease on Visual Reweighting for Postural ControlFielding, Anna Elizabeth
14-Jul-2021Out of the empirical box: A mixed-methods study of tool innovation among Congolese BaYaka forager and Bondongo fisher–farmer childrenLew-Levy, S; Pope, SM; Haun, DBM; Kline, MA; Broesch, T
2020Understanding variability in processing facial expressions: Behavioural and neuroimaging studiesMurray, Thomas Oliver
2020A cross-cultural examination of gender role ideology and gender inequality in romantic relationshipsHill, Suzanne Margaret Deplidge
2020Exploring a functionalist model of moral elevationMonroe, Amy
2019Investigating the function of alpha frequency oscillatory activityWereszczynski, Karol
2019Cultural influences on emotional display rulesDeng, Jie
2019Brain and perceptual representations of faces, voices, and person identityTsantani, Maria Stephanie
2017The mourning of lost autonomy: a philosophical and psychoanalytic critique on the objectification of fantasyThistlethwaite, Max
2018The role of motion smoothness, synchrony, and culture in aesthetic perception of human movement: from the method of production to the method of choiceMonroy Agamez, Ernesto Eduardo
2018A comparison of behavioural and functional neuroanatomical correlates of executive functions in multitasking and working memoryOtermans, Pauldy Cornelia Johanna
2017An assessment of body weight perceptions, ‘Fluffy’ and the impact on psychological wellbeing and physical activity in JamaicaPearce, Venecia Ordell
2017Dissociative experiences in Black people of African and African Caribbean descent in the UK: an adaptive response to perceived racism or evidence of mental ill-health?De Maynard, Vernon Augustus
2016The associations between acculturation orientations and attitudinal outcomes among immigrant employees and international studentsChavanovanich, Jennifer
2017The experience and prevalence of PTSD in Palestinian adults living in the Gaza StripEl-Deeb, Talal
2017Neuroticism related differences during porcessing of controlled congnitive tasksSaylik, Rahmi
2016Weight management among Maltese mothersDutton, Elaine
2012Walt Disney's world: Homunculus, Apparatus, UtopiaHarrington, Sean
2015The role of psychological and cognitive factors in the psychological and physical recovery from acute stroke: A longitudinal study.Dhiman, Parminder
2016Situational influences of religious VS. secular symbols on cognition in NigeriaIruayenama, Mark, Abiye
2016A cross-cultural examination of knowledge and beliefs about mental disordersAltweck, Laura
2013Agency, structure and subjectivity: Towards a new metaphorical model of the mindFittipaldi, Luis Antonio Egidio
2016Quality of life and stigma in people with epilepsy: and knowledge and stigma concerning people with epilepsy in the UK and Kurdistan, Northern Iraq.Sargalo, Nashmel
2016The influence of social comparison on the perception of quality of life amongst people living with epilepsy in Iran and the United KingdomGhaemian Oskouei, Aisan
2014Music and social bonding: 'Self-other' merging and neurohormonal mechanismsTarr, B; Launay, J; Dunbar, RIM
2014Dysrhythmia: A specific congenital rhythm perception deficitLaunay, J; Grube, M; Stewart, L
2015Synchrony and exertion during dance independently raise pain threshold and encourage social bondingTarr, B; Launay, J; Cohen, E; Dunbar, R
2014Event-related alpha suppression in response to facial motionGirges, C; Wright, M; Spencer, J; O'Brien, J
2014Reward activates stimulus-specific and task-dependent representations in visual association corticesSchiffer, A-M; Muller, T; Yeung, N; Waszak, F
2016Cross-cultural studies among Saudi students in the United KingdomAlyami, Adel
2015Musical sounds, motor resonance, and detectable agencyLaunay, J
2015The influence of familial involvement and cultural values on mate preferences and romantic relationships: what do today’s emerging adults in India and America want?Bejanyan, Kathrine
2008An exploration of the trauma histories, dissociative experiences and psychopathic features of murderersNewberry, Michelle T.
2015The extended acculturation model for locals: validation, outcomes, and antecedentsLefringhausen, Katharina
2015The antecedents and psychological outcomes of perceived rejection from one’s heritage cultureFerenczi, Nelli
2015Facial motion perception in autism spectrum disorder and neurotypical controlsGirges, Christine
2015Emotion recognition in the human face and voiceKuhn, Lisa Katharina
2013Pattern classification of valence in depressionHabes, I; Krall, SC; Johnston, SJ; Yuen, KSL; Healy, D; Goebel, R; Sorger, B; Linden, DEJ
2015The protective and detrimental effects of self-construal on perceived rejection from heritage culture membersFerenczi, N; Marshall, TC; Bejanyan, K
2006Review of Understanding social psychology across culturesGaines, SO
2014Event-related alpha suppression in response to facial motionGirges, C; Wright, MJ; Spencer, JV; O'Brien, JMD
2014Using teacher-feedback to improve mathematics in UK primary school childrenWright, B; Sloggett, R
2012Interdisciplinary approaches to zoonotic diseaseGoodwin, RB; Schley, D; Lai, KM; Ceddia, GM; Barnett, J; Cook, N
2016Meeting the Expectations of Your Heritage Culture: Links between Attachment Style, Intragroup Marginalisation, and Psychological AdjustmentFerenczi, N; Marshall, T
2014Romantic ideals, mate preferences, and anticipation of future difficulties in marital life: a comparative study of young adults in India and AmericaBejanyan, K; Marshall, TC; Ferenczi, N
2001What forms the chunks in a subject's performance? Lessons from the CHREST computational model of learningLane, PCR; Gobet, F; Cheng, PCH
2014The evolution of leader-follower reciprocity: The theory of service-for-prestigePrice, ME; Van Vugt, M
2014Female economic dependence and the morality of promiscuityPrice, ME; Pound, N; Scott, IM
-Female economic dependence and the morality of promiscuityPrice, ME; Pound, N; Scott, IM
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 361