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Title: Test-bed development & measurement plan for evaluating transmit diversity in DVB networks
Authors: Shirazi, H
Di Bari, R
Cosmas, J
Nilavalan, R
Zhang, Y
Bard, M
Loo, J
Keywords: CDD; DD; Field trials; MIMO; MISO; SIMO; SISO
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: Proceedings of the 16th IST Mobile & Wireless communication Summit- Mobilesummit 2007. Budapest, Hungary, July 2007. pp. 1-5
Abstract: This paper presents a test-bed development and measurement plan for evaluating transmit diversity in the DVB network. Transmit diversity reduces the complexity and improves the power consumption of the personal receiving devices by improving the transmission of signals in NLOS cluttered environments. Also, it is more practical than receive diversity due to the difficulty of locating two receive antennas far enough apart in a small mobile device. Test service scenarios were developed to illustrate the benefits of such technologies so that effectiveness can be researched in a variety of service and terrain scenarios using purpose built test systems. The laboratory tests were designed to validate the theoretical measurements from the theoretical analysis and these results will be verified by a field measurement campaign in short and long time spans.
ISBN: 963-8111-66-6
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