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Title: Grid computing for the numerical reconstruction of digital holograms
Authors: Nebrensky, JJ
Hobson, PR
Fryer, PC
Keywords: holography;digital holography;numerical reconstruction;Grid computing;data extraction
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: SPIE
Citation: Proceedings of SPIE. 5775(2005) 285-296.
Abstract: Digital holography has the potential to greatly extend holography's applications and move it from the lab into the field: a single CCD or other solid-state sensor can capture any number of holograms while numerical reconstruction within a computer eliminates the need for chemical processing and readily allows further processing and visualisation of the holographic image. The steady increase in sensor pixel count and resolution leads to the possibilities of larger sample volumes and of higher spatial resolution sampling, enabling the practical use of digital off-axis holography. However this increase in pixel count also drives a corresponding expansion of the computational effort needed to numerically reconstruct such holograms to an extent where the reconstruction process for a single depth slice takes significantly longer than the capture process for each single hologram. Grid computing - a recent innovation in largescale distributed processing -provides a convenient means of harnessing significant computing resources in an ad-hoc fashion that might match the field deployment of a holographic instrument. In this paper we consider the computational needs of digital holography and discuss the deployment of numericals reconstruction software over an existing Grid testbed. The analysis of marine organisms is used as an exemplar for work flow and job execution of in-line digital holography.
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