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Title: Aspects of general aviation flight safety research
Authors: Gratton, GB
Bromfield, MA
Keywords: flight safety;Stall;Loss of Control;Fatal accident;Flight test
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Royal Aeronautical Society
Citation: Proceedings of the Royal Aeronautical Society 2008 General Aviation Conference. Cambridge, 28 September 2008.
Abstract: The largest cause of General Aviation Accidents is shown through an analysis of the 283 UK fatal accidents between 1980 and 2006 to be loss of control, most usually at low level. Evaluating the reasons behind this, it is shown to be due to a combination of aircraft characteristics and pilot situational awareness and response. The statistical analysis also shows that there are marked differences in the incidence of these accidents between some aircraft types, and this along with systems analysis and simulator experimental work has been used as a mechanism for researching how and why these accidents occur. A proposed mechanism is described, along with an ongoing programme of research, centred on certain single engined aeroplanes, aiming to investigate this and produce recommendations both for aircraft design and pilot training.
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