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Title: Spin glass phase transition on scale-free networks
Authors: Kim, DH
Kahng, B
Rodgers, GJ
Kim, D
Keywords: Spin glasses;Ising model;Ferromagnetic-paramagnetic transitions;Magnetisation;Critical exponents
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: American Physical Society
Citation: Physical review E 71: 056115, Aug 2006
Abstract: We study the Ising spin-glass model on scale-free networks generated by the static model using the replica method. Based on the replica-symmetric solution, we derive the phase diagram consisting of the paramagnetic (P), ferromagnetic (F), and spin glass (SG) phases as well as the Almeida-Thouless line as functions of the degree exponent , the mean degree K, and the fraction of ferromagnetic interactions r. To reflect the inhomogeneity of vertices, we modify the magnetization m and the spin-glass order parameter q with vertex- weights. The transition temperature Tc (Tg) between the P-F (P-SG) phases and the critical behaviors of the order parameters are found analytically. When 2<<3, Tc and Tg are infinite, and the system is in the F phase or the mixed phase for r>1/2, while it is in the SG phase at r=1/2. m and q decay as power-laws with increasing temperature with different -dependent exponents. When >3, the Tc and Tg are finite and related to the percolation threshold. The critical exponents associated with m and q depend on for 3<<5 (3<<4) at the P-F (P-SG) boundary
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