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Title: Motorola cash management: The evolution of a global system
Authors: Holland, CP
Lockett, G
Richard, JM
Blackman, ID
Keywords: International cash management;Transactional banking;Wholesale banking;Foreign exchange;Interorganizational systems;Global integration;Financial supply chain;Citibank;Motorola
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: 26th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS 1993), Wailea, January 1993. pp. 450-459
Abstract: The set of interorganizational information systems used for global cash management in business markets is analyzed. A longitudinal case study of Motorola is presented. Their strategy has evolved from an internal cost saving focus to a cooperative one, yielding significant strategic benefits by the inclusion of trading partners. The financial aspects of Motorola's business relationships with trading partners and its principal bank have been transformed through a process of organizational learning and adaptation coupled with the close integration of information systems (ISs) throughout the cash supply chain. Cooperative behavior between Motorola and its suppliers, with the help of Citibank, has enabled a coordinated response to bring cash flows in line with product flows. The results are compared with existing IS marketing theories on business relationships, market structure, and globalization.
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