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Title: Comparing test sets and criteria in the presence of test hypotheses and fault domains
Authors: Hierons, RM
Keywords: Theory;Verification;Fault domains
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Association For Computing Machinery Press, New York, NY, USA
Citation: Hierons, R.M. (2002) 'Comparing test sets and criteria in the presence of test hypotheses and fault domains', ACM Transactions On Software Engineering and Methodology, 11(4), pp. 427-448. doi:10.1145/606612.606615.
Abstract: A number of authors have considered the problem of comparing test sets and criteria. Ideally test sets are compared using a preorder with the property that test set T1 is at least as strong as T2 if whenever T2 determines that an implementation p is faulty, T1 will also determine that p is faulty. This notion can be extended to test criteria. However, it has been noted that very few test sets and criteria are comparable under such an ordering; instead orderings are based on weaker properties such as subsumes. This paper explores an alternative approach, in which comparisons are made in the presence of a test hypothesis or fault domain. This approach allows strong statements about fault detecting ability to be made and yet for a number of test sets and criteria to be comparable. It may also drive incremental test generation.
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