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Title: An ontology to model the research process in information systems
Authors: de Cesare, S
Serrano, A
Keywords: research process;research methods;research approach;research paradigm;IS research;ontology
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: The IS community has relied mostly on two main paradigms to undertake IS research: positivist and interpretivist. This paper argues that the ongoing debate around which of these paradigms is better suited to undertake IS research has created confusion amongst IS researchers, particularly between those who are relatively inexperienced (e.g. PhD researchers). Inexperienced researchers tend to place emphasis on the justification of their research approaches in the context of existing paradigms without offering a clear description of how the chosen methods and paradigms are applied in the context of their own research, a key issue to assess and understand any research output. This paper does not attempt to give any suggestions as to which research methods/paradigms should be used for IS research, but to raise the awareness that the way we currently communicate our thoughts in the research methods domain may not be very effective. We argue that an initial step to undertake this challenge could be to take a more “practical” approach by focusing on the process of thinking and planning the research activity rather than focusing on the justification of the use of one or many research methods usually “loaned” from other disciplines
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