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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Understanding patient engagement: exploring factors around utilisation of screening and surveillance services in individuals with or at risk of rare endocrine syndromesElyoussfi, Samia
2021Organizational excellence based approach to manage the interactions between religion and organizationsAlhabeeb, Abdussalam Abdullah
2015Integrated strategies for investigating endocrine mechanisms in Biomphalaria Glabrata as a test organism for androgenic chemical testingKaur, Satwant
1996Long and short term effects of X-rays on charge coupled devicesTudge, Mark Vernon
2014Socioeconomic differentials in the immediate mortality effects of the national Irish smoking banStallings-Smith, S; Goodman, P; Kabir, Z; Clancy, L; Zeka, A
2012Development of an efficient method for production of α-mangostin reference standard from Garcinia mangostana L. rinds using liquid flow processingMurhandini, Sri
2012Computational and experimental time domain, one dimensional models of air wave propagation in human airwaysClavica, Francesco
2003The effect of applied and magnetic fields on the crystallisation of hydrocarbonsRodericks, Michele Melanie
2000The effect of applied fields on crystallisationMiller, Marina Maria
2014Thin films of non-peripherally substituted liquid crystalline phthalocyanines APal, Chandana
2013An investigation of the synthesis and properties of nano crystalline Y2O3:Eu3+ (prepared using micelle- based precursors)Saltoun, Kelly Yecheskel
2012Electrospun membranes for implantable glucose biosensorsWang, Ning
2013Solidification behaviour of magnesium alloysJiang, Bo
2011Development of Niobium Boron grain retainer for aluminium silicon alloysNowak, Magdalena
2013New approaches to casting hypereutectic Al-Si alloys to achieve simultaneous refinement of primary silicon and modification of eutectic siliconAl-Helal, Kawther
2014Mnemophrenia: a science fiction film-essay on the future of cinema and artificial memoriesKonstantinidou, Eirini
2011An investigation of cochlear dynamics in surgical and implanation processesZoka Assadi, Masoud
1993Special advisers: Their place in British governmentHanney, Stephen Robert
2010Children's relationships with their physical school: Considerations of primary architecture and furniture design in a social and cultural contextCullis, Robert Ian
2005The inner and inter construct associations of the quality of data warehouse customer relationship data for problem enactmentAbril, Raul Mario
2009An exploratory study of stakeholders' perspectives of a mega event in Barbados: The Golf World Cup 2006Sealy, Wendy
1972Spectroscopic studies of some heterocyclic hydrazones and their metal complexesMortimore, Graham Roderick
1977Forecasting and inventory control for hospital managementCrowe, Walter Ramsey
1987Structure and reactivity of Titania-supported Molybdenum and Vanadium oxidesTahir, Saad Flamerz
1987Abrasive wear with particular reference to digger teethMashloosh, KM
1985A study of the polymorphism of 4-methyl-2-nitroacetanilide and related compoundsYeadon, Alan
1996What risks in whose risk society?Bennett, Simon Ashley
1983Stimulation of lipid peroxidation by dihydroxyfumarate: The action of antioxidants and the role of free radicalsMora-Arellano, Victor Omar
1992Ribonucleotide reductase in dividing cells: Purification and inhibition studies with 4-hydroxynonenalLi, Li
1999Application of acoustic emission sensing for the non-destructive evaluation of advanced composite materialsBaillie, Paul WR
2000The hospital patient service in transition: A study of the development of totality of careLam, Zarina
1991Automatic river quality monitoringGriffiths, Ian Martin
1991Gum arabic and constituent sugars studied by electron spin resonanceMasmas, Ahmad Ben Ahmad Salem
1988A study of the extrusion of particulate cellulosic composite materialsWahlers, John Colin
1982Corrosion and abrasion of rings and liners from marine diesel engines using residual fuelDale, PE
1989Studies of the surface and bulk reactivity of calcium hydroxideYeates, David
2013Synthesis and charaterisation of phosphorescent copper (I) complexes for light emitting devicesAndrés-Tomé, María Inmaculada
2013Design and analysis of the internally cooled smart cutting tools with the applications to adaptive machiningBin Che Ghani, Saiful Anwar
2012Development of an efficient method for isolation and purification of bioactive Compounds from panax ginseng and rhodiola rosea using high performance counter current chromatographyLi, Yi
2013Analysis of local hemodynamics in central and peripheral arteriesBorlotti, Alessandra
2004The development and application of a normative framework for considering uncertainty and variability in economic evaluationCoyle, Douglas
2013Full participation in education and training to age 18 in England: perspectives from policy and life-worlds of young peopleOffer, Frank Stanley
2013Industrial engineering applications in metrology: Job scheduling, calibration interval and average outgoing qualityAl Reeshi, Mohammad Ahmad
2013Numerical solution and spectrum of boundary-domain integral equationsMohamed, Nurul Akmal
2013The application of Shari’ah and international human rights law in Saudi ArabiaAl-Rodiman, Abdulaziz
2012‘Non-sporty’ girls take the lead: A feminist participatory action research approach to physical activityGreen, Laura
2013A holistic view of the creative potential of performance practice in contemporary musicLüneburg, Barbara
2013Empirical investigation of water pollution control through use of Phragmites australisAl Akeel, Khaled
2011Enhanced heterogeneous nucleation on oxides in Al alloys by intensive melt shearingLi, Hu-Tian
2013Twin screw extrusion pre-treatment of wheat straw for biofuel and lignin biorefinery applicationsNg, Thian Hong
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 50 of 331