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Title: CAI combustion with methanol and ethanol in an air-assisted direct injection SI engine
Authors: Li, Y
Zhao, H
Brouzos, NP
Keywords: CAI/HCCI;Ethanol;Methanol;Direct injection
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: SAE International
Citation: 2008 SAE International Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Congress Technical Papers
Series/Report no.: 2008-01-1673
Abstract: CAI combustion has the potential to be the most clean combustion technology in internal combustion engines and is being intensively researched. Following the previous research on CAI combustion of gasoline fuel, systematic investigation is being carried out on the application of bio-fuels in CAI combustion. As part of an on-going research project, CAI combustion of methanol and ethanol was studied on a single-cylinder direct gasoline engine with an air-assisted injector. The CAI combustion was achieved by trapping part of burnt gas within the cylinder through using short-duration camshafts and early closure of the exhaust valves. During the experiment the engine speed was varied from 1200rpm to 2100rpm and the air/fuel ratio was altered from the stoichiometry to the misfire limit. Their combustion characteristics were obtained by analysing cylinder pressure trace. The experimental results show that both oxygenate fuels, methanol and ethanol, can lead to CAI combustion as well as gasoline fuel. The load of CAI combustion was increased and emissions were lower with the two oxygenate fuels. Methanol was found to have highest output and lowest energy consumption among the three fuels tested. CAI combustion characteristics of the oxygenate fuels were more affected by the amount of burnt residuals trapped than that of gasoline fuel.
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