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Title: New critical matrix models and generalized universality
Authors: Akemann, G
Vernizzi, G
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Citation: Nuclear Physics B631: 471-499, Mar 2002
Abstract: We study a class of one-matrix models with an action containing nonpolynomial terms. By tuning the coupling constants in the action to criticality we obtain that the eigenvalue density vanishes as an arbitrary real power at the origin, thus defining a new class of multicritical matrix models. The corresponding microscopic scaling law is given and possible applications to the chiral phase transition in QCD are discussed. For generic coupling constants off-criticality we prove that all microscopic correlation functions at the origin of the spectrum remain in the known Bessel universality class. An arbitrary number of Dirac mass terms can be included and the corresponding massive universality is maintained as well. We also investigate the critical behavior at the edge of the spectrum: there, in contrast to the behavior at the origin, we find the same critical exponents as derived from matrix models with a polynomial action.
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