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Title: New signature waveforms for multi-rate QS-CDMA system with QPSK modulation
Authors: Feng, L
Fan, P
Loo, KK
Hao, L
Keywords: Zero correlation zone;GPZ codes;Signature waveforms;Quasi-synchronous CDMA system
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Journal of Wireless Personal Communications, volume 55 (2): 273-288, October 2010
Abstract: This paper presents a multi-rate quasi-synchronous CDMA (QS-CDMA) system with QPSK modulation based on the new signature waveforms, namely GPZ-chip waveforms which are constructed by the generalized pairwise Z-complementary (GPZ) codes and optimal chip waveforms. According to the properties of GPZ-chip waveforms, the multiple access interference of different users can be reduced or eliminated. The interferences among different streams of the same user are handled by an optimal (or suboptimal) multi-stream detector(s). The performance of the proposed system is simulated and analyzed in a cellular communication environment consisting of multipath fading. The result shows that the proposed system has similar performance as compared to the single-rate QS-CDMA system employingGPZcodes with one chipwaveform due to the properties ofmulti-stream detection. Also, the proposed system can achieve a significant interference reduction as compared to the multi-rate system employing concatenated WH/m sequence sets with one chip waveform due to the zero correlation zone properties of the GPZ-chip waveforms, thus resulting better BER performance.
Description: The full and final version of the article can be found at the following link.
ISSN: 1572-834X
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