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Title: Developing web-based information systems for emergent organisations through the theory of deferred action: Insights from higher education action research
Authors: Ramrattan, Mark
Advisors: Patel, N
Lee, H
Keywords: Kadar matrix;Internet speed;Web-based aesthetics;Deferred action;Dynamic organisational change
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Brunel University Brunel Business School PhD Theses
Abstract: This investigation follows a philosophically interpretive approach on how the web developer developed Web-based Information Systems (WBIS) in a continuously changing higher education organisation. The investigation focused on emergence within the organisation and the resultant problems this gives the web developer in developing WBIS. The web developer used an action research methodology to investigate the emergent higher education organisation and its need for web-based aesthetics & internet speed. This approach was designed by the action researcher to assist both the web developer and manager in developing WBIS within emergent organisations. It is also designed to address a number of major constraining factors placed on the web developer. These included: time constraint, web-based aesthetics, internet speed, emergent aspects, methodology issues and accommodating planned organisational change. The interpretation of these constraining factors gained through the theory of deferred action enabled the action researcher to understand, interpret and create associations to explain the WBIS development process. The web developer had to defer the design process at several points because of unexpected events occurring in the organisation and take deferred action. As a result the Kadar Matrix was created and used by the web developer to manage the constraining factors. The Kadar Matrix has extended the theory of deferred action (ToDA) by implementing its constructs in the analytical tool, Kadar Matrix, for WBIS development. This is a modification of theory for practice. The research further identified that deferred action is necessary for the web developer in emergent organisations.
Description: This thesis was submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy and awarded by Brunel University.
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